Penetrator 2


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82 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Nic Cramer
Pleasure – 1995 (8/95)
THEMES: Story, Future Sex.
STARS: Kaitlyn Ashley, Melissa Hill, Sid Deuce, Alberto Rey, Jonathan Morgan, Lovette, Selena, Kim Kitaine, Tom Byron, Jay Ashley.
JUMP TO SCENE- 10 still shot chapters search points.
BIOGRAPHIES- 4 short bios with still shots for Selena, Melissa Hill, Lovette and Sid Deuce.
TRAILER- Another brilliant trailer from Cramer. It was this short clip that made me rush out and buy this disc.
DVD RELEASE- List of other Pleasure DVDs. No trailers this time.
PHOTO SESSION- 18 action shots, soft and hard core. The quality is a little sketchy, but there are some nice shots here.
DVD EXTRA RATING- C+ The photos are a little below average, but the trailer is good enough to make this slightly above average.
For the second time this week, I have picked up a movie, directed by Nic Cramer, based on a mainstream title. They have a few other things in common as well. Both are big budget films with much care and concern given to the script and the non-sex performances. They also both star Kaitlyn Ashley and Jonathan Morgan. In Clockwork Orgy, this combination worked to perfection, and Cramer managed to add a new wrinkle to feature films, super hot sex. Can he do it again with this sci-fi take off of the James Cameron classic? Well, if the trailer was any indication, I’d say yes.
As he did in Clockwork, Cramer stays right with the mainstream inspiration during his title sequence and early moments of the film. Melissa Hill plays the lead role, narrating the early moments of the film. I’m going to assume you have all scene Terminator 1 and 2, or are at least familiar with the story. This time, it is the sexual revolution of the future that is at stake. I’m unclear as to whether or not there was a Penetrator 1 that established the first half of the story, but we pick it up with Hill telling us that there are two Penetrators, one looking to penetrate her daughter , Kaitlyn Ashley (I’ve been dying to penetrate her for years.) and another sent to protect her. (Oddly enough, to do so, he has to penetrate first. Either way, Kaitlyn gets nailed.)
The first Penetrator to hit the scene is played by Morgan. He encounters a beat cop Selena and refuses to be taken in. Instead of ramming his fist through her chest, Morgan has the officer on the hood of her car. There is nothing brutal in the sex here, so we are to assume, perhaps that the Penetrators have some sort of sexual magic working. I always liked Selena’s face and body, so she is a nice choice to open the movie. In both mish and doggy, she shows off her best assets, incredible sets of tits and legs. After a two position fuck, Morgan moves up and let’s Selena taste herself on his cock, finally dripping a load into her mouth. The dazed officer seems ready to serve her mechanical master, but he doesn’t leave her alive long enough to do any more protecting or serving. Nice car crash at the end by the way.
The second Penetrator, Alberto Rey, arrives the next day. (Assuming here, Morgan showed up at night, Rey in broad daylight.) He needs some clothes and transportation and hits up the first person he see, Sid Deuce, for hers. Sid, in a very sexy biker slut outfit, refuses his request with a simple “Fuck you.” Rey is programmed to do just that and Sid has his cock in her mouth before she can even think twice. While not all that pretty, there has always been something slutty and sexy about Sid and watching her give head is a somewhat guilty pleasure. Using her motorcycle, Rey lays Sid on it and sucks her big, beautiful breasts. (Seriously, I think her implants are among the best looking in porn, they certainly fit her body and make it fucking killer.) After sucking her blonde pussy for a bit, Rey gets down to what he is programmed to do, penetrating. From the way Sid is screaming and fucking back against his cock, I would say that he does this penetrating thing pretty damn well. Lots of hair pulling and Sid even spanks her own ass. If you like your sex hard, this should do the trick. Another two position fuck ends with Sid taking a really nice facial while hanging upside down over her motorcycle.
Enter Dawn Connor, Kaitlyn Ashley. As in Cameron’s film, the young Connor is a pretty pissed off young person. (No explanation as to why an eighteen year old would have foster parents, but hey, it’s porn.) As she speeds off on her motorcycle, we see where Dawn’s mother is these days. Cut to the asylum where Hill is masturbating furiously. This scene is quite moody and interestingly lit, but what is more noticeable is the manic way Hill approaches her scene. She is covered in sweat and looks as she might just be ready to fuck herself into a coma. Match this with her next dialog scene, with Hill trying to convince her doctor to let her out. Again, this is a scene mirroring a great Linda Hamilton scene from the original. Melissa is perhaps even better at dialog than she is at sex, which is saying a lot.
She relates a prophetic dream she has been having. It is in the future and the leader of the rebel army, her own daughter, has been captured by two Penetrators. Alone and defeated, all she can do is submit. This is bad for the future since her defeat spells the end of the war. However, what we get is nothing short of spectacular as Kaitlyn is fucked by Tom Byron and Jay Ashley. In the dark warehouse, the put the beautiful blonde through a serious slam fucking. Tom bends her over and fucks as Kaitlyn fills her mouth with Jay’s prick. When it’s his turn, Jay takes her from the front, spreading her legs as far as they will go. This aggressive double team ends when Ms. A take a great facial from Tom, followed by another nice shot from Jay. No face has ever looked hotter covered in goo.
Unconvinced that she is cured, the doctor refuses to let Hill see her daughter. Her reaction is understandably upset. Things get a little stranger here. Kaitlyn is rummaging through an office and finds some toys. She mutters “Dildos from the old world. Mom told me about these.” I’m not quite sure just what old world she is talking about, but who cares, she starts using them on herself and a Kaitlyn solo scene is always fun to watch. The trouble is, her self love session is interrupted by Morgan. For some reason, he is trying to shoot her instead of fucking her. Rey saves her, shielding her from the bullets and escaping in the nick of time.
Rey and Kaitlyn get to know each other. A really nice dialog scene from Ms. A, proving again she could act nearly as well as she could fuck. When she realizes that the Penetrator has to follow her orders, she has a good time with him, ordering him to penetrate a nearby woman, Kim Kitaine. This has promise, but the scene is cut up with a lesbian pairing between a brutal guard, Lovette, and a comatose Hill. Watching her fuck the prone woman is different, but it really takes away from the heat building from the three way of Rey, Ashley and Kitaine. Actually, Kim does all the fucking, Kaitlyn just plays with herself as Rey fires a load onto Kim’s face.
Lovette’s evil ways do not go unpunished, as she comes across Morgan and meets with an unappealing fate. Showing off some cool visual effects, the evil Penetrator takes the form of the busty blonde and storms into a room to get a little penetrating of her own. Dick Nasty and Jay Ashley are the lucky guys who get to see their colleague in a whole new light. Though her breasts have become ridiculously inflated, there is something totally fuckable about Lovette and she can take two cocks as well as anyone. With Jay keeping her mouth busy, Dick fucks her as hard as he can, but still doesn’t seem to be enough. Eventually she ups the stakes by begging Jay to put it in her ass. He keeps right on fucking her as hard as he was before and Lovette just takes it. This pint sized prick magnet is a stroke session waiting to happen and this wonderfully hard anal scene is capped off with a pair of
facials that Lovette licks up until both men are bone dry.
Kaitlyn frees her mom, but Melissa has a mission to complete. She must find and destroy the piece of the original Penetrator that led scientists to develop them in the first place. (Don’t sweat it, in less than ten seconds, Melissa is sucking cock anyway.) Of course, the guy she starts blowing, turns out to be Morgan and a chase ensues. Hill, Ashley and Rey hide in a warehouse and there is only way to save the future. Hill keeps Morgan busy while Rey penetrates Kaitlyn. Melissa’s cocksucking is as desperate as her earlier solo scene was. Kaitlyn meanwhile, finds her Penetrator’s big, uncut cock, quite to her liking and goes about giving him one of her world class hosejobs. Both women look fantastic and their sexual intensity is even more impressive than their incredible beauty. The scene is a little dark, which fits the story nicely but detracts just slightly from the sex at times. Kaitlyn’s standing doggie is the highlight of this scene, showing off her strong legs, curvaceous hips and round, sexy ass as Rey just pounds away at her pussy. For some reason, they switch partners and Rey dishes out the dick to Hill while Kaitlyn enjoys bending over for her enemy. No insemination must be the key to saving the world since both women take juice on the face. Melissa, stroking every last drop onto her tongue and Kaitlyn furiously wanking Rey to an explosive shot that fills her mouth and decorates her face.
Once again, Nic Cramer shows that you can combine an impressive feature film with hot sex. He follows the Terminator plot line pretty well, adding a few twists of his own. The script and art direction are good. Not as good as Clockwork Orgy by a long shot, but still much better than the average porn venture. The sex is fitting hard and fast. Kaitlyn, Melissa, Lovette and Sid all get boned raw and seem to love every minute of it. There is enough plot and action to keep things going between the sex, but unlike so many feature director’s, Cramer knows that what we really want to see is hot women fucking and sucking. Kaitlyn is, as always, fantastic and if the future of human sexuality lies in her capable hands, then the future is bright indeed. However, as much as I love Kaitlyn, Melissa Hill gets the biggest props for this movie. She carries the dialog brilliantly and her two sex scenes are top notch. Well shot, well acted, beautifully directed, Penetrator 2 is another of Cramer’s finest works.

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  1. Jerry Hull says:

    I noted that you give this movie zero stars and I figured it must be a real turkey so I almost didn’t read the review text. However, reading the review text gives me the impression that you liked the movie (although not as much so as Clockwork Orgy). I am puzzled. There would seem to be a serious disconnect here.

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