Backdoor Passes 5


115 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Dion Giarrusso and Dale Jordan.
Elegant Angel
THEMES: Anal Sex, Gapes, Facials
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Xtacee, Phyllisha Anne, Layla Jade, C.J. Bennett, Christian Wolf, Jade Marcela, Johnny Black.
How did we get to number five in this series already? Damn, there is a lot of ass fucking going on at Elegant Angel. I know, I probably should have gone back and filled in the review gaps in this series, but this box caught my eye and there was no way I was going to miss popping it in the VCR. With Xtacee, Johnny Black, Jade Marcela and Layla Jade in this movie, there is no way I was going to wait around to see these asses get popped. Dion and Dale have a knack for making very good anal movies and I’m more than ready to see what they do with this cast.
Layla Jade, who gets my vote for the hottest thing to come out of England in years, is up first. Just her accent is enough to set cocks across the continent on fire. She talks a little while showing off, but you can tell that all she really wants a big cock up that hot bum. (Hmmmm, I wonder if she’ll be in the same mood when we do our interview in a few months?) They team her up with big dicked Englishman Mark Davis and Lay doesn�t seem to mind at all. Her bends her tiny frame over the bed and tests that ass with his fingers. Ever the gentleman, Mark makes sure to suck her pussy a bit before sodomizing the dirty little blonde. His dick is as big as her forearm, but that doesn’t stop Lay from kneeling and worshipping it with her wonderful mouth. Check out the talent of this babe. She can pro-suck his dick and still manage to stuff her ass with her fingers. More oral would have been nice here, but Mark has earned his backdoor pass and he’s going to use it. He fingers he again then slides his oiled rod right up her pooper. Check out the A2M going on here. Layla may look sweet and innocent, but when it comes to sex, this woman is balls to wall nasty and I fucking love her. (Flash back a year when I told you all how hot Cherry/Stryc-9 was, do I ever steer you wrong?) She rides him, slamming her full body weight down on his cock, showing the world that she’s ready for stardom. Big gape shots for you guys who like these, including Mark dropping a load of spit right into her open sphincter from behind. More A2M ends when Mark drops a load right into her open mouth. Lay, come back to America, stardom is waiting and so am I.
That’s a hard act to follow, but we get two women to try. It’s a little ethnic mix to make the white boys shout. Xtacee and Jade Marcela hook up with monster pole Mark Anthony for X’s first every booty bang. After just a bit of tongue action, Mark goes right for the asshole, fucking Xtacee in her tight ass while she rubs her clit. Reversing the normal order of things, he goes from the ass to the pussy where the strokes are longer and a lot harder. X is one super fine fucker and Mark clearly loves her pussy. (Natural tittie count is up to three sets out of three.) We slow down again as he goes back into her butt. For a first time anal, Xtacee is every bit as hot as we might hope. Check out Jade, pulling his cock from her butt and sucking it clean. Now it’s little Jade’s turn to feel that massive head of his prick tear her ass open for some hard anal action. Anyone who thinks Max does rough anal, should remember that Mark’s dick is about five times the size and he just slams it right up her ass. This is one of the best scenes I have seen this little cutie ever do. In the close ups, it seems impossible that such a tiny hole can take such a big pole, but Jade is just massively enthusiastic about being sodomized. No facial, but this is still a first class ass busting.
CJ Bennett has been around for a while. Hell, she was doing anal before it became a requisite for getting your porn card, so, she is a natural for this kind of movie. Before having a dick to play with, CJ breaks out a whole box of toys, all designed to loosen up her sphincters for some colon cramming action. She isn’t all that good looking, but does a nasty solo scene before Alex Sanders is brought in to do the deed. Anxiously slurping at his cock, CJ proves that an eager slut doesn’t have to be a cover girl to give us hot smut. Alex takes advantage of his shot at this filthy anal whore but slamming into CJ with all he has. Clearly, this is a girl who could take a much bigger cock, but she acts as if Alex is the best thing since sliced bread. Compared to the first two scenes, this one lags behind only because the other girls were so hot looking. Still, CJ stacks up just fine as an assfucking whore. (Did she actually say ‘cram that cock in there, you might fall in?’) If you like it hot and nasty, this is one scene you’ll want to check out.
Johnny Black is one of those women who can be as nasty as anyone, but still looks might fine. Her short monologue during the intro to her scene would put the best phone sex operators to shame. She invites pool boy Pat Myne into her house and orders him to eat her ass. Not one to look a gift sphincter in the mouth, Pat tongues her rosebud and flicks his fingers over her dripping pussy. Paying him back for his efforts, Johnny makes short work of his cock, swallowing it to the root effortlessly. During the long blowjob, she treats his cock like it’s the most delicious thing in the world. Johnny Black is just such an incredibly sexy woman, an oral scene would have done just fine. Laying back on the bed, Johnny spreads her muscular thighs all the way back to the mattress and lets him pound away on her pussy. We know what she really wants though, a good pounding in her big, round ass. Pat nails her butt hard, making Johnny pour forth with a wave of hot dirty talk. She does a bit of A2M (sucking his dick with the condom still on) before mounting him for some RCA that gives us a great shot of her thighs. After thoroughly ravishing her ass, Pat pulls out and drops a good load all over Johnny’s mouth.
Christian Wolfe and Phyllisha Anne team up to tell us what anal sluts they both are. Both of these women are hotter performers than they are beautiful, but as we’ve noted, that can be great. Again, we get Alex Sanders which kind of blows the whole ‘we love anal because he can go deep’ theory. He dives into bed with these two active little cock hounds and is instantly in over his head. They make his cock disappear like it’s nothing. Maybe that’s why they paired these two up, to keep them from getting too bored. Alex fucks Christian from behind, pulling out every few strokes to stick his dick into Phyllisha’s mouth. The best anal action in this scene comes as Alex really lays some serious wood to little Ms. Anne’s ass. And she even gets the facial as well. Scene stealer.
The Jades are the best reasons for watching this movie. Layla Jade is a fantastic performer and gives her all with Davis. Jade Marcela shares a great three way fuck with Xtacee. Nice to see X do her first anal here. Johnny Black also shows us again why she has already won a shelf full of awards. Christian, Phyllisha and CJ prove that a hot anal slut brings more to the smut table than a handful of cover girls who don�t know how to fuck. This is about as simple as it gets. Take a handful of hot women, give them some hard cocks to fuck and suck, shoot the sex straight and don�t get in the way. Keeping it simple works this time.

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