Asianatrix 2


131 Mins.
DIRECTOR: David Aaron Clark
Extreme Associates/Tom Byron Films
THEMES: Asian Women, Rough Sex, Bukkake, DP, Facials.
CONDOMS: None Notes
STARS: Sami Moon, Kasorn Swan, Teah, Jade Marcella, May Ling, Raiko.
Somehow, I missed the first Asianatrix video, but there was no way I was going to let the second one get past me. Not only does it have two of my favorite Asian porn hotties currently working, Kasorn Swan and Jade Marcella (Who actually never made it into the final cut but is still listed on the box), but it also stars Sami Moon. Though we haven’t been able to dig up any details, I am told that Sami actually did an appearance on Saved by the Bell. (Hey who knows, Liz Berkley, Lark Vorhees and Tiffani Amber might be next.) With David Aaron Clark at the helm, this movie is sure to take a much different look as Asian women than we have seen in the past.
Sami Moon kicks things off as a street wise little club girl looking to prove something to straight laced Tom Chapman. She takes him into an abandoned warehouse and encourages him to be bad. Sami has a cute little body and a rather pretty face, but I’m most impressed with her sexy talk. As she takes Tom’s cock in her mouth, she tells him how many guys she’s brought to this place. (Isn’t that every western guy’s fantasy, a cute little Asian woman who is a raving, cock starved slut?) With her blonde-ish hair and tattoos, Sami is exotic and sexy in that club rat sort of way. I know I want to fuck that sexy mouth of hers. He bends her over and starts fucking as Sami tells us over and over what a bad girl she has been. The harder he fucks, the louder she gets and we get nice shots of both her face and her shaved, stuffed pussy. Finally, after a great, hot talk filled fuck, Sami spins around to take a shot on her hungry face. Lick it all up bad girl, you love it and we love you.
Kasorn Swan is up next, wearing thigh high boots and looking like the perfect little Asian fuck doll. This long haired guy crawls up the stairs to get at her then licks her sweet little pussy until she screams and creams. In return, she treats his cock to a nice looking blowjob. I love this woman’s face around a cock, but she seems to like to spit and drool too much for my taste. His cock well lubed, Kasorn bends at the waist and gets nailed up against the wall. Feeling his oats, the guy makes her crawl around, begging to have his cock back in her mouth. Careful guys, this could make a lot of you fire of scuds at your screen. When he finally allows her to catch him, it’s time for that tight ass to get busted. Kasorn has to drop her butt down on his rod in some stunning RCA. This leggy slut knows how to use her sphincter to her advantage and nearly wears his cock right out. As this anal action comes to a close, we see that Tom is back, watching as Kasorn takes a wad on her tongue.
Tom’s wife, Raiko isn’t thrilled that he’s watching fuck flicks and runs from the room. In order to prove he still loves her, Tom makes his wife his little whore for the afternoon. Raiko isn’t as hot as the first two girls, but lovingly bathes his prick in her warm mouth, watching herself in the mirror as she does. After a very nice blowjob, she reacts nicely to his request that she crawl to the bedroom so he can fuck her ass. (What a wife.) She takes off her knee high boots and continues the scene completely naked. She may not be as wild as his warehouse girl, but Tom slips his prick into his sexy wife just the same. Looking a little bit like Alex Dane from a distance, she hops up and rides reverse cowgirl. Of all the women so far, she seems the most fake, as if every moan comes a half second to early. Sure she takes it in the ass, but the genuine heat of the other scenes is missing in this one.
Cute little May Ling runs into some serious trouble when she is directed into a dark warehouse. She looks young and scared so you can imagine what happens next. There actually isn’t as much brutality as I feared and pretty soon, the disgusted look leaves her face and May just starts sucking a quartet of hard cocks presented to her. May begs not to be fucked, offering her mouth as a substitute. Her mouth gets stuffed with fat cocks and she does an adequate job of taking of them all. There are some nice shots of the guys holding her upside down while she works her magic. Putting her on the ground, the guys watch as she plays with her pussy and begs for cum. Once the shots start raining down on her mug, it’s clear May doesn’t enjoy her mini-Bukkake treatment. (Something she confirms in some interview footage tacked on at the end of the scene.) Her face gets plastered with thick jizz, but she looks like she’s going to fucking puke.
Kasorn Swan comes back, this time dressed in a sexy little angel costume and ready to take on two guys at once. After Clark bags on the male talent quite a bit, he has this exotic hottie play with herself to get them going. The leggy Asian doll takes one cock in her mouth while Luciano goes down and starts lapping at her sweet slit. Obviously liking what he sees, the porn vet soon slides on up and lets Kasorn bob her head back and forth between the two boners. Again, she’s got too much drool going, but otherwise, this little hose beast is a treat to watch swallow sword. The guys are happy to take turns at first, filling her mouth and pussy, clearly to the delight of little Ms. Swan. She’s here to do a DP and that means some lucky guy gets to bust those tight buns. Kasorn has such a great ass, imagine how it looks stuffed full of hard dick. The DP doesn’t last very long, but we finish with both guys blasting loads all over her face. Damn, she looks good that way.
In the final scene, Sami is back with her girlfriend Teah. They are a little nervous about performing a g/g show for this ‘creepy guy’ in the other room. Clark plays the guy and does a great job of being slimy and scary. After firing some insults at the lingerie clad ladies, he has them play with themselves. Clearly, Sami is the more outgoing slut and looks pretty fucking tasty playing with the puffy little puss. Things get weird and just a bit ugly when Clark has the women threaten each other with knives while getting each other off. Fear not, this just serves as foreplay for a serious bout of dildo fucking as Sami makes her girlfriend scream with a big, blue toy. For those who like it a bit kinkier, she also uses some candles to drip wax on her writhing galpal. As a final round, he has Sami don a strap on and treat Teah like little sluts are often treated in Extreme movies. I have to give Sami credit, she knows how to take charge, talk dirty and fuck her friend nice and hard with that plastic prick. This is hot, nasty and spoogeworthy for sure. As a kicker, things go from hot to sick, but I’m not going to give away the final few moments, or the ‘killer’ ending.
This is definitely a movie with an edge to it. The final lesbian/knife/candlewax thing is a bit out there. There are two sexual standouts in this movie, Kasorn Swan and Sami Moon. Both are not your traditional Asian porn stars, but both kick ass in their sexual performances. Sami is a dirty talking girl who certainly seems to love to fuck. Too bad I couldn’t track her down for an interview. Kasorn is just one of the nastiest women to come along in a while and what a perfect face to shoot cum all over. The Bukkake scene was interesting, but the chick clearly didn’t dig cum on her face, so that didn’t work for me. Though I do want to see her again, because this pint sized little thing would make a fine prick cushion. More often than not, this movie delivers the goods, which, in the end, is what matters right?

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