Silk Ties


OVERALL RATING: 6 (A 10 for couples though.)
88 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Alexandra Silk
Fallen Angel
THEMES: Men’s Ties, Couples Appeal
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Shayla LeVeaux, Melanie Stone, Felicia, Inari Vachs, Doomy Moore, Dee, Alexandra Nice, Temptress, Chris Charming, Tyce Bune, Cheyne, Devon Wolf.
Alexandra Silk is one of the few active female adult stars to actually direct her own line of movies. Add to that the fact that, unlike most of the others, she doesn’t shoot gonzo vids, and you have an impressive feat indeed. On the other hand, by taking on a bigger challenge, Alex certainly takes on bigger risks. Pulling off a successful feature is hard enough, but the box and the opening credits seem to indicate that may target a couples audience. So, the expectations are high, but Alex already gets an A for effort. (And if she’s smart she will include herself in the action since she is one of the hotter performers in this cast.)
The skinny is that Alexandra is working on a book about fetishes. This chapter is on ties and what couples can do with a man’s tie. Inari is the first to try such adventures, and though she is tied with rope and wrapped in a ribbon, I think the idea is that ties would make bondage sexy. He slowly cuts the ribbon free, revealing her slender, young body. Taking his time, the guy leads Inari by the hand to a place where he can get to her more easily. Sitting on the steps, she pants madly as he goes down on her for a long time. Women are probably going to like this guy (Devon Wolf I believe). He’s got a decent body and the sort of face that puts him far ahead of a game where Steve Hatcher is a star. Props to Alex for not letting Inari ruin a nice blowjob by slobbering all over herself. (As is her usual habit.) After the brief blowjob, he enters her. Though there is a softer feel to this scene, we still get right in close for the sex. After a decent two position fuck, we get a nice shot of her face as she coaxes him to stroke a load onto her tits.
Alex puts a tie over her eyes and pictures Melanie Stone enjoying a romantic dinner with her man. She shares some grapes and they gently play with each other. He slips his tie over her eyes and kisses his way gently down Mel’s beautiful body. Taking a page from 9 1/2 Weeks, she lies on her back and the guy feeds her various food items. Nice photography here, and erotic, soft core action. Continuing with the food theme, Melanie makes a trail of whipped cream down this guy’s chest that she licks clean before he can fuck her. Even with a little bit of slow motion coitial action, Mel is quite sexy and makes sure the scene doesn’t go limp no matter how romantic it’s supposed to be. He pulls his condom off and covers her neatly trimmed bush with his own cream.
Shayla LeVeaux loves to tease, and poor Chris Charming gets an eyeful of her lovely body as the blonde sashays around, showing him just enough to let him know this is going to be one fun afternoon. After a very sexy lapdance, Chris throws her on her back and starts tasting that pretty little pookie. She repays this generous act by sucking his fat cock in her mouth. Shots of Shayla sucking dick are always sexy because her eyes are to die for. (Not to mention the loving way she adores a prick with her mouth.) Like in the other scenes, Alex shoots the sex in a very pretty way, showing off the incredible body of Shayla instead of just focusing on her pussy. (Though there are some close ups.) There is sadly too much slow motion here for me, but again, it’s well shot and if you don’t mind slo-mo, it’s hot. Lovely Shayla gets her butt blasted with cum to close it out.
After a hard day at the office, Tyce Bune comes home to find his wife in the bath with another woman. (Temptress and Alexandra Nice, though I’m not sure who is wifey.) You all know that most g/g pairings leave me cold, and though this stars two women I love, in a very well lit scene in water, it has little personal sexual heat. Now, when Tyce gets asked in and get to see Temptress and Alexandra suck cock, I am more than a little interested. Their two mouth blowjob is slow, gentle and quite sexy. Temptress is all legs as she gets fucked and both women are quite vocal throughout the scene. A pop on Alex’s belly finishes us off.
The final fantasy has Dee, Felicia and Doomy Moore all hanging out, hanging out like guys, smoking cigars, shooting pool and all the good stuff. I don’t know about you guys, but the first time one of my buds starts kissing me, boys night out is all the way the fuck over. On the other hand, when girls do it, it’s fine. Two problems for me with this scene. First, it’s another all-girl scene. Second, I don’t like Doomy or Felicia at all. That leaves only Dee’s perfection to stun me. For those of you who are fans of lesbian scenes and Felicia, this is a very well lit, wonderfully shot three way.
Alexandra Silk gets high praise for what she has created here. This is a very couples friend, slightly fetish oriented movie. On that level it succeeds quite nicely. The cast is attractive, the sex is well filmed and energetic. There is a nice mix of long shots with some close ups to keep everyone happy. For me personally, there was too much slo-mo, g/g action and couples stuff. (Maybe I should review movies like this with Mr. Rog and give it a combined rating.) So, for the raincoaters, this is not going to work, but in a market where most couples movies are sexually limp, this one shines. No anal, no facials and no real plot to speak of, however it’s technically solid (Great picture quality) and a delight for people who like to admire gorgeous female forms, especially the lovely Shayla and the tempting Temptress. (Sadly, no Alex Silk in sex scenes though.)

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