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Erik Everhard Interview January 2006

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To start this interview I am going to do something different. I have with me the lovely Porn Valley Princess (Who happens to have a crush on Mr. Everhard.) I start the recorder and then step out to make a phone call, letting PVP start the interview in my stead.

PVP: All of the women want to know if you are as good in bed in your personal life as you are on camera?

Hopefully I'm better. You don't have to open up for the camera, there aren't a lot of people watching, you can really get in there with your tongue. I think it's all better. There is more of a chance to connect without a C-light up your ass.

PVP: Are you in a long term relationship right now?

Hell no. Those things are better suited for someone who isn't trying to be what I'm trying to be. How can I be in one when I'm traveling the world? You can't travel the world and have a puppy dog. A puppy needs to be fed and taken out to take a piss. A relationship is kind of the same way. You can't just say "I have to go fuck 500 girls in Eastern Europe, wait here for me please."

PVP: Do you only date industry girls?

No, but I wouldn't use the term "date" anyway. We hang out. I haven't dated anyone in a while. We get together, have a good time and that's it. I think it's better that way.

PVP: I'm supposed to ask you about your deal with Evil Angel.

Where do you want me to start?

PVP: Where did you leave off the last time Rog interviewed you?

The last Rog and I sat down was a long time ago. I was still at Anabolic so it was years ago. After that I moved over to Red Light and am with Evil now.

PVP: Do you like it?

It's the best deal in the business, there is nothing like it. You couldn't compare any company out there with Evil. It would be like playing for a whole lot AAA Farm Team, but only one professional team that is like the Yankees. That's the closest comparison I can make.

(Long silence.)

Note to Rog. This girl doesn't know what to say.

PVP: This is my first interview.

She doesn't know what to say. Hopefully Rog will show up soon and rescue this interview.

PVP: I saw you once in Baja Fresh and tried to sneak a picture of you. Do you consider yourself a celebrity?

No. I don't see myself that way, but when I come to these shows I can't walk two feet without someone who wants an autograph or a picture. I like people so I don't mind that part at all. My cameraman Jimmy always notices people in public looking and pointing. For some reason if you are a porn star, people won't typically come up to you. They will just stare at you.

PVP: Do you think it's a positive or negative star?

I honestly don't notice. Jimmy is the one who says "that guy knows what you do for a living." People don't feel comfortable enough to come and say hello. At a porno show it's OK to be the guy who watches a lot of porn. I was back home for Christmas in Calgary and the waitress serving us told me that she watches my stuff all the time. That was kind of cool. Back there I'm just one of the guys, but the server knew me. My friends were blown away. We are celebrities, but it's kind of an undercover celebrity thing. It's not like everyone knows us. We aren't on the cover of People Magazine. Anywhere you got, 99 people out of a hundred will know who Brad Pitt is. When you're the porno guy and you walk into a restaurant maybe five people know who you are. It's five people who really know who you are though so it's semi-celebrity status.

PVP: It's very intimidating. I work in this industry, but to see someone like you out in a restaurant, you don't know if it's OK to walk up and say hi. It's just safer to look from afar.

I've always been super approachable so most people who do come over and talk to me are happy with the encounter. In that way, it's kind of cool not to be too well known. If I was Brad Pitt and people stopped me all day long it might get a little tiring. For me, getting recognized a few times a week is very cool. It's a more relaxed thing.

PVP: Then it's a good feeling.

Of course it is. These people appreciate what we do. I was talking with Brandon Iron today and while we were standing there six or seven people stopped to talk to us. They wanted photos taken and it's cool. It is a good feeling to know that these people appreciate what I do enough to want a picture taken with me. They want to show their friends that they met this guy. It's a good feeling.

PVP: You're very humble.

I think that you have to be extremely confident to be a good performer in this business. You have to be careful and not let that become arrogance. I could legitimately walk onto a set and know that I am the best performer there. I don't need to burn that into people's skulls. I would rather let my actions speak for me. If I had to walk onto the set with this attitude that I'm the best then I am not doing a good job of letting my actions speaks for me. There is no reason to be arrogant. I'm lucky. I get to do this for a job. It's one of the most ridiculous things you can imagine. Where else in society do people get to do this? All over the world men are taking women out to dinner and spending money on them. I walk on set and get to have sex with them. Prostitution may be the world's oldest profession, but it usually involves men paying women. In my case, someone is paying me to be with these women. You have to feel lucky to be one of the chosen few to get to do this. How many guys even get a chance? To be considered one of the top five guys in the small group of lucky guys is quite rewarding.

(At this point I show up)

PVP: Rog is here to save the day.

You did fine, you picked it up there.

Rog: So was it harder than it looks?

(During this uncomfortable silence I realize the obvious pun and can't help but notice that PVP is blushing profusely.)

She ran out of questions, but is funny.

Did she ask if she could have sex with you? I think that was first on her list.

She didn't, but the answer is yes.

Let's see if Everhard can do the rest of the interview while having sex with a woman?

I think we could do that.

That didn't take much convincing.

You didn't have to twist my arm, but she hasn't said yes yet.

OK, did we address your situation with Evil Angel?

We started to, but you might want to pick it up there.

You are now with Evil Angel. What are you going to be doing there and how did it come about?

The Evil Angel thing has been toyed with for some time. If we go back to the first stuff I shot in America, it was for Jules Jordan. There is a relationship there that had been started and has continued as he has been shooting for Evil Angel. I worked for John Stagliano once and when I left Anabolic, we spoke briefly. At the time it just didn't work out so I went to Red Light for two years. Things weren't working out there for me financially. I never really did think what John thought of my movies. I dropped off some tapes for him to watch while I was shooting in Europe and when I got back he told me that we might have to do something.

Was this a case of Evil being the only choice for you or were you looking at a few different options?

For me, Evil was the only place I wanted to be. If you are a performer then this is the goal. Look at the guys who are there. Rocco is the most well known porn star around. Everyone would like to be like Rocco, to be well known as a performer and also produce really great movies. If you look at it from a director's perspective you have Jules Jordan, John Leslie, Chrsitop Clark, they are legends. Everyone there is shooting the best stuff and it's done more for the love of doing it than for the money. It's OK if I make some money at this, but we all want to shoot good stuff. That was one of the keys behind it all.

You certainly have more freedom at Evil Angel. What is the next step for your work?

I don't foresee any big changes. The big changes have already happened. I was always the guy at Red Light who wasn't following any formula. My movies were always completely different than what they were doing with other Red Light movies. I have some new ideas to experiment with as far as how I shoot. I would like to do some things in exotic locations and explore different talent pools. I am really fascinated with Russia and Brazil.

Brazil will be for your tranny line no doubt.

Yeah, that's going to happen.

I hear that is due out shortly after Jules Jordan releases "Everhard: The Lost Gay Tapes" where we explore the special relationship between Lex and Erik and find out why he calls Everhard the "Boy Wonder."

Exactly. That should be a hit.

You will obviously be performing in your own movies, but will you also be shooting with other directors?

Yeah. I will be shooting for the people at the Evil Empire and for a while, I'll be shooting for any company who wants to shoot me.

So for now you are still whoring yourself out.

I'm the biggest whore I can be.

It was two years at Anabolic and two years at Red Light. Are we going to do this again in two years and find you somewhere else?

Oh hell no. That would mean that something is wrong.

You could end up with Lex at Mercenary?

I would love to do some project with Lex, but I don't know how he would feel about that. I'd love to do a talent swap, shoot some stuff for him and have him shoot some stuff for me. I think it would be mutually beneficial so I'll have to talk to him. You can't pass up the opportunity to work with the premier black performer in the industry is not something anyone should pass up.

Which lines will you be shooting for Evil?

Outnumbered will continue on in all it's glory. I lose about three years off of my life every time I shoot one of those, but they are worth it.

How many girls are you using in those?

The last one had twenty-two.

How many girls did you do in that Vivid thing?

101 over four days.

Did you lose 12 years of your life on that one?

No, there was no stress on that one. It wasn't my responsibility to have all of the girls show up on time.

What else do you have coming out?

The first release is a road trip movie that I shot up in Canada. It's called "Canadian Beaver" and I am thinking about making it a continuing series. My next one will be a simple movie with girls who have great asses. It stars Naomi, Julia Bond, Rita Faltoyano, Jasmine Tame and a new girl named Tiffany. She has the hardest body you've ever seen.

A butt movie without Katja and Flower?

I know, that's a tough thing to believe.

So "Canadian Beaver" is a road trip movie? Like the stuff you were in at Anabolic?

This is a little different. The action is centered around a bit of a story. We start out meeting Steve Holmes in an airport with the girl half naked and welcome balloons. Why they let me shoot it in a public airport I have no idea. We get right into the car and have sex on the freeway. It's a good time. We did some stuff in a strip club which I loved. We had the music, the dancers on stage and really had to work hard to get the lighting to work.

I was talking to Brandon about the box cover today and he said he was in Montreal at the same time you were and didn't get to shoot some of these hot girls. Did you lock him out of the talent pool?

Not at all. With me I just won't accept anything less than the best. If I couldn't shoot the hottest girls, then I was ready to just turn around and come home. I won't sacrifice quality for a few bucks. I won't shoot someone just to shoot them. If we can't get the right group of girls then it isn't worth it. I would rather wait for the perfect girl to finish a movie and be proud of what I've done.

What are the best two movies you shot at Red Light?

"Outnumbered 3" and it would be a tie between "Jailbait 2" and "Anal POV 3." The more intricate set ups in "Jailbait 2" made me happy. The teddy bear in the park with Steve Holmes was fun. It was playful so it wasn't like Max, but had a super creepy undertone to it. "Anal POV 3" is the best POV movie I have ever done. Every girl in the movie just wanted to fuck and I was able to really connect with each girl on that day. You can get some of the most explosive sex in a POV movie where there is just you and the girl in the scene.

Are you working on www.ErikEverhard.com ?

I hope to have that up and running in the next few months. I have spoken to the web guys at Evil Angel and we have some ideas.

What is your release schedule looking like?

I've been doing one a month for the last few years. I will be slowing down my work for other people because I don't have the time. It takes me a week to edit a movie and another week to shoot it. There just isn't time to do a lot for other people.

You're a busy guy. Way to enjoy life.

It's a trade off. On set it's worth it. We have this crazy schedule, but get to fuck hot eighteen year old girls. I think it's worth it.

Do you regret going to Red Light?

I would say no, but only because going to Red Light allowed me to get a deal at Evil Angel. Had I not gone there and been left alone to do what I wanted to do I don't think I would have ended up at Evil. If it had been more of a win-win situation I wouldn't have left. Things were not great, but had I not been there I would not have ended up at Evil and that is where I want to be.

When you left Anabolic it was at the same time that Mike, Lex and Jon Dough left. Now you leave Red Light at the same time that Mike and others have left. How would you compare what this shift will do to Red Light compared to what the loss of talent did to Anabolic a few years ago?

I think that this is a harder hit. When we left Anabolic I wasn't really known as a director. My stuff was good, but didn't stand out. Mike had been in the shadows a bit. People thought of his stuff as Anabolic rather than Mike John. No he has had great success and people know who he is. That is harder for a company to recover from. When you lose someone with that much notoriety that it tougher than losing someone who is up and coming. When your name is what people look for and you leave a place, the fans that are your fans leave with you. The fans who were waiting for the next Mike John movie are not sitting around waiting for a new Red Light movie. Wherever Mike is, that is where they are going.

They brought in James Avalon and Michael Ninn who are most known for feature work. Do you think that is a coincidence or are they moving in another direction?

They see the cable money and they want that. They want more money and cable money is great if you can get a big deal.

Red Light still has some decent directors. When you left Anabolic, there was no one left.

With Anabolic it was losing everyone that was the blow. For Red Light it was losing the big names. They still have a lot of good directors there.

Are you up for any big AVN Awards?

They put me up for Male Performer.

Have you won that?

I haven't won any awards from AVN.

You haven't blown enough of the AVN writers.

Yeah, I need to get on that.

Who do you think will win?


Who do you think should win?

Me. I think I deserve it.

Would you rather your first major AVN win come for Male Performer for as a director on one of your titles?

Male Performer. I think that is how I'm known at this point. As I progress people will see that my movies will mature. Look at John Leslie. He has a vision now and knows what he is doing. There are times when I am still lost and try new things that don't work the way I thought they might.

Rank yourself as a performer, one to ten.

Nine point nine because everyone can have a bad day.

How about as a director?


Who is a ten?

Mike John. No matter how lost he may seem, he finds his footing and it always turns out great. I've never seen anyone see someone with no idea what they want to do ten minutes before a shoot and then turns it into gold like Mike does.

How would you rank Mike as a performer?

That is a tough one because I have never shot Mike as a performer. Probably a good solid seven.

That's generous. If Mike's a seven, then who would be a two?

I'm not sure what his name is, but I was on a gang bang last week and we were there for two hours. His dick got hard once for maybe a minute. He was never heard from again.

What about Jules as a director?

He is also a ten. His movies are about the tease where Mike's is about the cum eating. Jules dresses things up while Mike strips it down.

Who is a better performer, Jules or Mike?

Why are you doing this to me Rog? I would say that they are about equal. Jules has an edge in the popshot department.

Anything you want to add?

I'm glad that I am at Evil Angel. Getting here wasn't easy and now I have to do my best work.

Thanks and good luck.

Thank you Rog. And Thank you beautiful Porn Valley Princess.

One final question. I brought you here to the Café Lux for the interview and to try the Asian Nachos. How do they rank?

The Asian Nachos rank a solid ten. Excellent.

There you go, Asian Nachos at the Café Lux in the Venetian, don't miss them.