Nurse’s Diary


101 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Michael Barny
THEMES: Fantasy, Voyeurism, Cheating.
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Laure Sainclair, Lea Martini, Anita Blond, David Perry, Mike Foster, Karen Lancaume, Ornella, Pierre-Herve Gustave, Cassandra Reinhard.
Though she is new to American audiences, Laure Sainclair’s beauty should assure that she becomes a household name in no time. (In households where porn is openly discussed that is.) I see some European names I recognize and some that I don’t, but I imagine it’s going to be the gorgeous blonde covergirl who steals most of the attention in this film. I don’t know if this is going to be a Private-esque effort or if Wicked has found the Euro equivalent of their high quality, more couples friendly smut, but we’ll find out together. Either way, we get to watch Laure and that has to be good. So, sit back, endure the voice overs and let’s see if we can make sense of a Euro-plot.
David Perry emerges from a tub in a wet suit, ala Arnold in ‘True Lies’ as the familiar James Bond riff plays in the background. It’s a bit strange, but before you even have time to question what’s going on, lovely Laure is busy filling her mouth with cock, so who cares? I don’t know what the deal with the floating bubbles is, but they can’t hide the beautiful face and body this babe brings to the table. The secret agent gives her a quick fuck and facial cumshot in what seems to be a fantasy sequence to start things off.
Laure is a nurse hired on to help care for the ailing mistress of the house. (Another gorgeous blonde.) Don’t ask me to explain how everyone at the large table is related, I don’t think it’s going to matter much. Two of the women take off for a tennis match, but the pretty brunette has a side trip to make first. She stops off in the garage where she teases the handyman. He responds quickly, licking at her exposed pussy and letting this super cutie know how tasty she is. Now in her tennis shoes and panties, she bends down to treat his rapidly rising cock to a tongue filled blowjob. The pretty girl sucks it in shallow stroke and licks the shaft like a lollipop. They are fucking on a chair that he has just painted so she ends up with some cool marks on her ass. A little touch, I know, but I like it, it adds something to the scene. After a single position fuck, he pulls out and shoots his cum all over her pretty ass.
Back at the house, Laure is finding out that there is a lot of repressed desire in this house. The son is busy sniffing panties from the hamper and the ill wife is being courted by a very insistent suitor. Panty boy has also rigged up a little camera on a radio controlled car so he can spy on the women of the house. There is some nice tease footage here, but he gets shut down when Laure closes her bedroom door. After getting all dressed up in a nice little skirt outfit, the nurse lies back with a book and re-enters her fantasy world. In this story, she is a jewel thief who is about to make off with the loot when a man and woman (Anita Blonde) return home. While Laure watches from the rafters, the man takes the lovely blonde to the pool table where he begins to work her out of her clothes. The scene moves quickly to doggy sex, but this woman’s great body and fantastic rack make it worth a look. Anita’s tits are fantastic and as they fuck on the table, she shakes about invitingly. They catch Laure and rather than turn her into the cops, the couple decides to use her sexually. They begin by cutting holes in her catsuit and the fun really begins. It’s a quick one position fuck that ends when the guy unloads all over her tight black suit, but there is some serious heat generated by these three.
The mistress of the house gets some disappointing news when she finds out her husband won’t be home for dinner. You see, he is staying late at the office, which in porn means he is being serviced by a couple of horny chicks. Neither them are as hot as his wife, but hey, it’s all about variety right? The three of them roll around in bed and David gives both women a ripe poke in their shaved pussies. After this, the blonde even lets him fuck her in her tight ass, which seems to thrill him to no end. Finally, the women share a cum shot on their faces. This is worth working overtime for.
The next morning while his wife stares at herself in the mirror, calling out for affirmations of his love, David pulls Laure into bed and is ravishing her wonderful body. It’s funny for a while, but I just really want to see Laure do her stuff. She sucks and fucks him while he is telling his wife how much he still finds her attractive. (Damn, that takes balls.) With a pretty wife fingering her butt in the next room, he drops the serious anal hammer down on her sexy nurse. Nice facial before she scampers off.
Hubby isn’t the only one fucking around though. In the garden, the lovely blonde wife finally gives in to her anxious lover. In the garden he tastes her, but things really heat up when she drops to her knees and gives his cock the attention it craves. He actually fucks her through the hedges. Now that’s a pretty fresh take on the whole sex thing. The anal sex is super hot, especially if you like massively tight, gripping assholes and big popshots all over partially clothed women.
All that sex has Laure’s mind racing again. This time she imagines a harem scenario where she and the tennis woman both serve the mistress. All three women are very pretty so if you like beautiful lesbian three ways, this will likely do more for you than it did for me. It’s nicely shot, but a bit too softcore for my taste.
We are back to a scene with the wife again. This time she starts out with a sexy striptease before dropping to her knees to start sucking on a long cock. This scene is a bit more rushed than the first one which is sad, because this woman has got legs to die for. On her back, the pretty blonde enjoys a hard fuck that goes deep in her tight hole. Before he can explode inside her body, the guy mounts her chest and starts fucking her wonderful tits until he explodes all over her tongue and boobs.
Laure’s fantasies continue. This time she is thrown into the middle of a war. When she runs into a tent to escape the enemy, she finds herself at the mercy of two horny soldiers. Even in a black wig, this woman is totally gorgeous and a wonderfully slutty cocksucker. Each taking an end, the guys start stuffing her pussy and mouth with big cocks and our heroine just loves every pulsating inch. You have to love the sound of bombs going off while two guy fuck a stocking and heel clad whore. A nicely shot double facial brings Laure’s dream to an end.
Being in the same house with Laure is finally too much for panty boy. He sneaks a peek at her pussy then runs off wank his Willie. Laure follows him into the bedroom and offers herself to him. Her body looks so good as she slowly peels her clothes off. No wonder this guy is so amped about sneaking peeks at her. Nice touch with his little slide show going on her ass as she sucks his cock. She makes a ritual of sliding the condom on his cock and starts riding. The scene is a bit slow, but the visual of Laure doing anything is worth watching.
I was right, Wicked has found a slightly softer version of the formula that has made Private the most popular porn company on the planet. There is not one woman in this movie who is not wonderful to look at. A few of them, including Laure are downright knockouts. I could quite easily go on all day about how beautiful and sexy this blonde babe is, but I think the above review did a fine job of that. We get her a handful of scenes which is just great. The movie is very well photographed with plenty of hot sex, including anal and a few facials, but you’re still really likely to slip this one past the wife. There is an interesting enough story, but at its core, ‘Nurse’s Diary’ if for guys who like watching really beautiful women get boned nice and hard.

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