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Tom Byron The Retirement Interview - Tom Byron's Movies
August 2002
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Iím sitting here with Tom Byron once again and this time there is a big announcement. We are here to talk about your retirement from performing. Youíre still going to direct though right?

Yeah, if you can call it directing, Iím still doing that. Iím still doing my little thing behind the camera.

So we will still have Whack Attack movies and Lord of Asses movies?

No Lord of Asses. That one is dead. Who else is going to be the Lord of Asses? The whole thing with that line was me with the girls.

You could pass the baton on to someone else.

If I were to do that, it would be with Mark Davis. I already call him the Sultan because he lives with a bunch of girls like a harem.

Will you put him in a turban to cover that dome?

Whack Attack 9

He looks like Stone Cold Steve Austin. I just call him Stone Cold Mark Davis.

You had mentioned you were doing Black Attack.

Itís the same thing as Whack Attack, but with black ladies.

What else are you working on?

I might do something called ďAsshole Behind the Camera.Ē Itís in developmental stages right now, but itís more of a true gonzo. The staged gonzo thing like Seymore Butts or Buttman. It gives me a chance to avoid doing those montage things which incidentally take longer to edit than the whole scene. I want to get away from that. Thatís my signature and all, but they are really time consuming.

There is also a hole in that market right now. Seymore and Buttman arenít shooting very often.

True gonzo to me is just turning the camera on and letting things happen. All the stuff in other gonzo are too contrived for me. Those things arenít really happening.

Those things arenít real?

Lord of Asses


Why did you choose now to step aside?

Twenty years is a good round number. I am ready to collect my pension. Why now? Because I want to and I can. Iím 41 years old, I have arthritis in both knees and my back. I read something on the internet where someone said that I looked like I was just going through the motions. To an extent, they were right.

Are you bored?

I wouldnít say bored overall. Iím bored with the process of fucking in front of the camera. Getting through the scene from point A to point Z yes, that bores me. The first ten minutes of the scene are the best. Thatís when the newness and the freshness are there. From then on, youíre just accumulating footage. You know you have to fill time and that became my mindset over the last couple of years. It just wasnít healthy to be in that mindset. I also donít like the idea that my entire value is my penis. If I want to get laid, I can get laid any time I want. Now if I want to have a relationship, I can pursue that in a more realistic fashion.

Did you avoid relationships in the past?

Itís just not realistic for a woman to let you go off and fuck a whole bunch of girls or hold off fucking her because you have a scene the next day. It just doesnít work. There are things I want to pursue outside of this. In the business arena people look at you different. They donít take you seriously as a businessman if you fuck on film. I never understood what company owners went through. When I was working for other people as an actor I was the biggest fucking prick on the planet. I want to apologize to every person out there who I caused endless grief. You just donít realize what a company owner goes through. The talent gets theirs first. After they get paid, the box people get paid, the duplicators and then the distributors get the product on terms. In the adult business, thirty days means they pay whenever they feel like. Finally, the owner gets his. You also live with the constant fear that vice or the FBI may come storming through your door. There is also the competitiveness. Everyone is trying to fuck you. Itís a business of thieves and fools. But itís fun for me. I thrive on that drama. I love looking at a crisis and figuring out how to work all that out. I like meetings. I like when someone comes to me with a great idea or when they come to me with a stupid idea and shooting it down. Thatís fun to me.

So you have other things you want to focus on now.

Yeah. I always said that I got to the point where it wasnít fun to fuck on camera, that I would stop doing it. I want to go out when Iím looking good too. I donít want to overstay my welcome and be one of those guys who doesnít know when to leave. I donít want you to see my hair turn white or my balls drop to my knees. You ainít going to see my body fall apart on camera. Fuck you, it ainít happening.

On that note, is there anyone you would like to see follow you out the door?

Come on, Iím not going to say anything. Everyone knows who they are. I just saw Ron Jeremy on the E True Hollywood story. If you look at pictures of him then and compare them to now, you get the idea.

What was your last scene?

Whack Attack

The last scene I completed or the one where I got half way through and decided I didnít want to do any more?

The last complete scene first.

The last complete scene I did was with Nikita Denise, who is my current favorite girl in the business and this British chick Kinky. Thatís from Whack Attack 16 and it was fun.

Did you do one after that?

Yeah, but I stopped at the beginning. It was for Black Attack and the whole thing is documented on www.generossextreme.com Itís a scene with Kitten and I had some anxiety going into it. I hadnít worked in two months before this scene. I knew that this was coming for the last year so I had taken a couple of months off. The idea was that maybe I would come back fresh, but it just wasnít the same. Five minutes into the blowjob I was thinking that I want to fuck this girl but I donít want the camera there. That was it. We were at Mark Davisí house because they go out and I had Monique scheduled to do a scene with Mark later in the day. I ended up getting a phenomenal scene with the three of them. That just cemented my position that it was time to go. Davis is the King.

Are you passing the torch?

Heís been on top for a long time now. The fact that heís never won Performer of the Year from AVN or XRCO is a fucking joke because there ainít nobody who can hold that guyís jockstrap. Iíve used almost everyone in the business and I include myself. I donít know if heís better than I ever was, but heís damn good. He is the total package. He can mac the girls, they love the British thing. I can put him on auto pilot. All you have to do is just shoot him. I shot this guy Dale DaBone, who is a good looking guy, a dick that works and Iíll use him again. But when I was shooting him, he kept looking at me for direction and telling me ďIíll do it like this.Ē Man, donít tell me, just do it. Using Davis and Lee Stone, Iíve gotten really spoiled. I want to expand my list of guys now as well. I want to see who is out there.

It doesnít sound like youíre going to miss performing very much.

No. Iíve been doing this for twenty years, non stop. I didnít take a fucking break and Iíve done more than anyone else. The longest break I had was two months. It became time to move on. If I miss it, I can throw myself into something. If Iím shooting and my dick gets hard, who knows. Never say never. I donít want to be the comeback kid. Iíve given up performing, I havenít given up sex. I donít want to have to cheat my body for the camera any more.

Now that the performing days are done, who is the very best youíve had on camera?

This is the question that everyone asks me. Nikita Denise, Jessica Darlin definitely. These are girls that no matter how many times I work with them, I canít wait to fuck them again. I liked Tanya Foxx a lot. Careena Collins was fun even though we were friends so it was weird. Come on Rog, throw some names out and Iíll tell you. Who do you like?

You did great scenes with Ginger.

OK Ginger, yeah. Ginger and Traci go without saying, they were fantastic. I never got the whole Amber Lynn thing. To me, she was a Ginger wanna be.

Amber Lynn looked good.

In your opinion. I didnít get it. She had a nice body, but her face wasnít all that and her attitude was horrible.

What about Christy Canyon?

She was fun. During the whole Traci era there was a lot of competition. I kind of hung out with Traci. The best scene I ever had with Christy was in ďThe Woman in Pink.Ē I was really tired, but that was one of my best scenes.

What about Stacy Donovan?


I loved working with her because she was so full of shit. She would always say that she hated the sex and I took it as a challenge. I would always try to get a real emotion out of her. I would get her lost and start feeling it and Iíd whisper ďgot ya.Ē She was great. She was a fucking rat, but she was great.

We covered the rest in the other interviews, but Nikita Denise has shot up there recently.

Look at her man, her ass has gotten nice and big perfect and her face is great.

Is her ass as big as Jewel DeíNyleís?

I donít know, does Jewel have a big ass? I have no heat with Jewel, thatís girlie bullshit. I like Jewel and I love Looch. I was sorry to see him go. We taught him everything he knows so there is a little bit of pride there. I still wish he was here because it made my life so much easier to have him as a performer and cameraman.

You mentioned Mark Davis and Lee Stone, who else are you going to use in your movies?

Iíll use Dale DaBone, Iíve used Tony Tedeschi. He is a cool guy. I used to hang out with him on set, heís funny. His fucking balls are disgusting though. Iíd say that if he was right here with us. He has big turkey neck balls that just hang down. It kind of creeps me out. And two words Tony, tanning salon.

Heís going for the natural look.

Natural? Dude, I was shooting him with Sierra and you canít balance that. You canít light it. Itís a good scene though, they both have great energy.

Did Viagra play a part in you sticking around for the past couple of years?

Yeah it did. I love that shit. It kept me going. I was ready to go when that shit came out. You know what else it does, it makes your cum thicker. The cumshots are a lot thicker and whiter lately. Itís another added benefit to the little blue wonder pill. The bad part is that it gives you the worst fucking heartburn and your vision gets a bluish tint. I would never need it at home, but to get through that forty minutes of a scene. Itís also great if youíre in a Brazilian whorehouse and youíve had a few too many.

So you donít have a problem telling people you use it?

No. You know, these jerk offs who say they donít use it or look down on guys who do, fuck you. These are the guys and Iíll pick this guy because Iíve heard him on the internet, Kyle Stone. This guyís dick is never really hard to begin with. The mother fucker could use Viagra. When the girls whine that they want a guy who is really turned on to them, fuck you too.

Are those girls not using lube?

Exactly, fuck you too. You donít have to sit around with a bunch of goofy guys holding lights and whatever friends of the director have come to watch and still get a hard on. If there is anything that helps you get through the scene, short of putting a needle in your dick, go for it.

That stuff came before Viagra and some performers used it. Did you try that?

No. I donít even like getting the AIDS test, I hate needles. Why would I stick a needle in my dick? Nothing against someone who would do that, but I would give up sex before I stick a needle in my dick.

Back in the 80ís when you were starting out, there was a much smaller pool of male talent. The reason given for that was always that only a handful of guys could actually do the job. Has Viagra changed that?

Of course it has. More guys can do it, but itís more than that. Back then it was much more underground and quasi-legal. Vice cops followed us around and there was a very tight circles of guys. You needed to be sure that they werenít going to do what Stacy Donovan did. That factored into it as well. You didnít know who some new guy was. There was suspicion when I got into the business.

If you had to throw out a percentage of guys who are using, what would it be?

I have no idea. I know Davis doesnít use it because he was asking me all sorts of questions about it. I donít think Lee Stone does, but I really donít know. I donít want to mention names of guys who do because thatís up to them.

Enough with the Viagra questions.

Yeah, this is becoming a commercial for fucking Pfizer.

Maybe you could be the next spokesman for Viagra.

Yeah, fuck Bob Dole.

Whatís next for Tom Byron?

Iím going to take a piss and then Iím going to go on my computer and then shoot a scene.

Sure, now youíll be a smart ass, but I couldnít get a single comment on Jewelís ass.

Whatís wrong with Jewelís ass?

Nothing at all. Iíll ask Veronica later.

There you go. Thatís a girl fight. I like Jewel. I like everyone except Patrick Collins. Heís a jerk off.

Why donít you like Patrick?

Because he wonít get over it. To this day he holds a fucking grudge. We made it in spite of everything he said when we left and thatís it. I could give a fuck what he does, but he is still obsessed with us.

Are you going to become more involved in the XPW?

Iíve always been involved, I own half the fucking company.

Are we going to see you in front of the camera more?

No. Iím not good in front of crowds. I co-hosted the very first show and as soon I walked out there, they started booing me. Fuck that, I donít need that shit. Even at the awards shows, I hate being up there. I say my little piece and get the fuck off. Unless Iím really loaded like I was at the Adult Stars Magazine Awards. I was busting balls that night. I do some stuff behind the scenes, but wrestling isnít my thing. I like to do my thing and do it better than anyone. If I canít be the best at something I lose interest. That is part of the reason for this retirement. Iím not the best at it any more. I pass the torch to Luciano, to Lee Stone, to Mark Davis. Let them carry it until the next guy comes along.


Do you have a timetable in mind for when you might quit behind the camera work?

I donít know. That makes me a lot of money. I save a lot of money when Iím shooting my stuff. Those are the big money makers.

So for the foreseeable future, this is what youíre going to be doing.

For the most part yes. I am have also taken over the supervision of our DVD department. People on the internet have been saying that quality of Extreme DVDs sucks. I am here to say that they are right. We had some serious quality control problems and weíre doing what can to correct that. We realize this is the medium of the future and weíre not out to disappoint our customers. Every duplicator in this business is a scumbag. They either donít give two shits about QC or they are stealing from you. We are bringing all this shit in house and people are going to see a difference. I am reading, I do hear what youíre saying and we are responding the needs of our customers.

Anything else to add?

Fuck no, I have to piss.

All right then.