Katja Kean’s Sports Spectacular


98 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Brad Armstrong
THEMES: Sports, Blondes.
STARS: Katja Kean, Stephanie Swift, Azlea Antistia, Sydnee Steele, Mikki Taylor, Alex Sanders, Brad Armstrong, Micky G., Randy Spears, Eric Price, Herschel Savage.

Katja Kean, who last graced my video monitor while starring a big budget Private film, has brought her cover girl face and centerfold body to the States and already has her own movie. Given the history of Brad Armstrong projects, and the title, I would venture to guess this is going to be a series of fantasy sequences that have a sports theme. (Which probably means a lot of sports references in the following review.) So, if you tuned in for a big time story-driven film, you’re going to be disappointed. On the other hand, if you like high gloss, MTV style scenes starring some super fine women, grab a seat in the bleachers, order some peanuts and a cold one and let’s turn the action of to our good friend in the booth, Mr. Roger the Dodger-hater.
Thank you Ross. Hi smut fans and welcome to Pipe memorial stadium where it looks like a beautiful day to enjoy some porn. Today’s adventure is brought to you by Wicked Pictures and Rog Reviews where smut is still fun. It seems manager Brad Armstrong has installed a designated-speaker for his impressive European import, Katja Kean. Hey, when you have a woman this hot, you can forgive the fact that she can’t exactly narrate her way through this sports-oriented, sexual romp. Now to the field, where the action seems to be heating up.
Leading off and looking spectacular in her red catcher’s gear is Katja herself. (Funny, catcher’s gear might take on a whole new meaning if this were a gay porn.) When Katja senses her pitcher just doesn’t have his good stuff, she helps him out by getting close to the umpire, who promptly expands the strikes zone and it’s bye-bye Eric Price. (So that’s how the Langston pitch in Game One of the series was a ball. Carlos Hernandez didn’t suck umpire dick as well as the fucking Yankees.) Umpire Herschel Savage and Eric Price decide that Katja makes a better cocksucker than a catcher and put their theory to the test. She is gorgeous and enthusiastic in her work, but nearly as stunning as the blonde star, is the quality of the picture. Damn, this is sharp. (I can’t wait to see what this will look like on DVD.) With condom in place, the ump moves into his familiar position behind the catcher while she bobs on Eric’s now ready to rock piece of lumber. Since she is a catcher, it should come as no shock that the best footage in the scene comes as she crouches to fuck a hard cock while sucking another. (Let’s see Jason Kendall do that?) Both guys fire the high heat, streaking her face with sticky goo, leaving it as messy as the dugout floor after a sixteen inning marathon. (But much better looking Mr. Lame-ass metaphor.)
Off to the slopes we go where the lovely Katja heats up the blustery day with her scorching hot curves. Keeping the sexy snow bunny company is Alex Sanders who has brought along a specially designed pole to take care of Katja’s unique free style skills. Blowjobs this hot may be the reason some mountains need manmade snow. Again, Katja gets high marks for her nice, low crouch as she moves gracefully over the moguls created by Alex thrusting up into her hot box. (Question, if you stick a wet condom to a light pole in a snow storm??.) After fucking her raw, Alex unleashes a blizzard of ball broth onto her face.
Switching sports yet again, Katja pulls a Deion Sanders, moving from baseball to football. Like all good athletes, she has learned that cheerleaders are the greatest perk known to man. After a tough loss, she enlists the help of Azlea and Mikki Taylor to take her mind off the crushing defeat. (Ryan Leaf, take note.) The action switches to slow motion so often in this three way lesbian scene, I keep expecting John Madden to break in with the telestrator and show us who Azlea runs a deep out before going down on Katja who reads the defense well and spreads her sweet thighs wide to offer her room to work. Azlea and Katja make quite a lovely pair, even if that tat on Azlea’s back is seriously hideous.
Katja joins Brad Armstrong, Sydnee Steele and Mickey G on the links for a little fun in the rough. Sydnee is cute, but side by side with Katja, she just can’t measure up. The guys both keep their shafts stiff on the back swing and follow through with solid fucking of these two inviting pussies. Watching Katja take another hot load on her face, I have this to say. The little girl is sucking well, she’s fucking well, she’s doing everything it takes to be a super-slut. So you know what you do when she gets in here? You pat her on ass, congratulate her and tell her not to serve sauerkraut or strudel or whatever it is they serve. (Note, anyone who didn’t get that, never mind.)
Bowling may not be a sport, but tell me watching Katja crawl around on the oil slicked lane, playing with huge balls and pins doesn?t give you a charge. She has herself trapped with a 7-10 split, but does what any true champion would do and just takes care of both of them at once. There are a lot of pretty shots here, but thankfully they don’t come at the expense of hot sex. A bit too much quick cut near the end, but thankfully we get a long shot of her squat fucking again. (A theme?) This time, both dicks explode on her face and the gorgeous Katja just keeps right on sucking. What a totally fucking hot ending. If you weren’t sold on this movie before now, seeing her mouth dripping with jizz should do it.
After a hard fencing match, Katja takes vanquished opponent Stephanie Swift in her arms and kisses her passionately. This scene is cut more like the usual Armstrong movie and quite honestly, it just flashes by too quickly for my taste. These are two spectacular female forms who clearly love the act of lesbian love, so why not let the camera linger a bit? Stephanie seems particularly fond of Katja’s blonde pussy, lapping at it like a satisfied kitten a bowl of warm, sweet milk. Very nice dildo play in this hot looking scene. A little less MTV-like action would have made it perfect. (And it would have been nice to have a cock in a scene where I could have used plenty of thrusting foil smack.)
Stephanie is back as the ring girl for a boxing match between Katja and Spears. It takes her several rounds, but she finally knocks him out and celebrates in the corner with Steph. Randy wakes up in time to join them and boy is he glad he did. Obviously unafraid that his opponent might have a Tyson-like hunger for body parts, Randy risks it all and shoves his cock in her mouth. Instead of snacking on it, the gorgeous Euro-babe sucks it nicely. Even so, Ms. Swift manages to steal much of the limelight with her always awesome on screen sucking skills. Katja had the good moves during the match, but Randy nails her with some serious blows to her puss with his stiff jabbing cock until she is flat on her back, taking even more abuse.
Katja Kean is an all-sport, all-world sexual performer. Seeing her in every scene of this movie is more than enough of a reason to check it out. I have liked some of Armstrong’s efforts and disliked others, but I have to say this is the best I have seen. Katja is a big reason. She is simply fantastic looking and brings plenty of sexual heat to every scene. The sports theme was nice, but this blonde bombshell carries the load no matter what she is wearing. Stephanie Swift’s two scenes also work, particularly the final three way where both she and Katja prove star-worthy. While still highly stylized, this film avoids some of the pitfalls of Armstrong’s other work and the style rarely overshadows the beautiful women and hot sex. More of this Brad and more of Katja!


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