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Jules Jordan Interview: January 2007

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Jules Jordan 2007 (: Jules Jordan is the reigning King of Gonzo Porn. Over the last decade he has built a body of work that is second to none. After years with Evil Angel, Jules went out on his own in 2006, forming Jules Jordan Video. (www.JulesJordanVideo.com) During the 2007 AEE in Las Vegas, I sat down with Jules inside of his new booth to talk about his career so far, the jump from Evil Angel and the pitfalls of owning your own company. Whether it's worshipping great asses to perfection in Ass Worship 5, mastering the blow bang genre with movies like Feeding Frenzy 6, shooting the hell out of my personal favorite like in Aurora Snow Vs. Gauge or showing the whole world a different side of Jenna Haze with Jenna Haze: Darkside Jules is the undisputed King of Gonzo Porn and it doesn't look like he's going to relinquish his crown any time soon.

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Alright, we're on the last day of Adult Expo 2007, and the Jules Jordan video booth with?

Jules Jordan.

That works. Now, we're going to do a quick little interview today and do the full two-hour history of Jules Jordan when I get back home. How long have you been in the business?

I've been in the business over 10 years now. I started shooting around 1996. Nothing I shot was released in 1996, I think my stuff came out in 1997.

You came on pretty quick.

Yeah, people started noticing, at least fans started noticing we were shooting some great stuff. A lot of the early stuff, a lot of the live feed and new breed back in the day. We discovered Devon who went on to be pretty famous with Vivid and Digital Playground. We also capitalized on the pro-wrestling scandal with a girl named Chastity who was a wrestler's valet in the WCW when it was on top of its' game. We came out of the gates pretty big and it's lasted ever since.

Just this last year, you went off to create your own Jules Jordan Video.

Yeah, my titles were the best-selling titles there and I had my catalog around 50 titles. I had a sales background doing whole sales for IVD in New Jersey selling video stores and distributors, and working in stores for six years. I figured if anyone could distribute titles, it would definitely be me.

How's that going so far?

It's been great. It's been seamless departure from Evil Angel. Shortly after I left, I decided to take on some other directors-Mike John, Erik Everhard, Alexander DeVoe. That's our current crop of directors right now.

Why'd you pick those guys?

I've always been a fan of what Erik and Mike do. And Alexander is at the top of his game with the ethnic market. I'm a fan of his West Coast Productions Stuff. I figured all of these people were available to take on this opportunity so we made it happen.

You've got a lot of AVN nominations here tonight, including Best New Production Company, right?

Yeah, that's going to be a great one if we win that one. It's one of the most important ones, I'd say.

Did you have any real good competition?

I think Voyeur. What Vince does is some good stuff. They definitely have a chance in there too. A lot of the newer internet companies are releasing DVDs I guess are up for some of the awards too. There is a new company popping up every month, but I think we're at the top of that game.

What about the internet? What kind of sites do you have up?

Our production website, julesjordanvideo.com, will give you all the information on the new releases and what's coming out, the previews and the trailers and all that stuff. It's kind of an information website. Then we have www.JulesJordan.com, that's my pay site. And also spermswallowers.com and I'm working on some niche sites for my context. www.Assfixation.com and www.CumInTheFace.com, those will be coming within the next year.

So really getting kind of big into the internet?

Yeah. I think that's where the future is. I think HD/DVD is going to prolong the disc market for a while yet. And a lot of people like to watch things on their computers, so we're trying to draw in that crowd.

If anybody hasn't seen any of your movies, what do you think some of the best titles are?

Well, I like Breast Worship a lot. It's a take-off on Ass Worship. There are so many girls with big, natural tits now, and I thought putting them all together in a movie would be a great thing. We're thinking of doing another Dark Side once the right girl comes around. I have a new Anal Creampie line coming out called Pump My Ass Full of Cum, so that will be coming out in the next few months.

You mentioned Dark Side. This year you shot the second one of those. A few years ago it was Gina Lynn's Dark Side, this year it was Jenna Haze's, which is up for a lot of awards. It's won a bunch of internet awards. It's an amazing movie.

Yeah. I anticipated it being big and it was beyond my expectations. That was kind of our jump-off title and I think that title set the pace for our company doing what we're doing right now.

What else should people know about the company?

We're not looking to flood the market. We're going to stick to about five releases a month. We've got a great staple of guys and I think each director presents their talent in a different way. Everybody's got their different little things and I think everything compliments each other real well. We're going to keep putting out the high quality stuff. All the directors have a vested interest in doing the best that they can do. They're in control of their own destiny with this product, because they own it and I distribute it. Definitely look for big things in the next few years.

Do all of the directors have creative control, or do you have some input in that?

All the directors have their own creative control. I wouldn't have brought them on if I didn't trust them to do what they do. I'm here to support them.

You've been real active on internet forums and have run into the problems that have come with that. People take shots at you quite a bit. How do you respond to that?

There are people in towns all across the world and this is their chance to interact with stars and directors, so sometimes these people want to make themselves the stars of the forums. But people should appreciate that they get to interact with people in this industry. There is no other big star-driven industry that you can really interact with the people. You can't send e-mails to the people in the mainstream. This is truly the one industry where you can truly interact with the stars via message boards or e-mail, and people should really appreciate that and not take stuff for granted and try taking digs at everybody. In the past, you get hateful e-mails because these people are just trying to get at you and get a response.

What about people in the industry?

Well, this is also another chance for them to showboat and direct more attention to themselves. In some cases, voice their jealousy. It doesn't bother me.

What else should we talk about?

Well, I'm doing what I've always done. I'm definitely going to be doing a few more lines, some heavily-produced movies like the Dark Side lines but a little edgier. You can always check the website for more information.

What's your favorite movie of yours?

I would say Jenna Haze's Dark Side, because it was different from what I'm used to doing. The different lighting and shooting in dark atmospheres, it was a little more moody than what I'm used to. I think that one's my favorite so far, because it was really diverse movie with different scenes.

Did you expect to get that much heat and energy from Jenna?

I knew I would, she'd only been doing girl-girl for so long, and give something to the fans that they hadn't seen for years.

Who is the best girl you've ever shot? I'd say Jenna. She's been the most talked-about and I love her scenes, and always like working with her. She's the top girl I've worked with.

A few years ago, you've started to become more visible in your movies. Are you seeing yourself as a performer-director?

I'm part of the movie. Obviously, I'm a performer also. It takes a great deal of effort to actually direct while you're performing, because I'm real particular about camera angles. As I'm performing, I'm actually directing the camera, where it should be and all that. Some people might not know or appreciate what a director that performs goes through when they're doing it. I've been performing since 96. When I was on the East Coast doing this, I didn't have a vast pool of male talent to choose from. Then a lot of the male talent I used to use signed deals that prohibited them from working with me, like when Erik Everhard signed on to Red Light and Lexington Steele was at Red Light and then did his own thing. Sometimes a lot of the guys are so booked up, it's hard to book them or they're so burned out by the time you get them, it becomes necessity to jump in front of the camera and do what you have to do.

Take one for the team, right?

Right. (He laughs)

You have to, you have to. Now, if you could pick a dream girl for the next Dark Side movie, who would it be?

That's a tough question. There's a lot of girls I'd consider for that. What I'm always looking for is a big star who is open to doing new things that she hasn't done yet. There's a couple of girls I've been thinking about, but I couldn't say one particular girl.

Anything else we should know about Jules Jordan Video?

Just that we're going to be a real force to contend with. We're here for the fans and that's what we do.

Alright, thank you very much! Good luck.

Thank you.


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