Sweet Life Too




86 Mins.


Sin City




STARS: Shay Sweet, Tabitha Stevens, Linda Thoren, Shasta, Keri Windsor, April Valentine, Chuck Martino, Marc Davis, Pat Myne and Earl Slate.


I somehow missed Sweet Life part one, but in a brief dialog during the credits, Shay Sweet brings us up to speed. She just wants to get her hair done and the last time she ended up at a salon where all anyone did was talk about sex. A friend has recommended a new place and as the sexy blonde pulls her bright yellow Benz up in front, she’s just hoping for a day with no surprises. Sweetie, this is porn, you haven’t a chance in Hell.

The second Shay sits down to get a new do, the woman in the next chair, Shasta starts talking about how she wants two men. Her hairdresser Earl Slate whips out his meat and gives her half of the cock buffet she desires. Shasta is all right looking, but mostly, she’s just a hard-core slut and any time she gets near a hard dick, hot things start to happen. Shay watches in horror as the full lipped blonde gobbles and drools all over Earl’s rod. Since she wants two dicks, Earl calls in Pat Myne and now slutty Shasta has one in her mouth and one in her hand. With the oral out of the way, the men move quickly into position to DP the randy customer. Nice close up shots as the double fuck her for a while. Earl shoots a load onto her ass and lets Pat finish the job. She must really like his cock, because Shasta does some super hard bouncing before the fun is over. To finish things, she takes a shot right into her mouth and sucks down every last drop.

Getting away from all the sex, Shay is taken into a back room where Keri Windsor soon has her stripped down and enjoying the pleasures of another woman. These two blondes make a very attractive pair. Check out the smile on Keri’s face as she gets a taste of Shay’s sweet slit (Or Shay Sweet’s slit if you prefer.) Shay just looks fantastic. Her skin, her face, her pussy, and yes, even her new tits. She honestly looks like she must taste fantastic. Shay feasts on Keri’s pretty pussy as well. The highlight comes when Keri fucks the Hell out of Shay’s tight butt with a big vibrator. Nice looking scene between two very hot blondes.

Back in the main room, Earl has another customer, the gorgeous Linda Thoren, n his chair. This time, she comes right out and tells him that she wants to be fucked. You know, I’ve met Linda a few times and she’s never said that to me. I think I feel slighted now. Earl has a big cock, but Linda just takes it in her mouth and starts going nuts. I think someone forgot to tell Linda that women this beautiful don’t HAVE to be so damn enthusiastic and hot. (But we LOVE it when they are.) This is one of those blowjobs that is so hot, I wouldn’t mind seeing it just taken to the end, but Earl is in the mood for some sweet Swedish slit. After getting a mouthful of her perfect cookie, Earl slides his cock into her and immediately starts pumping the gorgeous Swede hard enoough to make her all natural boobs bounce about wildly. Not any men are lucky enough to fuck a creature this perfect, but Earl gets to do it while on the clock, lucky bastard. Linda fucks him just as hard when on top, but the best looking shots come in the standing doggy thanks to her incredible legs. Earl rewards her hard work with a great big load on her pretty face. (Dude, how did you sit there and interview this woman without shooting in your shorts?) [I had a big notebook that saved me from tons of embarassment.]

Shay finally makes her date with Chuck, but the bar is closing. They ask the bartender, Marc Davis, if he minds if they screw around a bit. He doesn’t mind at all, at least in part since he’s already got two chicks going at it behind the bar. Tabitha Stevens and April (Vivian) Valentine snack on each other just as Chuck makes a meal out of the luscious Shay. Too bad the scenes are interwoven because Shay does an amazing job deep throating Chuck’s cock and to leave this for a rather average lesbian pairing is nearly criminal. Even as the two women start going after Marc’s cock, I keep wanting to get back to Shay’s tight pussy being stuffed. She ends up taking a fantastic facial that really should have ended the movie. Instead, Marc keeps on fucking his pair of cuties until he has throughly porked Vivian in her tight asshole. Great A2M stuff here, but why not finish this before closing with your star?

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