105 Mins.
DIRECTOR: F. J. Lincoln
THEMES: Card Sharks
STARS: Serenity, Nina Hartley, Ginger Paige, Brigett Kerkove, Tracy Love, Mickey G., Alex Sanders, Evan Stone.
I know that when it comes to feature films with scripts and plots and all that good stuff, I am supposed to be looking for something a little more than random body parts. However, you will have to excuse me this time. You see, this isn’t just any random body part hype, this is some serious shit. For the first time, in one film, two of the greatest backsides in all of porn history are brought together. Long the Queen of posteriors, Nina Hartley has appeared in hundreds of adult films, but before now, she has never shared the screen with a woman whose ass rivals (And to some of us, surpasses) her own. In “The Shark” Nina’s buns will finally meet their match when she works alongside (And hopefully with) Serenity. Are there other reasons to watch this movie? Production values? Hot sex? Sure, probably, but the thought of seeing these to incredible asses is all the inspiration I need to shut up and get to the action. (You can all send your thank you cards to Serenity and Nina’s asses.)
We open over a card game. Serenity and Nina sit watching as their men do battle over the well worn felt. Taking a break they do a bit of venting, which of course, leads to a little bit of feminine comforting. In a little room, surrounded on all sides by windows (Making this a pretty tricky scene to shoot no doubt.) Nina puts her new friend up on a counter and drives her face into a super sweet looking pussy. The close up shots are nice, but butt lovers will dig the longer shots showing off one or both superior posteriors. It’s a rather short, but very nice looking scene on all levels.
Mickey runs into a bit of bad luck and ends up forty grand in the hole. This of course, causes problems at home with Serenity. Mickey is pretty good at this sort of brooding character and surprisingly, we get a dialog scene that doesn’t end with sex. (Not that it is ever bad to see the blonde one strip off and go nuts.)
The next day, Serenity decides to get in on the game herself. She proves to be quite a player and wins a nice stack of cash. This of course bruises Mickey’s ego and we all know what guys do when they get a little burned around the edges. He calls Ginger and Brigett over to ease his pain. I guess a blonde and brunette taking turns on your unit might make you forget that you’re a compulsive gambler, big time loser and that your wife is better at your game than you are. Mickey still has the ability to fuck and gives both women a solid boning as they happily eat each other. As an added bonus, we get to watch as the blonde drops her ass down on his cock while rubbing her pussy raw. There is nothing soft about this scene, just an anal slut having her backdoor royally plugged. I guess if you have to cheat on a hottie like Serenity, that least you could do is go for two women and make sure one of them takes it in the butt. I suppose in a movie that features such great butts, we should get at least one cumshot onto a well fucked ass.
Frustrated by the low stakes, Serenity moves up to see if she can win back the money her old man owes. When she gets home, Serenity kicks Mickey out and decides it’s time to follow her dreams all the way to the Championships of poker. Meanwhile, Nina has found another new playmate and is taking him for a test spin. Nice tease here as she licks the tip of his cock, daring him to hold back. Her ass may have made Nina famous, but I have to say this woman can still suck and jerk a dick with the best of them. This young cowboy spreads her legs wide and really pumps her hard. Wow, I haven’t seen Nina pounded this hard in a long time. I also haven’t enjoyed a Nina scene this much in a long while.
To get her start, Serenity needs some cash. She goes to Alex Sanders who predictably puts a few stipulations on the loan. Obvious sexual harassment aside, Serenity is more than happy to share a moment with Mr. Sanders. (Dude, isn?t it time for a haircut?) There are plenty of lingering, pretty shots as she works her way down. Nice mix of close up blowjob shots with longer shots of Serenity sticking her ass out as she goes. (Yes folks, this is the best ass in porn, period.) He moves around behind to lick and finger her from behind, finally taking off her G string and really enjoying an up close look at those genetically perfect buns. It must be really hot on this set because Alex works up a sweat after just a few minutes fucking this gorgeous creature. The fucking may be a little too brief, but Alex shoots a pretty good load right across her mouth. Oh, how we do love to see this gorgeous face get gooey.
Naturally, our heroine wins big at the tables, but I’ll leave you to watch that on your own. After the game, Alex finds himself alone with Tracy Love and things go exactly a you would expect. Tracy looks pretty sweet here and Alex throws her up onto a bar to give her a taste of after hours lovin’. He doesn’t take it easy on her, fingering her pieced slit with four fingers before letting her show her awesome oral skills. This isn’t pretty sex my friends, this is hot, hard and nasty, just the way we like it. (And just the way Tracy knows how to give it.) When he bends her over the barstool and starts pounding that ass, you’ll know why I think Ms. Love is a tragically underused porn slut. It’s nice to see a good hard-core stroker scene in the middle of a nicely shot feature.
Mickey and Serenity have made amends and that can mean only one thing. She has a newly aggressive attitude and Mickey doesn’t mind that for a second. He just sits back and enjoys a nice long blowjob from his lovely girlfriend. Very nice shots here as they exchange oral sex. Eye candy to the max. Equally easy on the eyes is the fucking, first in doggy which is sure to thrill leg and ass lovers alike. One step better is the squat fucking Serenity puts on Mickey. Great stuff and worth waiting for. Naturally, the only way to end this is with a facial which is taken with a big smile on her beautiful face.
Well, the big meeting of the asses happens right out of the gate, so from that point on, the movie has to stand on its own merits. As usual, Serenity looks fantastic in her three scenes, gracing us with a pair of really nice facials. Hell, even her lesbian scene interests me. What is really good about this movie is that the non Serenity scenes are all worth watching as well. Nina Hartley gives a very good scene with her cowboy. Tracy Love is a massive slut and she brings a ton of heat to the table. There is a decent story here, but this time it?s the sex, thanks to Serenity and a host of hot co-stars, that steals the show.

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