Max Extreme 5


89 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Max Hardcore
Max Hardcore Productions
THEMES: Young Girls, Degrading Dialog.
1999 (11/98)
STARS: Maren, McKenna, Holly and Max Hardcore.
The last time I reviewed a Max Extreme video, I set off waves of unrest. I didn’t find his latest pedophile fantasies (Chicks actually proclaiming that they are twelve during sex scenes.) at all fresh, and said so. Someone over there got wind of it and sent me a scathing letter, suggesting I should stop watching Max vids and placing me in the ranks of the ‘religious zealots.’ (Yeah, Rog T Fawell, that’s me.) Fact is, I have often liked Max’s movies, and gave the film before Max Extreme 4 a very high mark. What I love most about his work now is that I never know what I’m going to get. Maybe I’ll get hot women having hard, nasty anal sex. Then again, I might get women dressed up a children, pretending to be children while he growls and assaults them for all to see. Either way, it’s never boring.
Max finds Maren skating in the park. The German girl has troubles with her English and for some reason dresses like a fashion challenged ten year old. He likes what he sees and offers to teach her how to skate. After a quick stop at the ice cream truck, it’s back to the Casa de Max for the ‘fucktoy’ fun to begin. With Max stroking nearby, we get to watch some pretty hot solo with Maren fingering her shaved slit. From there, things get better if you just leave the sound turned down. Maren is pretty cute and watching her get fucked is fine, it’s that damn voice growling about ‘fucksticks’ and ‘fucktoys’ over and over that turns me off. (I ask it again, respectfully, do you guys who dig this, get off on guys talking dirty? Do you call dudes on phone sex lines? Seriously curious.) At least Maren is smiling and fine with taking his little prick into her ass. In fact, I am going to take my own advice and turn the damn sound down so I can actually enjoy this woman. Just freaking let her moan, or hey, how about letting her talk dirty? (I know, she’s German, but anything is better than listening to the same tired misogyny.) A nice little A2M blowjob sadly degenerates into a forced skull fuck. With the sound off, this fuck is quite nice to watch, especially if you like close up shots of a stuffed anus. The best footage of the scene comes when Max leans back and just lets her go to town, sucking his cock. More of this would have been excellent. A big wet facial follows some disturbing footage with Max leading her around by the hair. The good here is quite good, but there is just too much of the other getting in the way for my taste.
McKenna is a deaf woman who Max has back for a second scene. (I never thought of it this way, but deaf is the way to be during many Max movies lately.) She has a big ass and a large mouth that just devours Max’s dick with no effort at all. While still standing outside his door, Max fucks her in the ass from behind. After making her suck his dick straight from her ass, he shoves her into the house with a sneer on his face that can only be described as the ghosts of Elvis and Ted Bundy channeled through a demented cowboy. What was that all about? Since McKenna isn’t that great looking, you have to wonder if she is being hired for the amusement of guys like Max. It is certainly worse for us to sit through when she can’t even mix in some of her own chatter. What we get is a litany of such gems as “too bad you’re on your rag, you stupid whore.” (That’s all, I’m turning the sound back down.) Oh joy, shit balls on her butt during anal sex. As if that weren’t enough, he puts a lit cigarette into her pussy while fucking her ass. (No, no the lit end, that would be a little too much for even the Maxster.) Nothing like taking a scene that you can’t listen to and add some visuals that are equally unappealing. When fucking her ass isn’t enough, he shoves a sucker in her butt then makes her suck it. Even without sound, this one is a whole lot less appealing than the first scene.
Holly is a pretty thick young thing who seems quite well versed at the whole bad girl role play thing. Just about the time I am ready to praise this scene for having her talk as much as Max, she breaks out with this mood breaker. “I’m only a pre-teen, but I like to get fucked.” Yeah, I know this chick with her man-made rack looks closer to thirty than twenty, but still. Who is this supposed to be turning on? Guys who want to think of some pre-pubescent girl fucking them? Watching Max try to fist her pussy is something I’m used to seeing, but he fishhooks her ass so his fingers poke out of her slit. I realize porn isn’t about love, shit it’s not even about sex most of the time, but who out there has such serious issues with women that this sort of violence is what it takes to get them off? (No, I’m not advocating that this stuff be banned, I’m just wondering since watching good looking women have sex has always been enough for me. Is there really an audience for violent pedophile fantasy tapes?) You know, when she rides RCA, Holly looks a little like a chubby Angela Summers (Or more like that chick Natasha from the early nineties.) See, here is a good example of comic book overkill. It’s not enough for Max to fuck this chick in the ass. He makes her recite this little speech about her only purpose in life being a fuckhole. All that might be kind of funny if it weren’t so pathetic. You see, generally, when a normal sized guy is fucking a woman in the ass, she might not be so bored and disinterested that she can recite this sort of dialog.
I guess this all sounds like I’m picking on Max again, but I’m not. Like I always say, when he is good, he’s great, but when he ventures into the dark waters of this sort of shit, he loses me completely. So, let’s take a look at the action shall we. First off, the whole tape is best watched with the sound down, unless you like hearing a guy’s voice during your masturbation material. I like the sound of a woman, but that’s just me. That said, Maren’s scene would have been pretty good if she hadn’t been dressed like a total retard. She is sort of cute and takes it in the ass well. McKenna isn’t all that cute and makes next to noise. (Unless she pipes up after I hit mute.) Finally, Holly, who isn’t totally unattractive, peppers her scene with pre-teen references and Max decides a pussy is best served inside out. Maybe that floats you boat, in which case, by all means, eat it up my friends. For me, this video has nearly no strokeable moments and the few it does have are soon washed away in a flood of misogynistic dialog, little girl fantasies, turd balls, inside out vaginas and the feeling that this movie is made for guys who hate women. (Or at least love to fantasize about hating them.) So, if this sounds like your cup of tea, drink it down, if it’s not, and you’re like me, go rent “Max Hardcore Video Games” Or AnalVision 10 and see why I used to do nothing but praise Max vids.

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