Pornological 3




84 Mins.



THEMES: Sisters, Sex with Strangers, Anal Sex.



STARS: Sky, Petra, Charmaine, McKayla, Anastasia, Stryc-9, Leah.


I was really impressed with the last volume of Pornological and have definitely been looking forward to the next tape in this new series from Shane. While I like Shane’s World videos, Pornological seems to be more focused sexually. We never lose the fun outlook on sex, but for those of you like to get right to the action, there are less drunken party games and more hot chicks sucking hard dicks. As if I needed another reason to want to see this movie, Shane provides one by putting the always sexy Stryc-9 (Now going by Cherry Mirage) into Volume three. In addition to this personal fave, the cast includes a set of sisters who will both be getting down and dirty for the camera as well as Sky picking up strangers and jerking them off. Outstanding.

The first sister, Charmaine, hooks up with European stud of the year Andrew Youngman. He is quite thrilled to welcome her to the world of smut. This girl is a super cutie head to toe and Andrew nearly rips the shorts right off her sexy hips. Things move very rapidly and before you know it, Charmaine is on her knees sucking hard on his cock and balls. It’s always nice to see a woman this cute for the first time and have her actually seem to like what she’s doing. Thankfully, this is a long blowjob segment, with some nice two fisted stroke and suck action by the exotic little brunette. Up to the couch they go for some well shot spooning, that will keep fans of sexy legs happy. This is short lived, as is the reverse cowgirl. We get to doggy less than two minutes after the fucking begins. Once he has her on her knees, Young man slam fucks the new chick and she absolutely loves every second of it. To give himself a bit of a rest, Andrew lets Charmaine get on top and thankfully, she doesn’t slow down a bit. This cutie clearly loves to fuck and watching her fuck is a treat. (Especially as she rides, giving us a great view of her fine buns.) Finally, he pulls out and shoots on her flat tummy.

Petra joins Sky in the back of a limo as they hit the town. The idea is to pick up guys, jack them off and toss them out. It’s kind of funny to watch her try and convince guys that she’s serious. They finally find one guy who won’t let his face be shown. Dude has a big but and not much of a dick, but that doesn’t even slow Sky down for a second. He does shoot a decent load, really quickly all over his own leg. Pretty real and pretty hot. The next guy is far more aggressive, asking Sky to take her tits out and show them off. All we see of him is Sky fingering his ass, then it’s on to the next guy. The final guy gets spanked a bit, but Sky goes right after his cock, taking it into her mouth. This guy must be a pro. He’s got a big cock and seems right at home in front of the camera. Pro or not, it’s hot to watch this little nymph taking a fat cock in her mouth. Very hot 69 in the back of the limo and I swear is Sky pumped her fist any harder, she’d rip his dick out by the root. It’s a bit cramped, but they somehow manage to fuck pretty furiously in the back seat. The best action comes in mish, but the best shot when Sky is riding him. What a great fucking ass this girl has. Another shot on the belly moves us to the next scene.

Stryc-9 plays mentor to Anastasia. She gives a long lecture on anal sex. This totally fresh faced hottie telling us what she loves about anal sex and describing her gape ability is such a study in contrast that it’s very compelling. (and kind of sexy too.) Time for the fun to begin and with her little tank top so tight I can see her pulse, Stryc-9 starts sucking this guy’s lucky cock. It seems like she has to share every scene I have watched lately, but at least this time, Stryc-9 seems to be giving her new friend lessons. This little Texas girl is a born porn star and objectivity aside, I’d watch her in anything and be turned on. Anastasia is a pretty good dick swallowing slut as well, holding her own against one of porn’s hottest women. While the blonde takes a face ride, S-9 squats and fills her super tight pussy with his throbbing prick. Not to be outdone, Anastasia takes it from behind, slamming back against him so hard, her ass cheeks shake about like San Andreas Jell-O. Showing that she can practice what she preaches, Stryc-9 turns in a blistering spoon anal, declaring for my delighted ears that she loves that cock in her ass. Learning quickly, Anastasia takes deep, hard anal strokes. I somehow doubt if this is actually the first time anyone has fucked the blonde in the butt. No cum for Stryc-9, but she does do a short gape for your viewing pleasure.

Sister number two, Leah is ready for her cherry popping from Billy Glide. She can barely get her fingers around his fat cock, but Leah is determined. Nice eye contact from this pretty young thing, and she shows no fear at all. Clearly excited by her tight body, Billy moves in from behind and starts pistoning her pookie. For someone so young and tight, Leah seems to have no problems taking all of Billy with no discomfort at all. In fact, she seems to really like it, especially when he gets a little creative with the positions. (You guys try and name that position.) This sexy little thing is off to a very fast sexual start and if we are all very lucky, we will be seeing her on film a lot in the near future. Another pop on the belly to wet her whistle for bigger and better things.

Sky pairs in a scene with Trey Hunter, showing that she can fuck and suck in bed as well as she can in a moving car. Dig the big silly hate Sky has on as Trey shoves his big cock down her throat. She can stroke with equal ferocity and does just that, jerking him nice and hard in her tiny hands. Since this is an oral only scene, Sky puts everything she has into making Trey cum. Watching her head and hand work double time gives me two thoughts. First, that this is awesome porn and second, that I would absolutely love it if Sky would demonstrate these skills when we sit down for an interview. (Hey, it never hurts to plant a little seed now and then.) After the stunning blowjob, Trey jerks his load all over her flat belly. (No facials in this video apparently.)

McKayla is a pretty cute blonde who is on hand to give us her first on screen sex scene. They put her in a nice, generic hotel room and turn her loose. She is quick to take cock in her mouth and seems to enjoy the act of giving head. Foot fans take note, McKayla spends longer with the dick between her soles than her lips. Condom in place, the takes a seat on his rod and fucks him for all of thirty seconds before we cut to mish. Give the guy some credit, he really gives it to her hard, breaking in her wet pussy and making sure she feels every inch. She takes his load on her ass, closing out her debut scene.

Sky proves once again what a totally fun girl she can be in this video. The limo scenes were compelling, funny and damn sexy. Later, her blowjob scene knocks the doors off most all-oral videos I have seen. Watching the two sisters fuck is hot on a number of levels. Beyond being a couple of horny girls who are related, Charmaine and Leah are just sexy chicks head to toe. McKayla is a pretty hot first timer and Anastasia adds a lot to the video as well. However, as usual, Stryc-9 steals my attention and my hard on. She is just so fucking hot it’s unbelievable. Any movie with her in it is going to be worth a look. Thankfully, this one has a lot more as well. Other than the lack of facials, there is no reason not recommend Pornological 3 to everyone. Sexy fun for the whole family. (Well, only if you’re related to Charmaine and Leah, but you know what I mean.)

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