Private Gold 36 Sex Therapy




123 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Pierre Woodman


THEMES: Cheating, Euro-Babes

CONDOMS: None Noted


STARS: Veronica Stark, Dino Tosani, Diana, Bob Terminator, Suzan Nielsen, James Brossman, My Lee, Philippe Soine, Moni, Mario, Justine, Esoki, Melanie, Roby, Agness Grimaldi, Karl Ben, Magdalena, Leslie, Elvira, Attila, Cecile Hemery,


You know, usually when I pick up a Pierre Woodman movie, I expect lavish locations, hot babes and blistering sex. Well, in ‘Sex Therapy’ he has the hot babes, but as found a way to keep them all in one place. The plot revolves around a group therapy session where each member tells his or her sexy story. This allows the main plot to be set in one place with a bunch of flashbacks. It may not be a big budget action picture, but Woodman has spared no expense in getting some very beautiful European women to fill this depraved little group. (Also, a number of the flashback scenes are set in some pretty cool places. I was being a bit sarcastic.)

The first patients to discuss their problems are a married couple, Monika and Attila. She is a hot looking blonde and he says he loves watching her fuck strangers. Things always break down and the couple becomes angry afterward. We flash back to a restaurant where the couple is enjoying a nice meal. At Attila’s insistence, Monika stands up and removes her panties. It’s time for her to “do her thing.” She is a bit reluctant, but as soon as she agrees, the four men sitting close by are on her like hype on Kobe Bryant. A little on the thin side, Monika is still very sexy and more than happy to grant these guys access to any opening. She bounces her blonde pussy in the lap of one guy while sucking a pair of cocks furiously. Poor hubby seems to be getting pissed as his wife gets off fucking these young studs. So before we get even a single cumshot, he grabs her and runs out the door. Oh, that’s just bad form sir.

We get another adventure as the couple hit up a bus driver. He’s off duty, but lets them on and soon finds himself staring right between her spread asscheeks. Happily inserting his cock into that ass, the driver rams her from behind. The short, but nicely shot anal ends in a very nice facial with Monika sucking every last drop of cum from his cock before her pissed off hubby can take her away again. Dude, no need for all the hostility. Go home, sodomize your sweet looking bride and get the fuck over the ‘tude.

Into the story comes a detective with some bad news. Two of the doctor’s patients have been murdered. The doctor is asked to share any information he has on the young couple, and this leads us to our next sex scene. The lovely brunette wife feels the need to dominate her husband, spanking his ass to keep him in line. Once she has him under control, she gobbles his cock down her throat without even asking please. (Bitch.) He’s got quite a big cock so she just hops right up and starts riding it. (Still in her tight skirt and bitch-goddess outfit.) This chick riding cock has to be a fetish lovers dream. Those thigh high boots and conic-bra thing make for quite an outfit as she fucks him from above. I love that porn movie doms all love it in the ass. (Instead of giving to guys in the ass.) This lovely one gets royally screwed in her tightest hole before jerking a load out of his cock with a gloved hand, into her mouth. She won’t stop until she has pumped every last drop of sticky semen between her lips. Not helpful for the cop, but a fine anal scene for us perverts. (We perverts?)

The plot begins to twist and turn, but you guys really don’t want me to give that away, so I’ll keep quite and talk about the next sex scene. The doc has picked up one of his nympho patients and after some initial attempts to thwart her advances, he gives in. (Nominate this guy for MENSA.) They park the car and the sexy brunette snuggles in behind the wheel for some serious dick sucking. Nice close up shots of her face highlight this sex, semi-public scene. Her pretty smile makes a great target as the doc sits back and lets her jerk a wad into her mouth. Once again, this lovely Euro-slut doesn’t let up until every drop is gone. Nice to see that front seat cock sucking sluts are the same the world over.

Elsewhere a couple of hotties hang out by a pool. The strawberry blonde looks smoking in her bikini and her brunette friend could quite easily be a model. When the blonde’s husband (the detective) comes home, it’s clear that there is a little fun on the menu. The brunette starts sucking his cock, looking like a wet dream come to life. Before long, wifey joins in and this girl sucks a mean dick as well. While his wife keeps sucking, her friend crawls onto the lounge and actually begs him to come over and fuck her. The sexy wife seem to like watching her man plow a new field and she can’t keep her hands out of her cookie jar as they bone in front of her. All three of these people are good looking and very sexually energetic, leading to a very hot three way fuck. Great close up anal shots of the brunette riding cock. Even the wife gives up her pretty ass for this very lucky cop. They both share his load as it shoots out of his throbbing cock, sucking until he’s dry as a bone. This is Private hard-core at its raunchy best.

Both the doctor and his hitchhiker are in trouble when they get home. The difference is that the chick is trouble that is plot related and the doc gets out of his mess by boning the gorgeous blonde babe in his bathtub. This little piece of ass grips his cock tightly and uses her hand and mouth to fuck his cock quite nicely. Great eye contact here as we star right into her gorgeous face. He pulls her up out of the water only to bend her over the edge of the tub and start fucking that beautiful slit of hers. I’m telling you, this is the most perfect looking woman in the movie and she fucks like a horny beast. After a rousing pussy fuck, she opens her ass and takes a good hard pounding in the pooper as well. Falling in love with this woman would be just too damn easy. A big cumshot into her gaping asshole finishes out another blistering scene.

Back in group, a brother and sister team, Veronica and Alfred, struggle to tell their tale. (Trouble is Alfred is a chick and Veronica was the slut who fucked the doc in the car.) While Alfred tries to get his story out, Veronica slips off the to the bathroom, followed quickly by one of the guys in the group. Before he can even try to get rough, she pushes him against the wall and starts sucking his cock. Her aggressive oral is sort of a rape gone bad and certainly more than this poor guy could have expected from the beautiful brunette. After a long blowjob, she mounts his cock and starts riding like her life depends on how hard a cock slams her cervix. Having gotten what she wants, it’s back to the floor for this randy babe so she can lick his asshole and balls while he strokes off. Surprisingly, the scene doesn’t end there. She mounts him again, but he shoves her off, wanting instead to fuck her from behind while she stands. I love this part of the scene, very hot and nicely shot. Finally, she whirls around and jerks him off in her mouth. To get off, he has to do it himself, but she helps out here by sucking his balls until his dick explodes all over her face. Yet another stunning scene.

The cop is still hot on the trail of the killers, visiting the sister of the deceased woman. She invites him below deck on her boat and things progress rather quickly. She takes his dick out of his pants and starts sucking desperately. Not as drop dead gorgeous as some of the others, this woman is still a cut above the porn norm and does her job quite well. This scene moves a little quicker than some of the others, getting us through the oral and first position by the five minute mark. She mixes in some more blowjob footage before getting up and riding like a champion rodeo cowgirl. It’s hard to get too excited by this scene only because the others are so much hotter. However, on its own, it’s still a nicely shot scene with a very good looking woman who takes it in the ass and on the face quite well.

Another of the group members, Cecile, a freaky shy girl, is also found murdered. The detective now wants to sit in on the next group session, but that will have to wait until part two. (Which, for what it’s worth, I can’t wait to see.) I admit, I’m drawn in a bit by the plot, but mostly I want to see these women again. Woodman has a super fine cast and does his usual masterful job of making everyone look beautiful while fucking like wild boars. If you like your women gorgeous and your sex hot, and don’t mind some dubbed in dialog, this is yet another in a long line of Private/Woodman movies that I strongly recommend. (And who is that blonde woman who the doc nails in the tub? Damn!)

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