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Fitch Says No to the Sitch

OK so yesterday I did a blog that was kind of a downer. It’s been a bad year for the porn industry in 2011. I got some great feedback on some good stuff and will follow up on that later. For now though I want to share the single best story I have read in a long time. Check this out.

Abercrombie wants ‘Situation’ out of its clothes

Now I know how the PR game works. This is one of those Larry Flynt one million dollar porn offers that is meant to garner headlines with no risk of actual pay out. However, it is still the single coolest story of the week.

Think about what this press release (joke or not) says about “The Situation” and the other intellectually vacant social parasites. Abercrombie is telling “Sitch” that he’s so bad for their brand that they will pay him to wear something else.

Let that sink in.

A & F, for whom ads featuring underage models nearly naked, is perfectly fine is saying that the fake tans, roided out, drunken Guido routine is bad for business.

Seriously? Let that sink in.

Pedophilia is not as bad for Abercrombie’s image and “The Situation.” They are saying to this guy, “you are such a fucking douche bag that we will PAY you to wear someone else’s clothes.” How fucking beautiful is that. Corporate America is finally saying what so many of us have been saying for a few years; that the Sitch, Snookie and the other walking billboards for mandatory sterilization are a net drain on everything the touch.

I don’t know why, but that just makes me smile.

Thank you Abercrombie for making my day with your snarky press release.

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