145 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Veronica Hart


THEMES: Plot, Fantasies, Movie Stars, Ginger Lynn.


1999 (5/99)

STARS: Ginger Lynn, Chloe, Sean Michaels, Juli Ashton, Devin Wolf, Stacy Velentine, Kylie Ireland, Scotty Shwartz, Raveness, Julian, Mia Smiles, Tina Tyler, Veroinca Hart, Miss Sharon Mitchell, Alec Metro, Chris Cannon, Michael J. Cox, John Decker.


Not a month after Marilyn Chambers made her return to the blue screen, we get the return of another porn legend, Ginger Lynn. For those of us who first started watching smut back in the days of Reagan, Ginger Lynn is nothing short of a Goddess. She was the perfect girl next door. Cute face, great voice, thin, wonderful body. Oh yeah, and fucked and sucked like a total slut. She did anal before it was mandatory. In fact, most big stars wouldn’t go near that sort of thing, yet Ms. Lynn delighted us with her derrier. Anyone who ever watched her give head will know what I mean what I say that she is one of the greatest cocksuckers of all time. That said, it has been fourteen years since Ginger has been in front of the camera for an adult film. How does she hold up against today’s crop of porn stars? Is the magic still there? Does she still do that little thing with her tongue? The answer to these and many other questions lie beyond this opening paragraph, so without further…..(Shut up and start the fucking movie already.)

Ginger is a world famous soap opera actress. This gives her a chance to ham it up with some pretty silly (though not far off) soap dialog. She handles it well and the show is attracting an audience. One of the viewers is Chloe, a photographer with a great eye for more than just the perfect shot. When a lovely young thing, Mia Smiles, comes by to drop of some proofs, Chloe seduces her in record time. I really like Mia, (Even though the only words she ever spoke to me were to bag on my ‘Buffy’ T Shirt.) Chloe seems to like her thin body, small tits and ultra-inviting nipples. Normally, I would say that pairing a fragile young thing with a super nasty performer like Chloe would be unfair, however Mia has more heat and slutty energy than her innoncent looks convey. Chloe rocks Mia’s world, but the sexy Asian gives as well as she receives.

Ginger has been nominated for an armload of Emmys, but has yet to win one. She talks this over in a rather funny scene between she and Tina Tyler. As they play a game of strip checkers, the two women fire dialog back and forth that is laced with old movie dialog. Mark Ms. Tyler down for a non-sex pre-nom (To go along with her other pre-nom for DMJ6).

The game is over and it’s time for Ginger to don a black outfit and rock the house with her three co-stars. Alec Metro, Michael J. Cox and Chris Cannon can’t get their cocks out of their pants fast enough for the blonde superstar. Ginger looks like she never left, licking and sucking cock like the spectacular sword swallower she has always been. Taking on three guys in her first scene back may seem like a bit much, but remember, this is Ginger we’re talking about and I’d say the guys are overmatched here. After she sucks them all hard, Ginger fills the air with equal parts orgamsic moans and filthy dialog. They don’t treat her gently, fucking her hard, but still she demands more. More is what she gets when Alec moves in behind her to fill that gorgeous ass. She just can’t seem to get enough. Yep, this is the Ginger we all remember and love. No facials, but the guys cover her still real boobies. It’s too early to call anything the best scene of the year, but I can’t remember a feature film sex scene with this much heat in a long time.

Devin Wolf is a dentist with a difficult patient in his chair. Stacy Valentine doesn’t want a shot and does a little quick maneuvering to get the doc a bit tipsy on his own gas. (Actually not HIS gas, that would be sick.) How many times in the history of the world has a woman as good looking as Stacy had to drug a man in order to give him head? His dick responds nicely to her gernerous mouth, but why exactly is she hot for her dentist? For some reason being sucked by Stacy reminds him of his time with his pal Ginger. (Dude, thinking of baseball usually helps you hold out longer.) He ends up unloading his lust gun all over the little big tucked around Stacy’s neck. I wonder if she’ll remember to floss.

With the doctor gone, in walks nurse Raveness. A few tugs on the gas mask and she can’t keep her hands of the still horny blonde patient. The two women take full advantage of all of the fun parts they can find. It’s a little early for another g/g scene for my taste, but Raveness always does her best work with other girls and Stacy looks like a totally tasty piece of eye and tongue candy. Into the room comes chair repairman, Julian. After trying to focus on work for about two seconds, he finally gives in and starts lapping away on Raveness’ pussy. When she turns around and gets a look at his big cock, she deserts Stacy’s pussy and gives a brief blowjob. Her oral efforts are rewarded by a hard and fast standing fuck. After giving Stacy a quick bone, Julian unloads all over their racks.

Ginger is on a flight, sitting next to Sean Michaels. Finding the in flight feature a bit of a bore, Ginger drifts off into a dream filled slumber. Her fingers find their way down to her pussy for a rousing frig. As the lights come back up, Ginger lets Sean taste her cum, but wait, things aren’t quite normal. Flight attendant Juli Ashton is strutting down the aisle naked. After some cute dialog, Juli leaves Ginger alone to suck on Sean’s big cock. Even the incredible Ms. Lynn has trouble with this monster. Juli comes back to get a taste of Ginger’s well lubed pussy and even shoves a nice butt plug into her tight ass. Strapping on a big, black dildo, Juli then fucks Ginger’s other hole. Nice girl on girl fucking here, but poor Sean just sits back and watches while the blondes work each other over. After watching Juli royally finger fucked in the ass, he does drop a load all over Ginger’s tits. Sweet dreams are made of these.

At a gathering of old friends, including Chloe, Ginger is the big hit. She sneaks into a back room with John Decker and puts on a spectactualar dirty talking exhibition. Just hearing her talk about sucking his dick is sexier than half the blowjob scenes I will watch this month. Once she starts sucking, I think it’s time for all the nay sayers to shut their fucking mouths and just let the living legend do her thing. After some intense four finger fucking, Decker slips his cock into her hot hole, sliding it slowly in until his balls rest on her asshole. As her friends all do shots in the bar, Ginger takes deep strokes from behind. I love a women with her priorities in order. John finally drops a load on her sweet ass before rejoining the gang with a big smile on his face.

Devin staggers home from the bar and gets into bed next to Kylie Ireland. She’s got Scotty Schwartz asleep next to her, but is more interested in Devin. He may be passed out, but her mouth works wonders on his cock. In no time it’s throbbing in her mouth, but Kylie just keeps bobbing her head on his rod. She looks fantastic in this sexy little nighty. By the time Devin wakes up, it’s too late. His cock is inside another man’s wife (At least that’s my guess.) With Kylie riding your unit, would you protest? After a great ride, Devin turns her over and starts really plugging away on the beautiful babe in his bed. This is a great scene with Devin bowing a load all up Kylie’s front to close things out. Picking the wrong room has never been so fun.

Stopping by for a late lunch, Ginger joins Chloe in the tub and makes her fantasies come true. This leads us to a beautifully lit, romantic pairing between Ginger and Chloe. As we all know, lesbian scenes aren’t my thing unless there is something special about them. What works here is that Chloe seems as genuinely hot for Ginger as her character is supposed to be. (Ye
ah, it could be great acting, but I prefer to think that these two just want to fuck each other raw.) Appealing? You bet. Hell if every g/g scene had two total hotties sharing a double dildo this way, I might just change my mind about veggie scenes.

Devin is the only old pal left who hasn’t been inside Ginger and fear not, he’s next. As soon as Chloe leaves the bed to make a phone call, Devin dives between Ginger’s thighs and enjoys a late lunch. She returns the favor, swallowing his cock for a bit before giving his balls a serious tongue bath. As she ball licks, Devin jerks off all over himself. The scene doesn’t end there, as the understanding Ms. Lynn lets him have a second shot. This time he manages to give her the hard one for a while in a two position fuck before the unseen second pop.

You know, I was as scared as anyone that Ginger might disappoint in her comeback film. After all, not many performers have such a lofty legend to live up to. I imagine that’s why she leads off with the best scene of the film. Anyone who doubted she could still shine pretty much has to just shut up and walk away after the three on one scene.

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