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Blog: Twitter Drama, Jenna V. Tito and Justin Long Quits IR Porn

Lots going on in the world of Twitter. How have people treated the Jenna vs. Tito situation? Also Justin Long takes on discrimination in an unusual way.

Blog: Stuff, Stuff and More Stuff

NBA Playoffs, name calling and some other fun stuff on the plates.

Blog: Halloween Movies, NBA, Shay Jordan and a Fuck You Memo

The NBA season kicked off with a Celts beat down of the Cavs, the worst Halloween movies are rated and the Governor goes off.

Blog: Absurd Stories from the World

Politics, greed and Playgirl….sometimes it’s just so insane.

Blog: Skatesboards and Polanski

This was supposed to be a blog about a bunch of stuff, but it ended up being mostly about Roman Polanski.

Blog: So Much Negativity

Why does it seem that every story, every site and every blog is about what is wrong or bad these days?

Blog: Meltdowns Here, There & Everywhere

Congressmen, tennis stars and douchebag rappers all have one thing in common. They are rude, childish and should be ashamed of themselves.

Blog: Happy Labor Day Stuff

College Football, Watchmen and an Update on Mrs. Rog

Blog: On a Personal Note: Update on Mrs. Rog

Mrs. Rog is going in for surgery on Thursday. She will be fine, but if I’m away please forgive me.

Blog: Vacation Was Awesome

Back from a much needed vacation, happy, rested and ready to work.

Blog: Non Porn Stuff: RIP John Hughes

John Hughes, Cash for Clunkers, Paula Abdul and a new Supreme Court Justice. Just another day.

Blog: Weekend Stuff NFL Draft, Comic Book Show, Leaglize Pot & the HIV Situation

HIV situation, NFL draft and comic book show. Lots of different stuff to talk about.

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