Wicked Sex Party 2



OVERALL RATING: 5 (A movie for Orgy fans)

86 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Brad Armstrong



THEMES: Orgies, Big Sex Toys

CONDOMS: Yes (Company Policy)

1999 (2/99)

STARS: Stephanie Swift, Asia Carrera, Jill Kelly, Sydnee Steele, Chloe, Tabitha Stevens, Dolly Golden, Lauren Montgomery, Brittany O Neill, Sana Fey, Barett Moore, Kasorn Swan, Amber Michaels, Brad Armstrong, Mickey G, Jonathan Morgan, Herschel Savage, Randy Spears, Ian Daniels, Alec Metro, Eric Price, Evan Stone, Devin Wolf,



The last time Wicked got a bunch of horny boys and girls together and filmed it, the result was a very well shot, generally sexy wall to wall orgy. This type of action has never been my favorite. I end up feeling like a little kid with ADD is in control of the shots. All that moving back and forth ends up distracting. Of course, when you pack a cast with enough hotties, then the action moves from one good thing to another. Missing this time around is Serenity, who served as our hostess from part one. Taking her place is the always cuter than words can describe, Stephanie Swift.

The premise is the same, twenty three adult stars set loose with no scripts to get in the way. After a very short photo shoot, the first round of wall to wall fucking begins. The action moves from body to body, making it a bit tough to really give you a play by play. Amber Michaels is in the mix here and she looks fantastic getting her tits dick slapped. Of course as long as Chloe is in the room, it’s tough to notice anyone else. Stephanie is in there as well, getting a mouth full of pussy. Great 69 from Amber, who ends up stealing the show here. I’ll play student and teacher with this older hottie any day. (Dude, what is she, 30?) Check out Chloe being fucked by three dildos at once. How does she manage to make this so sexy instead of a freakshow act? Once Stephanie gets going on a hard cock, she shines like the sexy superstar she is. For those of you who really like orgy action, this is some very well shot sex with some great looking women.

From Stephanie, the action flows to Asia Carrera, who looks simply stunning. As she mounts Mickey G for some 69, he seems to be having a bit of trouble rising to the occasion. Maybe he was just trying to make her work a little harder. Sadly, they switch quickly and he starts fucking her. I guess they were trying to catch up to all the others. He pulls out and douses her belly with ball batter, allowing her to move on to the next guy. Hey Star Wars fans, check out the light saber they use to fuck Amber in the ass. My goodness, that’s a big pole. Nearby, Asia has another dick in her mouth, and this one is hard as a rock. Nice to see the camera stay put as she does a wonderful job with her mouth and hand. (Hey Asia, when is it my turn for some of that?) Once the metal rod gets taken out of her ass, Amber takes real cocks at both ends, again, putting herself in the limelight with her awesome bod and intense sexual appetite. A facial for Chloe closes out the first round of group fucking.

A new batch of talent arrives and the monstrous bed is prepared for more fun and frolicking. This time around, one of my new faves, Kasorn Swan is involved, so she has my attention. Stephanie hooks up with Jill Kelly and rides her face while she devours Alec Metro’s cock. God, I love watching Steph give head, it’s truly beautiful. Asia is also on hand, riding Herschel Savage so hard, I can only think that she is trying to send him to an early grave. Throughout all of this, my exotic little honey Kasorn is being left out of all the good stuff. (See why I don’t dig orgy scenes?) Nice Tabitha Stevens blowjob here, including the great hand action she is famous for. It earns her a nice facial. Amber has made her way back in as well and is treating Brad Armstrong to a super fine suckoff. Sadly, in the middle of the fuck, Sydnee Steele comes over and fucks it up. Just let this hottie go it alone next time. Even while Amber is being fucked in the ass, there is Sydnee, sticking fingers in and getting her mug in the way of a great shot. Hey, there is Kasorn, wisely sticking close to Stephanie and licking her awesome nipples as Ian Daniels fucks away on her tight pussy. Guess who ruins it again? Dammit. At least Kasorn gets a facial at the end.

Round three sees Stephanie playing moderator, moving around the mass of fucking flesh and interview the babes as they get boned. Am I the only one dying to see the director just pull one of these chicks aside and shoot a scene from beginning to end without cutting away. Sana Fey has captured the attention of Randy Spears and gets fucked nearly hard enough to make those huge hooters fall off. (OK, maybe not that hard, but I swear I saw those puppies move.) Stephanie abandons her interviews so she can be fucked by a blond pretty boy while Tabitha is still hard at work showing that her hands and deep throat could make any man very happy. Once Steph gets her guy off, she and Tabitha share Armstrong’s dick in a great looking double blowjob. Love the shared cumshot here. Everyone pretty much fucks until they drop from here on out.

As I said going in, orgy scenes generally leave me flat. However, I do hear from people who want to see more group gropes. For you folks, this is going to be Heaven. The cast is outstanding, with a few exceptions. There is a little bit of every kind of action here, vaginal, g/g anal, even some facials. Even with my aversion to orgy scenes, there are some stand out performances. Stephanie Swift is great as a moderator, and even better in her sexual action. Asia Carrera, Chloe, Kasorn Swan and Tabitha Stevens give the kind of hot performances we have come to expect. A wonderful surprise comes from Amber Michaels who is a sexual superstar waiting to happen. WSP2 is a great orgy movie to be sure, and even if you don’t like orgies, there is enough individual heat to make it worth a look.


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