Violation Of Cinnabunz




103 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

JM Productions

THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Forced Sex, All Black



STARS: Cinnabunz, Kira, Champagne, Pebbles, Chastity, Sinnamon, Caramel.


As we continue with this featured line of lesbian gang bang movies we get our first look at an African American babe being used and abused by twat starved dykes bent on sexual destruction. Cinnabunz is a rather cute, very hot new-ish performer who I like a lot. That always makes these movies more fun to watch since most of the action revolves around her. I’m not too sure about some of the other girls in this movie, but I’m sure there will be enough hard, toy assisted lesbian lust to make this worth a closer look.

Before we see the star, we have to watch a one on one scene between two of the other girls. This is how the series works and it helps to set up the impending gang bang. This time, it’s quite literally a gang bang since Cinnabunz wants into a crew. To be initiated, she is going to have to be banged. The two women discussing her fate decide to get a head start on the festivities. Kira and Champagne get down and dirty in a dimly lit warehouse. Both of these women are busty and carrying a bit of extra weight. In fact, Kira (I’m pretty sure she’s the one) is downright fat. Champagne is worth watching if you don’t mind a bit of extra meat on the bone (and I don’t) but I would say this scene works only for lovers of big, black lesbians. This scene has some sexual heat, but isn’t all that easy on the eyes.

When it’s time for C-bunz to be initiated, things are lot easier to watch. She is easily the prettiest girl in the room and the rest of the gang is quite eager to get a piece. They shove a fake pussy in her face and make her lick it while Kira goes down on Cinna. When they decide she’s ready, the women line up and squat over her pretty face for a quick cum. At the same time they decide that her pussy needs to be filled with fake cock. Cinnabunz is learning quickly how to be a labe lapping lesbian toy. There are some pretty fat dildos working on her pussy and ass, but Cinnabunz seems more determined than ever to get into the gang.

When the dildos aren’t enough, the gang breaks out the big guns. With big cocks mounted on power drills, they attack her holes, literally drilling the cute little chocolate treat. They finally let her up and put he on her hands and knees. At least now we get a better view of her body as she sucks a big strap on. The trouble with the action here is that the women doing the fucking seem a little mundane. Most of them aren’t much to look at, so all the pressure is on Cinnabunz to carry things here. The result is actually too many close up shots to cover the lack of eye candy in the room. Thankfully, they use a monster cock on her and in the end let her ride some blow up guy, saving the movie from being a total sexual loss.

Generally in this series, the central woman is surrounded by a bunch of rather good looking women fucking her silly. This time, most of the gang is pretty hard to look at. Cinnabunz is really cute and as long as we can see her, everything is just fine. More of her and less of the others would have been nice. Basically, unless you’re looking specifically for an all black lesbian video, I suggest you give one of the other videos in this great series a try.

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