Joya: Little Su (Reviewed by Aurora Snow)

Joya: Little Su (Reviewed by Aurora Snow)

Reviewed by: Aurora Snow (

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Overall Rating: A+

Type of Toy: Dildo

Bottom Line: Every woman NEEDS one of these.

Price: $49.99 at

$47.99 on

Manufacturer: Joya 4U (

Size: 5” x 2”

Best For: Mind Blowing Solo Fun


I was struck by the impressive presentation of this toy, this has to be one of the best packaged sex toys that I have seen in a long time. It is a small box, shaped just like a hide-away book, you know the fake wooden books that open up to a hollow hiding place. I feel like I can almost get away with stowing this little baby out in the open on my bookshelf. This book like packaging opens up to a small informative pamphlet outlining the various uses of the Little Su, not only does it give the information out but there are some pretty detailed instructions and diagrams on how to maximize its use. The toy itself rests perfectly in between a foam cutout; it kind of reminds me of a camera packed in one of the pelican cases I always see on set.

According to the packaging Little Su can be used solo, with another woman, with a man, with another toy and/or anally. I didn’t have the opportunity to test it out with any of my girlfriends, but after testing it out on myself and with a guy I can see how it would also work with a girlfriend.

I was surprised by how well this toy contoured to my body. It wasn’t much to look at, kind of small in some ways, with what seem to be oddly placed bumps, one larger portion for insert and the other smaller arm ribbed for clitoral stimulation with an extra bump and smiley face on the tip. The insert-able larger bulb claimed to be ergonomically designed for my female body, yet I wondered if that was just a nifty marketing ploy. Nope. Turns out it is surprisingly true! Just enough pressure to hit all the right spots without being too hard thanks to the sturdy medical grade materials it’s made out from. I can really thrust onto this toy without feeling like I might injure myself, which can happen with more rigid ones. At the same time it isn’t too soft and its small size and plump contours allow me to really thrust onto it.

If you are looking for length this isn’t for you, but please give it a chance, I am into girth rather than length and this worked wonders on me. Not to mention the clitoral arm works amazingly well (so sturdy!) as a handle when having fun solo style.

I first pulled this toy out for a photo set for my website (, I wanted to test it out in photos first, it has such a stylish design I knew it would pop in photos and it did. I began my photo set wearing a blue one piece speedo, I put the Little Su in between my legs hiding it for the big reveal when I cut the crotch out of the swimsuit on camera. As I cut the holes into the swimsuit around my nipples, I felt a deep arousal; I was almost grinding my girl bits into the wall I was posing in front of before I realized what was going on. The Little Su felt so good, I couldn’t resist responding. The clitoral arm reached around and hit my clit perfectly, plus it fit so smoothly I didn’t need to readjust or try to make it fit at all, it just did so naturally. The bulb like design honed in on my g-spot before I even got the chance to cut a hole in my swimsuit and do some manual maneuvering. With this toy I was able to rub one out, without having to do much thrusting, it was a smooth grind to orgasm.

After my photo set, I tried this toy out with my photographer… he and I were both pleased with it. I gave him a blowjob while the Little Su was inside of me. As I thrust my face onto his equipment, my hips thrust into his thigh, thrusting the toy inside me with a matching rhythm. I was able to orgasm as I gave him head. Not sure I’ve ever had a toy that made so much sense both solo and with a partner.

As much as I love my vibrators, I’d give some of those up in trade for this, it is that amazing. Functionality is as impressive as the packaging. I was blown away by how much a simple looking toy could perform. Every woman NEEDS one of these.

Not to mention clean up is a breeze, soap and boiling hot water…or better yet, toss this baby in a dishwasher

Bottom line: I would trade in a few of my favorite vibrators for this one.

Weakness: Not exceptionally long.

Batteries Needed: None

Clean Up: Soap & Water or Dishwasher Safe.

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