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The Pipeline: July 2004

THE PIPELINE: JULY 2004 I can’t believe that by the time many of you read this summer will be half over. I hope everyone will have a safe and sane 4th of July celebration. (Need all those fingers for proper stroking and all.) The opening of my column is usually reserved for a tease […]

The Pipeline: June 2004

THE PIPELINE: JUNE 2004 Welcome once again my friends to the first Pipeline of the summer. Consider this your swimsuit edition, but I promise you that I will not be darkening your doorway donning the latest two-piece creation. With any luck maybe I can get a few bikini shots of our favorite porn girls for […]

The Pipeline: May 2004

THE PIPELINE: MAY 2004 Welcome once again my friends. It is time once again to take a closer look at the comings and goings in Porn Valley. It would give me great pleasure to be able to talk baseball with you, joke about which porn guys are taking themselves too seriously, drool over the new […]

The Pipeline: April 2004

THE PIPELINE: APRIL 2004 As I write this column spring is just around the corner but the mercury is already pushing triple digits here in SoCal. Perhaps it is global warming that has contributed to this unusually hot start to the fun months, but I think it has more to do with all the happenings […]

The Pipeline: March 2004

THE PIPELINE: MARCH 2004 Can you believe that it’s March already? Time flies when you’re watching smut. As the temperatures begin to rise, the Presidential primary races wind down and baseball teams hit spring training, there are plenty porn stories to fill our time. We have the usual star hissy fits, director movement and […]

The Pipeline: February 2004

THE PIPELINE: FEBRUARY 2004 Hello there everyone and Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Hopefully you have all recovered from a wild New Year’s Eve and are ready to get back to the business of smut. Though I took it easy on NYE, I made up for it the following day with a trip to […]

The Pipeline: January 2004

THE PIPELINE: JANUARY 2004 Happy New Year my friends. I trust you all had a sane and safe new year. I’d like to welcome you back for another volume of the Pipeline, the 2004 edition. As 2004 opens and we ready ourselves for a new year in porn, the news is typically light. With […]

The Pipeline: December 2003

THE PIPELINE: DECEMBER 2003 We have come to the end of another year my friends and this is the final Pipeline of 2003. It has been an eventful twelve months in Porn Valley. We have seen new companies spring up and become forces while others have undergone great changes. Contract girls came and went […]

The Pipeline: November 2003

THE PIPELINE: NOVEMBER 2003 It’s that time again everyone. Time for me to bring you all of the comings and going from Porn Valley. As usual, there are a few major stories to go along with the usual signings, mainstream spottings and childish bickering. (Don’t you just love the internet?) Before we get to […]

The Pipeline: October 2003

THE PIPELINE: OCTOBER 2003 Don’t look now my friends, but it’s fall again. The air is getting cooler, the World Series is just around the corner and the porn award nomination season is upon us. I’ve been going through piles of tapes and DVDs to determine the finalists for the Rog Reviews Critic’s Choice […]

The Pipeline: September 2003

THE PIPELINE: SEPTEMBER 2003 It’s that time again boys and girls. You can feel the summer slipping away. It’s time to put away the industrial strength sunscreen and spark up the BBQ one last time. Football is upon us, it’s back to school time and the long cold winder is just around the corner. For […]

The Pipeline: August 2003

THE PIPELINE: AUGUST 2003 As we reach the dog days of summer, some things are heating up in porn. As always, there are new contract girls doing big things. It seems that the heat may be contributing to more than just great tan lines this year. Normally, the folks in porn valley do their best […]

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