Still Insatiable


140 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Veronica Hart
THEMES: Politics, Interracial Sex, Older Women.
STARS: Marilyn Chambers, Juli Ashton, Kylie Ireland, Stacy Valentine, Julian, Nikita, Vicca, Chloe, Tyce Bune, Steve Hatcher, Jack Garfield.
There are so many different angles I could use during this open. The comeback of Marilyn Chambers is, along with the return of Ginger Lynn, by far the biggest story in porn so far in 1999. She is clearly one of, if not the top female performer in porn history. Her career has spanned an incredibly long time. On a personal note, I have always been a big fan of Marilyn. In fact, before I could even watch movies, I used to love it when people would rent ‘Insatiable’ just so I could stare at her ass on the box cover. Now, I don’t expect her to look like she did fifteen years ago. I have seen some other critics make a major issue out of that. I have also seen some critics ignore it and just score the film on it’s nostalgic value. I’m going to do like I always do, shoot from the hip, (Bad visual there Rog.) try not to let my long time lust for Ms. Chambers get in the way of my duty to the readers and give you the most honest at this film you’re likely to get anywhere.
Marilyn plays an uptight Senator from California, intent on wiping smut off the face of the earth. I’m not sure if Barbara Boxer or Dianne Fienstein every looked this good and I know Tipper Gore (Who is most like this character) pales by comparison. How does Marilyn look? Older, and certainly heavier around the middle, but still with a very pretty face and quite enticing in her push up bra. As she travels from one speech to another, the Senator decides to pop one of her visual aids into the limo VCR. She gets an eyeful right off the bat as Chloe is hard at work making every prick in America stiff and sore with desire. She is putting on a live show with Steve Hatcher for the anxious eyes of some lucky voyeurs. Chloe reminds me a lot of Marilyn, in that she gives SO much in her performances, it is hard not to love her on film. As she lies atop Hatch in 69, Chloe stares right into the camera, as if willing every cock watching to full attention with some porn star Jedi mind trick. After screaming at him to tongue fuck her ass for a while, Chloe spreads her thighs and invites Steve to slam her pretty little puss. All the guys watching must be quite jealous watching her spur him on with hot talk. Even when he goes back door, she yells at him to fuck her harder. There are fewer things sexier than hearing Chloe calling out for more cock. Even the buttoned up Senator has to be turned on by this awesome display of anal debauchery.
Actually, it does turn her on and we watch as Marilyn pictures herself in a romantic bedroom, practicing the art of self love. There is quite a bit of soft focus used her and they keep Marilyn’s middle covered, but she still seems to know her way around her pussy. And an inviting pussy it is too. This scene is a bit on the soft side for me, but she still sounds so sexy, I want to jump right in there and replace those probing fingers.
Flustered by her own lusty thoughts, the Senator finds her next big fundraiser a bit difficult to get through. It seems those porn tapes are getting to her. Something has apparently gotten to limo driver Stacy Valentine as well. She can’t keep her hands from wandering down between her legs as she waits for the Senator. We keep cutting away from a very nice looking solo scene to listen to the voices of the anti-porn folk, who now are starting to sound silly to the Senator.
At home and overcome with her growing lust, the Senator puts the moves on her young bodyguard. (Julian) After actually asking if she can suck his cock, Marilyn drops to her knees and takes his meat between her lips. She still has that sly look in her eyes, part tease, part total slut, that always make me want to just jump on and go to town. (Which, I believe, is the whole point.) Julian does just that, mounting his boss and driving his massive prick into her pussy. Veronica Hart is very careful how she shoots Marilyn, making sure we see her from the best angles. She seems as enthusiastic as ever, especially when he drills her from behind. Marilyn’s best sex scene ever? Of course not, but not bad at all.
Her newly awakened sex drive can’t totally stop the Senator’s censoring ways. She shows a concerned group of women some smut, but can’t help herself when she sees the fun Nikita and Vicca are having. Her aides seem a bit concerned by the changes they see in the Senator. Stacy lets it slip to Juli Ashton that the Senator is getting it on with Julian. This leads the two into a steamy embrace with Stacy playing the more aggressive woman and Juli being the sexy shy girl. This scene if for people who really like, soft, pretty girl lesbian scenes. I have seen both women be more energetic, but as feature g/g scenes go, this one is still pretty watchable. (I am liking Stacy a lot more of late.) They both seem to be quite into each other and that always makes these scenes easier to enjoy. Some very nice anal dildo play as Juli takes it in her tight little butt.
The Senator is certainly loosening up a bit. She even watches a porno movie with her boytoy Julian. On the TV comes a scene between Tyce and VCA’s Euro-babes Nikita and Vicca. I’m a lot more attracted to Vicca, the fiery redhead, but having both of them suck my dick wouldn’t be terrible. Even though Nikita does all the sucking, but he still goes after Vicca’s slit first. (Must taste mighty good.) While Julian and Marilyn watch, Tyce fucks both women, even nailing Nikita in the ass while her friend laps at her clit.
The movie must have done its job, because Marilyn is out on the prowl. It takes some convincing, but she talks Julian into picking up a couple of guys, Mr. Marcus and Julian St. Jox for her. While they think over the offer, one of her other aides (Kylie Ireland) is busy keeping the press off the trail. By offering her sweet snack, Kylie is able to keep the Senator’s secret affair just that. (Don’t you know Bill wishes he had such a dedicated staff.) I like the semi-short haircut Kylie is sporting and she looks hot in her lingerie, delivering a nice blowjob. The guy lays her out on the kitchen counter and manages to deliver a pretty solid mish fuck. (Nice to look at here for sure.) There is some pretty lighting making the seem rather couples-oriented for a time, but watching Kylie take it in the butt sends some mixed signals. Oddly enough, as we get close ups on the anal, I can’t help but notice just how sweet her pussy looks. A pop shot on Kylie’s ass and the Senator’s secret is safe.
Marilyn has a deeper secret she may need to keep quiet at some point. Just as Kylie is saving her, the Senator it enjoying Marcus and Julian as they feast on her breasts. It’s kind of fun to see her play shy at first, but once Ms. Chambers gets her mouth around a cock, it’s game over on the timid bit. She is all over Julian’s cock while Marcus takes her from behind. She still knows how to talk dirty and hearing her purr “It’s so big baby” just brings back so many memories. With one cock at both end, Marilyn seems right at home, taking them both quite enthusiastically. Proving she is still insatiable, Marilyn even takes it in the ass. An interracial anal Senator? Now that would be hard to beat. After both guys unload on her tits, Marilyn sucks ever last drop of cum from their cocks.
In classic porn style, the Senator’s aides all think up a way to keep the heat off their woman. They all hop into bed together. Juli, Kylie and Julian all surround Marilyn and start working her over. Juli quickly moves in on Julian’s big cock and watching her pass the pole between her mouth and Kylie’s is pretty damn hot. Marilyn does a lot of pussy eating during the early going here, letting her aides get pumped full of cock. Not wanting to be totally left empty, she does share a double d
ong with Juli while Julian fucks Kylie from behind. (She looks really fine in doggy style these days.) After fucking each of the women for a while, Julian unloads, mostly on Juli’s belly.
So in the end, what do we have? We have Marilyn Chambers making a comeback to porn. I suppose your reaction to this film will depend on three things. First, if you liked Marilyn to begin with. Second, how you feel about a woman over fifty with a bit of extra weight around her middle? And finally, how do you feel about feature porn and the sex that goes with it? As I mentioned, I have always been a big fan of Ms. Chambers, so there are times in the film when all that comes flooding back. She is still a great cocksucker and seems as enthusiastic as ever. Granted, she is older and heavier than in her classic performances, but comparing her to eighteen year old anorexics isn’t really fair. She certainly looks a whole lot better than Seka did in American Garter. As for feature sex, the Chloe scene is hot, period. Stacy, Juli and Kylie also provide sex that is hotter than in the average feature. (I am really starting to like Stacy and Kylie a lot more of late.) What about Marilyn’s scenes? Her solo is very tame stuff, but the three way interracial fuck is pretty steamy. Watching her suck Julian’s cock is probably the sexual highlight here. So, if you’re looking for something with nostalgia, couples friendly sex and a simplistic little plot, (Censorship is bad mmmkay?) then you have everything you need. From my end, I am glad to see Marilyn can still outfuck two thirds of the heroine-chic tattooed freak girls who pass as porn stars. Now, I want to dust off my copy of Insatiable and re-watch every volume of Marilyn Chambers Private Fantasies.

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