Beach Bunnies With Big Brown Eyes 2


124 Mins.
Dusk ?Til Dawn/Seymore Butts Home Movies
THEMES: Bikini Girls, Hitchhiking.
CONDOMS: None Noted
1999 (12/98)
STARS: Jennifer Leigh, Doomy Moore, Regan Starr, Candi Cash, Julie Meadows, Cassidy, Mila and Tyce Bune.
I really liked the idea behind this series when I watched the first one. Nothing is quite as enticing as a beautiful woman in a skimpy bikini, except for maybe a beautiful woman who slips out of her bikini and gets royally boned. In the first one, Tyce Bune did a good job of keeping the sex hot, but I think we missed out on the whole beach babe angle. Maybe this time we?ll see more of the lovelies on the sand before the sex starts. (And even if we don?t, at least the sex should again be well shot and hot.) Even though this cast doesn?t thrill me like the first one did, there is one very good reason to watch this movie, Julie Meadows. She is such a little cutie, head to toe hot and an incredible on screen fuck. (Hey, I like previews, but isn?t twenty eight minutes just a tad excessive?)
Tyce is back, playing the laid back, car detailing beach schemer from the first video. His first adventure comes at the end of a hard day. It?s time to get paid, but Jennifer Leigh and Doomy Moore (A cute girl with a tragically lame name.) have other ideas. Noticing the smell of beer on his breath, they require a sobriety test before giving him his wages. Naturally, the test is a big joke on Tyce and he ends up in the water fully clothed. Fear not, this is porn. The girls comfort him in a way that would be worth a thousand unceremonious dumps in the drink. They take turns sucking his cock, both looking rather tasty. Jennifer wins my nod as the hotter cocksucker in the early going, but either of these naturally racked girls would be a welcome lap ornament if you know what I mean. Tyce decides to give the leggy blonde a break and fuck Doomy first. When her pussy heats him up enough, Tyce moves around a drops a load on Jennifer?s tan lined twat. Doomy keeps right on licking away, lapping cum from her friend?s slit. Still ready for more, Tyce starts plowing away on Jennifer from behind, giving us a nice look at her long, smooth thighs. He?s not about to let them get away with giving up a little ass, so once again, it?s up inside tight little Jennifer. I really like her tan lines on the close up shots, but I suppose it?s her well fucked asshole everyone else cares about. Doomy maneuvers around, poking and prodding her friend as she gets her pretty little ass stuffed. I?m really looking forward to seeing more of this little hottie. Tyce manages a second cumshot that messes Doomy?s mug pretty good.
Tyce is obviously better at making cars look good than he is at keeping them running. When his engine overheats, he is stuck waiting for a ride. In a stroke of luck, blonde Regan Starr happens by, offers to let him use the phone and even gives him a lift back to her place (Yeah, happens every day.) Regan has a lot more on her mind than just helping out a stranger in need. She has needs of her own and wants Tyce to take care of them. The little aggressive girl is starved for dick and can?t seem to get her lips around his rod fast enough. No striking beauty, Regan is still a hot performer who seems to really enjoy her work. Once his cock has been sucked, Tyce lays Regan down and starts porking the thin little slutlet hard enough to make her tiny titties shake and quake. We get a very long mish with Regan frigging her clit like mad. It takes a bit too long, but eventually, they switch positions and Regan is riding Tyce with her ass on his shaft. Regan proves to be a super anal slut who still can?t keep her hands off her clit. After a hard-core assfucking, Regan spins around for a straight A2M blowjob. Apparently, this is just to get a taste of her butt, because after a few minutes, it?s right back on top for more anal fun, In the end, his load goes right where you would hope, all over her eager little face.
There is one problem with Regan?s vocal copulating. It wakes her skanky roommate Candi Cash. When Tyce retires to the other room to relax, he finds the less than decent looking blonde playing with her pussy. Instead of running away in fear and utter revulsion, as any sane man would, he dives right in and starts lapping. Candy returns the favor (Or tortures us) with a long blowjob. Try as I might, I can?t see how this girl ended up in this movie. Regan is no raving beauty, but there is quite literally nothing at all appealing about Candi. Rather than sit through her oral, vaginal and anal penetration, I suggest you all go get a cold drink and prepare for Julie Meadows, who is just the sort of hottie we need to wash the vile taste of Candi from our mouths.
Hitchhiking works for Tyce big time when he gets picked up by a trio of horny girls in an RV. You see, Mila, Julie and Cassidy think it would be fun to pick up a guy and treat him like a gang bang slut. (Only in porn my friends, only in porn.) So, when Tyce comes along, he becomes the perfect victim. Mila is actually a little under control in this scene, not going too far over the top as she makes him suck her pussy. Julie steals the spotlight when she pulls her legs back over her head for some serious two handed finger play. What a fucking cutie! After tasting all three of them, Tyce leans back and has the pleasure of three mouths on his rising rod. Mila goes first and she does a nice job with a dick in her mouth. Cassidy takes things deep with her long strokes, but again Julie is the one to really watch here. Since he has to pick someone to go first, I guess Tyce decided to get the fake boobed girl first, letting Cassidy ride his lap for a bit while the other two watch. Actually, he gets her all to himself for a long time, even fucking her tight asshole without any interference from the other babes. Cassidy gets plugged in her butt so hard she might even be making Mila jealous. He ends up dropping a load all over her rather torn up looking pussy.
Not letting him get a single moment of rest, Julie comes in an mounts Tyce. Her ass looks just awesome as she bucks her hips back and forth. I could have used some shots of her from the front mixed in with the shots of her butt. She stops long enough to give him a quick blowjob before getting on her hands and knees and granting him access to that super cute backside. We get deeper penetration when she goes up top for that cool crap looking thing she does during RCA. Somehow he manages to shoot a good sized wad right onto her mouth, treating us to the lovely sight of Julie with a messy face.
Just when he thinks it can?t get any worse, Mila comes in to finish Tyce off. She grabs his cock and starts squat fucking him. Few women fuck with the sort of intensity Mila brings to the table and there is just no way he can fuck hard enough to keep her happy. Give him credit for trying and also credit for directing a scene where Mila doesn?t get out of hand and she is actually kind of sexy. No freaky colon tricks, just hard assfucking and a final glob of gonad good launched unseen up her ass.
This is pretty much an extension of Tyce?s first effort. Similarly cute set ups, girls in bikinis who shed them somewhat too quickly. Lots of anal sex, some facials and just enough cute girls in the cast to make this a tape I recommend. Julie Meadows is the best reason to watch this movie, I only wish she could have had more screen time. This babe is super cute and a perfect little fuck. Regan Star gives a great scene as well, the only watchable one on one of the movie. Mila and Cassidy are both super slutty women who shine in the straight forward style of this video. Doomy and Jennifer do a very nice tag team and along with Julie, Jennifer is the girl I would most like to see in the next volume. Sadly, Candi is a total waste of video tape, so this lost section of the movie brings down the overall grade a bit. Not quite as hot as the first tape, but more than enough to make me want to see part three sometime very soon. (A side note, nearly all the women in this movie, save Cassidy, are without implants.)

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