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Precious Metal Pleasure Pack Pink (Reviewed by Indigo)

The Precious Metals Pleasure Pack Pink will give you all the bang you want for your buck. This feisty little corded bullet could be used as a drink mixer, cat toy, or possibly a defibrillator.

As a personal vibe, the “Jewel” has ten different vibration settings, though you might loose track after five or six. IT has a simple, sleek, shiny design, with the bullet attached by a two foot cord, to a single button handle.

10-function Clitoral Hummer (Reviewed by Aurora Snow)

For this toy I tested it out in the office right in front of my computer. What fascinated me the most about this was the focus on clit stimulation, the ergonomic design equipped with a contoured scoop the size of a thumb print designed to hug the curves of a clitoris. This was the most satisfying part of the toy for me. I tried it a few ways in my office chair and found I really got off by using that end primarily.

Basic Essentials: Stretchy Vibrating Bunny Enhancer

I wanted to surprise the boy with this new toy, and there is no better way to introduce something new than to start off with a blowjob. I dropped to my knees when he least expected it. He was in the bathroom getting ready for bed, brushing his teeth, completely unsuspecting. I reached into his boxers and felt how ready he was.

Adonis Penis Pump (Reviewed by Aurora Snow with some help)

The Adonis (penis) Pump manufactured by California Exotic Novelties is a suction device. The device is used to either masturbate, give the penis extra length, or used before sex to enhance male performance.

Joya: Little Su (Reviewed by Aurora Snow)

I was struck by the impressive presentation of this toy, this has to be one of the best packaged sex toys that I have seen in a long time. It is a small box, shaped just like a hide-away book, you know the fake wooden books that open up to a hollow hiding place.

Pirates Hidden Pleasure Vibe (Reviewed by Housewife Kelly)

I was really excited when I say this toy buried in this cute matching treasure chest! I wanted to put on a real live masturbation show for all my members on cam.

Magnetic Power Ring: Power Jag Double Ring (Reviewed by Happy Loving Couple)

The stimulator extends up from the ring for perfect positioning to enable clitoral stimulation. It is shaped into a jaguar’s head. (What is up with all vibrators being shaped like animals anyway?) It is soft and pleasing to the touch, but mostly it is functional. Cute face aside, the jag head serves to diffuse the vibration from the bullet.

Intensity by Jopen (Reviewed by Aurora Snow)

The vibrator inside of the toy located closer to the shaft, just under the stainless steel electrodes isn’t the strongest vibrator on the market, but still very enjoyable. I was glad I had the house to myself as I tested this toy out.

Xtreme Head Exciter

At first glance this looks like one of those cool flashlight toy things with a sleek metal case, soft, tight opening and long shaft. There is a whole lot more going on inside thought.

Glow Stroker: Pierced Pussy

The Pierced Pussy is part of California Exotic Novelty’s Glow Stroker line. It is a basic pocket-sized stroker that provides a tight fit, portability and the pleasing texture we expect from their toys.

The sleeve is very small and not very deep. Keep that in mind and have something around to clean up the mess that may occur if you go too deep. At only about four inches deep, the toy is not good for deep stroking.

Bound by Diamonds: Diamond Teaser (Reviewed by Aurora Snow)

I found the buttons very easy to use and I went through all five speeds until I was thoroughly satisfied. The thick bullet made it easier for me to find my sweet spot, it was perfect for covertly slipping it inside my jeans. The material was a big plus too, very nice to the touch.

Silicone Jack Rabbit (Reviewed by Aurora Snow)

There is nothing cheap about this toy, when I unwrapped it and felt the weight of it rest in the palms of my hand as I carefully twisted the battery pack out and filled it with three double AA’s, I couldn’t help but think about the quality of what I was holding. Felt like a well-made toy.

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