Bootylicious 26 Raise Da Roof



98 Mins.
JM Productions
THEMES: Black Women, Lame Guys
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Desire, Sinnamon, Leilani, Chastity, Weed, Suave, Tony Eveready and Cuba
What exactly makes some one or some thing Bootylicious? Maybe having a great big, shortcake of a behind? Maybe being the sort of sweet dark chocolate treat that melts in your hand as well as your mouth? Whatever it is, I would say that at least a couple of the hot soul sisters in this video have it. And based on the JM tradition, I would say they’ll be giving it up to the brothers soon enough. I know I’m really looking forward to seeing cover girl Desire in action. What a rack on this honey.
We start out with a pair of real estate agents showing Tony Eveready and his pal a nice home. When the guy gets a call, he leaves his partner, Sinnamon, to close the deal. They quickly turn their attentions to her assets and the nasty little agent is more than happy to show off. She’s slightly below average looking, but still, the guys should get hard faster than they do in her mouth. By the time they do finally sport full wood, they have nearly stripped Sin of her clothes. That just makes it easy for them to get at her full asscheeks and smooth pussy. Tony comes up behind her while Sin now focuses all of her attention on the remaining cock in her face. This woman really does have some big butt cheeks and a very sweet looking pussy. Working slowly, but clearly letting her know who’s boss, Tony slides his cock up her tight ass and holds it there while Sin wiggles her hips, trying to engulf his member. (No one can accuse JM Productions of discrimination. The black dudes treat the sisters just like the white trash whores.) When even that isn’t enough, the guys fuck her together, stuffing her full of black meat. Sinnamon takes to anal sex like a real slut, cumming loudly as she gets her stool packed. The guys reward her efforts with a pair of dribbled shots onto her still glistening with post-orgasmic glee, face.
Chastity is up next. She and her boyfriend find a quite place to relax, away from the party. This super skinny woman has a very pretty face and is quick to go down on her large man. His goes from limp to throbbing in her skilled mouth. This is a long, wet and deep blowjob that is very well shot and has my full attention. This girl really knows how to suck a dick, no wonder her man took her away from the party. She strips off her tight red dress and hops on top of him, riding his cock like a champion rodeo cowgirl. Chastiy doesn’t look so skinny now, in fact her has a soft middle and a big butt. After letting her do the work for a while, the guy flips her over, throws a leg up over his shoulder and starts pounding her pussy with his modest member. Her long legs flail in the air as he continually stokes in and out. Only when it’s time for anal does he flip her over. We get some great close ups of the butt busting, but not nearly enough shots of her entire body mixed in for my taste. The RCA gives up a better look, and based on her smile, I’d say Chastity has no qualms about taking dork in her derriere. If there is a problem here, it’s that the scene starts to feel to long, like each shot is held two minutes longer than it should. We finish with a long, hard piledriver and A2M facial that plasters her eyes totally shut.
Weed is a rather strange character. Not content with just having the gorgeous Leilani suck his cock, he makes her do the WNBA ‘Raise the Roof’ movement while she does it. That odd bit aside, watching this girl suck cock is a treat. Of course, much of the action is obscured by her arms. Weed bends over this small breasted honey and gets a taste of her meaty pussy. He seems to enjoy it every bit as much as she does, staying down for a long time, fingering and licking her clit. With her fine backside already high in the air, Weed just raises up and starts pumping his meat into her flesh taco. He may be fucking her pussy, but his thumb drifts toward her ass, so you know she isn’t going to get away without having that big booty busted. Nice shots as she lies semi-flat on the bad and just arches her ass back to meet his hard strokes. Weed isn’t the biggest brother on the block, but he makes up for it by actually fucking, something that Leilani seems to really enjoy. For the ultimate roof raising, he knocks on that tight backdoor, filling her rather easily with his dong. This pretty thing acts like she could take a lot more and still be one happy ho. After much jerking off Weed is finally able to shoot a pretty good load all over her tightly close mouth.
Finally Desire comes home with her man, tired from the party, but still ready to get a little bit freaky. Her bikini top barely covers her awesome (and real) tits, but it’s her shaved coochie that gets the early attention. Her pussy is smooth and small, making it look about as tight as you could possibly hope for. Only after lapping at her labes for a very long time, does he stand up and let this picture of perfection place her lips around his rod. She doesn’t seem to mind too much that his cock is not only soft, but pretty small as well. Dutifully sucking away, Desire seems to be matched with a guy who just can’t equal her awesome sexual charms. Trust me when I say this sister deserves bigger and better. Once he finally gets sufficient wood, Desire bends over the couch and takes his dick quite easily. The best part about this position is watching how her awesome tits shake about while he goes to town. Someone toss me a list of movies this woman has been in, I want to see her in everything she’s done. The action should pick up when he goes the butt, but this guy has such wood problems, he can’t even really fuck her. Watching her tits shake is still nice and Desire has a sexy voice, however my mind just can’t grasp who this dude isn’t rocked at the very idea of busting these fine buns. A slightly better than average load on her pretty face saves the scene, but this is a huge waste of prime talent.
You know, with the exception of Desire and Leilani, the women in this movie fuck a lot better than they look. I suppose if you’re grabbing this movie, you’re more interested in big booties getting blasted by black cock than you are about pretty face. Of course, the guys in this movie just don’t seem up to the task. Nothing can ruin a potentially hot scene with a sweet sister faster than a fat dude with a limp little dick. How about pairing Leilani and Desire with some real studs (White, black, purple, it doesn’t matter to me.) and let’s see what they can do. Not a terrible effort, but far from the most Bootylicious on the market.

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