Lil Women Go To Jail


84 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Harry S. Morgan
Eurotique/Astral Ocean
THEMES: Women in Jail, Lesbian Sex.
STARS: Marie Noelly, Laura Valerie, Agnes Thierry, Charlotte Stephie, Sabrina Darmon, Lydia Viam, Nadia Auburn.
They say that variety is the spice of life and so in the middle of our Lil Women month, we get this video, which takes the series down a new road. Like the other videos, this one stars a bunch of young Euro-hotties, however this time, they go it along. No guys along on this chicks in prison adventure. As you all know by now, g/g movies aren’t my favorite, but I like to give all types of films a look, just to be fair. (Besides, the lure of young Euro-hotties does it for me every time.)
Before we step into the walls of any correctional facility, we get a blonde and brunette couple ready to play. They are both quite pretty and dressed to thrill. The blonde sucks her girlfriend’s tits for a bit then breaks out a little two appendage sex toy. Within seconds, both lower holes on the busty brunette are stuffed with plastic. (So much for all that lame ass foreplay eh?)
Out on the street, the brunette is just trying to make a buck by turning a trick or two. It turns out the blonde is her pimp and things get rough when she catches the whore holding out on her. I can only guess that they split up, because we next the brunette trying to steal some jewelry. She is caught and propositioned by the leering store manager, but would rather go to jail than fuck him. Taken to jail and forced to strip in front of a circle of women who cheer as the guards give her a body cavity search. Don’t you love how she still has her heels and jewelry on?
After this little show, two of the girls are so overcome with lust that they just have to get intimate in the cell. Like all chicks in prison movies, this one stars women way too good looking to be in jail. Both of these women are pretty cute and the more attractive of the pair has on stockings and ear rings. I’m sure it looks a lot more like two porn chicks getting it on than two actual inmates, but I, for one, am glad for that. One of these chicks has a super hair muff, so guys who dig full pelt beavers may want to take note.
Our girl is thrown into the cell with these two labe lappers as they bask in the post pussy-party afterglow. They strip her down and decide she’s worth keeping. Now we have three women all going at it on a small bunk. The new girl is clearly the best looking of the trio and gets most of the attention. Like before, the actual scene doesn’t last that long, but the girls their business done quickly.
When the blonde pimp/girlfriend comes to visit our heroin, they manage a desperate make out/grope session through a little window. (What no naked boobs pressed up against the glass?) Since no one comes to stop them, they just keep right on going, breaking into a full fledged lap session right there. Short of the cash she used to get for her girlfriend’s ass, I’d say blondie is getting all the good stuff even with her gal in jail.
The store owner makes another appearance, this time threatening to have the blonde put in jail if our girl won’t cooperate. Long story short, we next see the blonde chick being stripped naked by guards and readied for her initiation into the behind bars bull-dyke association. The inmates seem to really enjoy watching her struggle as they finger fuck her openings. As before, the new girl is thrown into a cell where g/g sex is already going on. She is told by one woman to either get in on the fun or ignore it. After watching with a fourth cell mate for a while, she eventually decides to pair off and we get four chicks all making it in the same cell. They aren’t the best looking women in the world, but they all seem to love pussy and there is some anal vibe penetration for guys who like toys. Nice touch here as the women pull a strap on out a loaf of bread. The girls then use this fat toy to break in the new girl by bending her over the cot and fucking her blonde pussy.
One scene leads to the next as the women are carted off to the shower where all that naked flesh is too much to resist. Though the blonde bitch doesn’t like her girlfriend so easily fucking two chicks in the shower, there is nothing she can do. (I don’t know about you guys, but more narration wouldn’t have been bad in this movie, I have no idea what’s going on.) [Do you think that really matters?] Saddened, the blonde goes back to her cell and takes a handful of pills in an effort to kill herself.
Even this tragic turn becomes a sexual opportunity for the horny Lil Women. One of the women starts rubbing her prone body, trying to sexually stimulate back from the brink of death. The unorthodox treatment works and soon the two are going at it on the got like mad. See, with the help of porn, the medical world makes great advances. (Just think what they could do for plumbing and pizza delivery.)
To settle their differences, the two lovers have a pretty killer cat fight in the prison yard. I am still amazed the chicks behind bars can wear heels. No one really gets hurt and both women are thrown into solitary. OK, that’s not exactly true. They get taken away to be used as sexual playthings for the horny female guards. After watching over so much hot lesbian sex, these two guards just tear into the beautiful brunette and make her their sexual playground. This is some of the best action of the movie, with all three women just loving every second of it.
Out of jail, the two lovers finally work through their issues. It takes a reversal of roles to make the brunette stay, but once she does, it’s a blissful reunion, highlighted by a clit munching 69.
The women could be better looking in this movie, and some of the scenes could be longer, however the lesbian sex all seemed quite real and enthusiastic. If that’s what matters, then this film delivers. I kind of like the idea of an all girl movie in a prison, so I found myself missing the narration. There are a couple of women in this movie who are really cute and they carry the action for me. If you like European lesbian movies, then I’m sure you like it more than I did. However, since I don’t dig g/g movies, the fact that I didn’t hate this one should tell you a lot. Potential here, big time. I’m just not sure it works often enough.

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