Buffy’s New Boobs



70 Mins.
CONDOMS: Not a One.
1996 (7/95)
STARS: Kristi Myst, Kaitlyn Ashley, Brooke Waters, Raveness, Nikki Sinn, John Decker, Alex Sanders, Jack Hammer and Michael J. Cox.
Big thanks to a reader who recommended I review a Buffy movie. Now I can finally say I�ve seen Kristi Myst. (Oh shut up dude, everyone knows you grabbed this movie because Kaitlyn Ashley was in it.) The story described on the box is sure to ruffle a few feathers. It seems someone thinks the only think Buffy really needs to be prefect is a big set of saline funbags. Since I didn�t see her before, I can�t say if she needed them or not, but I can�t imagine a cute face like this needing much to keep me watching. Even if we don�t get the before and after comparison, we can look at Kaitlyn and Brooke to see what a difference modern medicine can make. (And we do get Raveness who is blessed with the best of both worlds, big and real.)
For some reason, in a movie that is supposed to be about the super cute blonde contract girl, and stars Kaitlyn and Brooke Ashley, we start out with a scene between Nikki Sinn and Jack Hammer. Talk about a zero charisma combination. Jack, the walking billboard and Nikki, �ugly as� Sinn do not make for a very attractive first scene. They suck, they fuck, he cums. Is that enough of a review for you? Oh yeah, and not even Jack can get hard for Nikki. The condom? Or is he just as turned off by this woman as I am? Ugly woman, limp guy, maybe I need to re-think that opening thank you to the reader who has me watching this. Oh jeez, a slo-mo cumshot. If they do that with one of the scenes I care about, I�m going to be really pissed.
Alex Sanders is a porn executive doing a really stupid accent, but who gives a shit. He gets to fuck Kaitlyn Ashley, who looks great and has her game face on. Watching Kaitlyn suck a dick when she is really into it, is truly one of porn�s greatest sights. She absolutely worships cock with her mouth and has one of the best tongues in all of porn. Of course with a less than Jurassic penis like Alex sports, she can also take it deep down her throat which is an added bonus. Having sufficiently lubed up his cock, she sits on him, grinding her hips to get every last inch of cock into that pussy. Great, hard-pounding sex, but no visible cumshot. What�s up Alex, too hot in there for ya?
Enter Buffy, who seems to be Kaitlyn�s roommate. Some adoring guy leaves her a gift certificate for a brand new rack. Her doctor is Michael J. Cox who specializes in this sort of enhancement. We get a peek at his screening process when Brooke Waters comes in for examination. He seems to be quite turned on by small breasted beauties like Brooke and shows his admiration by licking her little pookie. She is vocally appreciative of his oral talents and rewards his efforts with some stunning lip work of her own. Brooke always did her best work with a cock in her hand and mouth and this is no exception. Great job of sucking his balls by the hot little redhead. Keeping it safe, the doc uses a condom to fuck her pussy. She likes it hard and urges him on, begging for it ever harder. I wonder what Brooke is doing now? She had such a naturally sexy quality about her, that nearly every scene was fun to watch. Love the squat fucking here, as well as the doggy. At least he is able to manage a little shot of cum on her little boobs.
Buffy arrives and has her surgery within fifteen seconds. Nurse Raveness ties out the new rack, gently at first, but working up to a full fledged lesbian lap fest. The naturally busty nurse attacks Buffy�s blonde beaver, sucking her lips and licking her clit. I don�t know if Buffy was supposed to be a rug muncher before the boobjob, but she sure goes down easily now that she sports a state of the art rack. The women share opposite ends of a double dong, finishing out their post-op playing.
Now that her new tits are in place, Buffy�s benefactor comes by to see them. Since he paid for them, it�s only fair that he check them out. Showing her appreciation, Buffy lets the long haired rock star (John Decker) have his way with her. She really is quite pretty and has a tasty looking slit. Nice shots of Buffy sucking dick. A face this cute always looks great during oral, but there is a great sparkle in her eyes and As she rides him, Buffy doesn�t seem to want to drop all the way down, keeping John�s strokes short. He�s not that big, so this must be one tight pussy. Fittingly, John fires his load onto her store bought boobs.
Like I said, I have no clue if Buffy needed new boobs or not, but that really isn�t the point. There may have been a plot at one point, but the finished product is basically a series of almost related scenes that form the bulk of this video. After a terrible start, the sexual action gets better. Kaitlyn looks hot, though Sanders can�t manage a pop. Brooke Waters gives us perhaps the best sex scene. Our heroine can be seen with Raveness in a pretty sexy lesbian tryst as well as the final fuck with Decker. She�s super cute and is nearly as a hot a fuck as Brooke and Kaitlyn. Solid technically and with a few strokeable moments sexually, this is just good enough for me to want to see Buffy in action again.


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