Whack Attack 5




108 Mins.


Extreme Associates

THEMES: Anal Sex, Two on One.



STARS: Stryc-9, Jewel Valmont, Cherry Lee, Malitia, Alana, Natasha, Alexandra Nice, Ashlyn Gere, Monique, Phyllisha Anne.


How could I go through a whole month featuring Extreme Associates movies without doing at least one Tom Byron flick? Tom’s stuff has gotten better and better and he is currently sitting atop the Rog Rankings for wall to wall smut directors. This time, the cast is packed with the sort of hot sluts that were born for the straight forward, no BS fuck and suck that has made Tom the Lord of Asses. (Check it out, Rog Top Twenty starlets Stryc-9, Alana, Monique and Alexandra Nice joining Ashlyn Gere in a flick. How can that not just kick ass?)

Before we get to the sex, we spend a good amount of time watching the Extreme gang at ringside of a wrestling event. I have long wanted to see Tom branch out and do some more of this on the road, gonzo type stuff with the Extreme team, but we get just a taste. Mixing the wrestling in between the sex would be an interesting idea for a movie maybe, but it’s time to bring on the sluts. Blonde cutie Alana joins Euro-slut Alexandra Nice for the first scene and after one of his usual MTV/pose down openings, the chicks take center stage. Luciano is the lucky guy who gets a taste of both women and he could look a little happier about the whole thing. He goes down on Alex while Alana rides her face. That gets the blonde firecracker nice and warmed up for the blowjob to follow. Both women are outstanding cock suckers and have a little deep throat duel on his dong. I think the real winner of this contest is Luciano (With the viewing audience also getting a treat in the process.) As hungry as they both seem for cock, the women attack his ass with equal gusto. If it’s chicks rimming guys that gets you off, welcome to Heaven. I prefer watching Alex get fucked so hard only a kiss from Alana can quiet her cries. When it’s the blonde’s turn to ride, Alex licks her asshole and spreads her cheeks. (Inviting me to come fuck that ass perhaps?) Alex’s ass is the first to get fucked and she is just an anal slut. Is it any wonder she has climbed so far on my list? Such an awesome anal would hard for anyone to follow, but Alana can buttfuck with the best of them. Luciano pounds just as deep into her ass and Alana cums every bit as hard. My friends, I’d say we have a tie in the anal slutlet contest for this scene. As such, it’s only fitting that he shoot a load across both faces.

Three girls share the spotlight next, which is fun for the guy, but I’ve got my first complaint. Stryc-9 must share the spotlight with Malitia and Natasha. Oh well, variety is the spice of life and side by side, my girl can still stand out in any scene. After they all pose for a bit, and the girls all compare tattoos, Tom tries to interview Natasha. She isn’t the easiest subject, but who wants to hear her talk anyway when Stryc-9 has a dick in her mouth? While we get a short POV blowjob (And how I long to have Stryc-9 looking up at me that way.) the other two girls get friendly on the couch. As I feared, there is too much going on to really focus on the object of my lust, however, as soon as Stryc-9 starts riding, we get some great butt shots. (Hey Tom, her ass is dying for a dick, you couldn’t have called me up for that?) Tom is either an incredible fool or the consummate professional, because he leaves the wonderful confines of Stryc-9’s pussy for the overly tatted, bored/bitch Natasha. (What Tom, do you hate yourself or something?) Realizing the errors of his ways, Tom moves right back to my girl when it comes time to start the booty busting. Malitia has some appeal to be sure, but Natasha looks like she wishes she were somewhere else. (On that I agree with her. I wish she were far away from this scene.) Tom lets all the women share his load, but only Stryc-9 is really worthy.

Jewel Valmont and Phyllisha Anne also share time with Lexington Steele. Jewel is really pretty and Phyllisha, though too thin for my taste, is quite a nasty little whore. Both women are quite impressed by his meat (They should be, his cock is bigger around than Phyllisha’s thigh.) but they don’t shy away when it comes time to take it into their mouths. You know, as good as this looks, there is only so much of his dick they can take. Wouldn’t it be great to see someone like Jeanna Fine try and swallow this fat stick? Since these are pretty small girls, Lex takes it easy at first, inching his prick up inside Ms. Anne a little at a time. Eventually, he is able to slide about two thirds of it into her. Jewel can’t take quite as much, but Lex is in a big hurry to try Phyllisha’s ass anyway. She is visibly having some trouble, but to everyone’s credit, the scene progresses slowly so as not to rip her open. I have to hand it to this little slutlet, she eventually rides on his big, black snake with a smile on her face. Jewel also takes him in the butt and screams for more, though I have a feeling that is more show than go. (Please Jewel, don’t change your rack, it’s nearly as perfect as Stryc-9’s) If anything, Jewel ends up taking more in her ass then her friend. A nice two face pop shot rounds out a scene that will leave you lovers of interracial anal drenched with sweat. (And stuff)

Speaking of interracial, we white boys get a little jungle fever action as Monique and Cherry Lee get together to rock Tommy’s world. First, the awesome Monique makes a meal of Cherry’s ample backside. This serves as just enough foreplay to get Tom ready to play. I can never tire of watching Monique suck cock and with Cherry on hand for some ball sucking, this is a first class black on white blowjob. After the BJ, the girls go down for some serious rimming. Maybe this feels great, but something about it just doesn’t look good to me. (Close up shots of Tommy’s A-Hole not doing it for Rog?) [Thankfully not] Monique is kind enough to let Cherry ride first, lending her tongue to any exposed body part that needs to be licked. (Damn Monique is a hottie.) Tom puts her on her knees and let’s Monique spread her own cheeks and back into his cock. Fucking A that shit his sweet looking. Cherry does anal, but once again, Monique just steals the show when it’s her turn. She slips into RCA and grinds those hips, showing us her sweet black slit and letting Tom pound away at her colon. The ladies finally share a well deserved facial. To recap, Monique fucking rocks!

Finally we get living legend Ashlyn Gere. She actually gives a pretty good interview, but what we’re all waiting for is her face around a hard cock. They talk an awful lot about anal, which won’t be her first, but assfucking from this star is a rare thing. Though she has been away for a number of years, it takes only seconds for Ashlyn to fall right back into hall of fame form once she gets his cock out. As always, her blowjob is intense with lots of eye contact. It’s just a bit too short. Fear not, they just shift positions for a 69 and so that Ashlyn can finger his ass while swallowing his cock. Tommy moves behind her for some spooning and it’s as if they’ve been fucking every day for a decade. These two just work well together. The effects get a bit heavy for a while in the middle of the scene, taking away from the lovely sight of Ashlyn, crab fucking Tom. (Wow, there has to be a better term for that position.) She is still super tight in the ass and he has to work his way up that snug sphincter. Once she is opened up a bit, Ashlyn climbs back on top and pumps her rump up and down on his prick until his balls press against her anus. The only way to finish off this first class ass fucking welcome back to porn? Why with a big facial cumshot of course. Opening up wide, Ashlyn takes her protein pudding like a superstar. Welcome back indeed.

Tom is still the very best and shooting straight ahead sex. His scene with Ashlyn Gere is a perfect example. As a performer, he brings out the best in women and that carries over behind the camera. If there is a problem with this video for me, it’s that having more than one woman in so many scenes, often creates a talent imbalance. The three on one scene is the perfect example. Stryc-9 is awesome, Malitia is all right, but Natasha sucked. (and not in a good way.) This doesn’t happen with Alex and Alana however. Their scene is fucking awesome. These two women can share my bed any day. Monique and Cherry did a great job together, as did Jewel and Phyllisha. Overall, this is exactly what we should expect and want from Byron’s work. Hot girls getting fucked in the ass with nothing to block our view. While not the best video in the Whack Attack series, volume five is still a far cry better than most stroke vids on the shelf. (Besides, you get to see Stryc-9, Alex, Alana, Ashlyn and Monique, what more do you need?)

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