Lil’ Women Groupies


80 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Harry S. Morgan
Eurotique/Astral Ocean
THEMES: Groupies, Cheating Wives.
CONDOMS: None Noted
Since the Lil Women are one of the featured lines on Rogreviews for this month, I get to watch the darling LW’s for a second time in less than a week. We are working our way forward in this series, with a new one due near the end of the month. As usual, I have no clue who these babes are, but I’m sure at least half of them will catch my eye. Not sure about how much the plot will have to do with groupies, but I’ll try and fill you in from time to time. (In between fawning all over the little Euro slutlets that make LW such fun to watch.)
Margo sits with her blonde friend on the couch, pissed off that her husband went on tour with his band without her. They quickly decide that it’s about groupies, so the women decide that while their cats are away, these mice will play. We cut to the guys and it looks like they are right about one thing, the guys are looking to score.
The first action comes when a redhead goes down on a guy in a jeep. She is little soft around the middle. (The tight pants make it worse.) but has a very cute face and nice tits and thighs. They hop out of the car for a very quick fuck on the hood that ends with a nice shot on her pretty face. Red laps up all the cum, making me hope she will make a return engagement later.
Back at home, the wives are using their charms to get some information from some guy. (I think they want to know if the groupies are with their men.) Whether he has the info or not, the women seem to want to pump something from him. Both these ladies are big breasted blondes who have a few miles on them. They both seem to suffering from a lack of hard dick in their diets as well. We keep cutting back to the band performing, which I never like, but in between these two older blondes put on a fucking clinic. The harder this guy plows them, the louder they get. Watching these leggy blondes get porked is great, but the cut aways to the club are a real distraction from an otherwise highly strokeworthy scene. As it is, keep your finger on the scan button so you can skip over the band and just watch the two blonde sluts take turns using this guy as a breathing sex toy. Love the reverse cowgirl. I swear this chick is getting airborne. No anal for this pair, but they do a great job jerking this guy into their mouths, sharing is creamy cock cargo.
One of the band members hooks up with two VERY cute groupies and takes them into the kitchen for some boom boom. At first, the cook seems to object, but once he realizes he can watch these two hotties go to work, his objections fade. The first girl is quite eager and slides up on the butcher block for some spoon fucking while her friend hovers around trying to get in on the action. Great close ups of her hot puss as she goes RC, driving her ass down into his body to get every inch of meat. All his attention is on this girl, so another guy has to come in to give the second (Slightly less adorable) brunette something to suck on. Now both couples fuck side by side on the block while the cook keeps cutting veggies. After a long fuck, the guys switch partners just in time for the first guy to fire a very big load on girl number two’s mug. His friend follows suit, firing his seed all over the pig tailed cutie’s pretty face. I just wonder why the cook didn’t break him off a little piece of that.
We move now to a pool, where a busty blonde in a yellow swimsuit is being served a drink. She eyes the older waitress and without a word strips off her clothes. She eyes the woman as if buying a slab of beef. She must like what she sees, because the yellow suit comes off. Both women are carrying a bit of extra meat on their bones, but if it’s big tits you like, these ladies have plenty to share. The waitress seems to not even be touching her new friend’s pussy with her tongue, but the lounging chick is very into clam smacking. She munches the older woman’s muffin and even pulls a string of pearls from her love cave.
This waitress may not be much to look at, but she sure is popular. One of the guys approaches her and has his cock in her open mouth in no time. After a very quick blowjob, he bends her over for an even shorter fuck. At least the facial is nice and this chick gobbles up cum no questions asked.
Two of the band members are so bothered by the attention they receive that they only leave their hotel while wearing these ridiculous disguises. That doesn’t work and they get chased into the hotel by a mob of screaming girls. (Don’t you hate it when that happens?) The groupies chase the guys all the way up into the mountains before finally corning them. Then they must face the horror of having a whole group of lovely ladies ravaging their bodies. There is so much action going on here, I couldn’t possibly cover it all. Suffice it say the women in this group grope are all pretty hot looking. There are a couple of really sweet looking, big titted babes in the mix. How can three guys keep this man chicks happy? Who knows, but they plug mouths, pussies and asses until the girls finally get a taste of rocker cock cream. Nice facials all the way around.
The thing that strikes me about this movie is the lack of hot young babes. Usually, there are more hotties in a Lil’ Women video than there are bald spots on Ed Powers dome, however this time, the ladies are a bit long in the tooth. With the exception of the kitchen scene, most of the action is carried by older or less attractive women. During that one scene however, things are more than a little bit hot. Too bad most of the other cuties are somewhat wasted in the big group finale. The two older blondes do a pretty hot three way fuck, but this movie just comes up short. There are much better volumes in this usually impressive series.

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