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Blog: Happy Labor Day Stuff

College Football, Watchmen and an Update on Mrs. Rog

Blog: On a Personal Note: Update on Mrs. Rog

Mrs. Rog is going in for surgery on Thursday. She will be fine, but if I’m away please forgive me.

Blog: Vacation Was Awesome

Back from a much needed vacation, happy, rested and ready to work.

Blog: Non Porn Stuff: RIP John Hughes

John Hughes, Cash for Clunkers, Paula Abdul and a new Supreme Court Justice. Just another day.

Blog: Weekend Stuff NFL Draft, Comic Book Show, Leaglize Pot & the HIV Situation

HIV situation, NFL draft and comic book show. Lots of different stuff to talk about.

Blog: Forum Updated, RIP Walter & Guest Bloggers Needed

Walter Cronkite is dead, another big celeb death. The Rog Reviews forum has been updated and I need guest bloggers for vacation.

Blog: Erotica LA, HIV, Adam Lambert & Stuff

Just a long blog post about a bunch of things on my plate. The HIV situation, Erotica LA, Andi Anderson, Stoya, you name it.

Blog: New Interview & A Little Graffiti Never Hurt Anyone….Right?

New interview added, some local gang bangers move in a little too close and we have FAME Awards to talk about.

Blog: Overrated Porn Stars, NBA Playoffs & My Car Gets Broken Into….Again

Tough week last week. My car got broken into, I was put on the spot on Playboy Radio and the NBA season ended for me. Oh well, at least we have Hanna Hilton to make things better.

Blog: Little League Coaching (Warning Off Topic & Sappy)

Coaching my son has reminded me of a lot of great things about my own father.

Blog: This and That: Little League, Toy Reviews, Obama’s DVD flap

Catching up a little with some new toy review news a bit on the Obama DVD thing and some general stuff.

Blog: Stimulus (Warning, Long Political Post)

With the Stimulus about to go into law, there are some questions we should all ask. We should also call on our new President to stand up and lead.

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