Violation Of Katie Gold




81 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

JM Productions

THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Forced Sex, Toys.

CONDOMS: None Noted

1999 (2/99)

STARS: WHERE TO BUY: Katie Gold, Caroline Pierce, Kristin, Blair, Candy Apples, Daisy Chain, Shelbee Myne.


The setup and theme of these videos is pretty simple. You take on girl, usually pretty and petite and put her at the mercy of a pack of twat crazed lesbians and have them fuck her with large toys until the idea of every fucking a man again is just as foreign as can be. The makers of these films often get away with things that wouldn’t fly if it were a group of guys, but the result is usually pretty funny and generally sexy. The idea of seeing total cutie Katie at the center of any gang bang action is enough to make me forget for a moment that most lesbian movies bore me and just sit back and enjoy watching her get violated.

Katie and her husband are at the police station, relating the tale of a home invasion robbery gone horribly wrong. In order to hear the whole story, we flash back farther to see the robbery in its planning phases. Not so pretty Caroline Pierce and a blonde (Kristin perhaps) devise a plan then jump all over each other. This is always the way these movies work. One g/g scene between two of the lesbians before the main event. Caroline’s presence in this scene makes it a little less than thrilling for me. This is pretty standard faire with multiple finger action and some liberal toy play. The blonde is hot, but Ms. Pierce just makes me want to skip right past this and see Katie.

Heir plan well thought out, the gang of lesbians sneaks into the house, taking Katie and her hubby hostage. They want his jewels and promise to do her harm if he doesn’t give them up. Kristen is the first to make good on their threats, attacking the poor blonde while she is still tied to the stairs. Katie struggles for a long time, trying to escape, but the attacker is just too strong and her precious pussy becomes a meal for the demented thief. Of course, within minutes terror turns gives way to growing excitement and Katie clearly starts feeling things she hasn’t felt in her young life.

The other women decide that they all want a piece of the creaming wife and Katie now has two hungry attackers to satisfy. A dildo is shoved down her throat while one is fucking her pussy, but Katie is more worried about having to eat pussy. Check out the freaky dildo mask one of the girls wears. It’s just perfect to fuck Katie with. They spread her over the banisters and make her lower her pussy onto the other girl’s head. Oh what a diabolical group of dykes these women are.

Hearing her cries of ecstasy, the rest of the gang comes in and it’s officially open season on Katie’s tight little cunt. They all line up to fuck her with toys and the squirming little blonde is soon out of her mind with desire. I love watching Katie’s body, so this is some really hot stuff. Seeing her done half unconscious by strap-ons is just about the best thing I have seen from this series, or any all-girl movie ever. (Vivid really should do a violation of Janine video don’t you think?)

Some of the other women are getting turned on as well, and Candy Apples decides she needs to take a fire hydrant up her cunt. How any woman can take his thing is amazing, but Candy makes it look easy. Taking her cue from Candy, one of the girls slips a condom over a big flashlight and starts using it on Katie’s pussy. Candy and Blair Segal are doing some very nasty shit while this is going on, but no one looks as hot here as Katie does.

All that is left now if to violate Katie’s asshole and the lesbians do this with no care for her tiny rosebud. Regardless of what character she is playing, Ms. Gold is a total anal slut and takes to hard things in her but in no time. These women show her things that her husband couldn’t dream of and it’s clear things will never be the same in this once happy home. The way they made her cum, little Katie doesn’t even want to press charges.

Since the first scene pretty much bored me to tears, the only real heat from this movie comes from the big bang itself. Katie Gold is amazing, as always, the prefect blend of girl next door cuteness and total fuckabilty. Kristen and Candy Apples do the best work on the petite blonde, but overall the action doesn’t live up to some of the other movies in this series. (Brooke Ashley or Alex Dane for example.) Everything is well shot and as always, toys are used almost constantly. Also, for those who like bondage, that angle is played up more in this one than an any other I can imagine. There is a also a bit of humiliation play as the women taunt the bound husband. It’s twisted, it’s funny and it has its moments, but Katie Gold deserves better and I hope JM will try again with this perfect little slutlet.

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