Dysfucktional 2

Dysfucktional 2


Movie Type: All Sex
182 Mins
Porn Fidelity
DIRECTOR: Andy Zane & Fumigalli
THEMES: Incest, Fauxcest, Big Tits, Hookers,
STARS: Bridgette B, India Summer, Hannah Hays, JoJo Kiss, Tyler Nixon, Donnie Rock, Mark Zane


Busty Bridgette B plays a sexy aunt with a burning desire for her nephew. Tyler Nixon and Bridgette are so good at setting the tone that it really should be a nominated scene for both of them. India Summer follows that one up with a blistering performance and is also sexually hot. She is one of the very best. Things get dark and gritty as Hannah Hays plays a trailer trash sister who fucks her brother when she isn’t being pimped out by him. This scene is so different from the others that I have to think it is intentionally bleak and rather joyless. If that is the case, then they hit the nail on the head. It isn’t hot in any traditional way, but it is still well done. JoJo Kiss brings back the sexual heat with a farewell bang with her brother before college. If you like incest/fauxcest movies, this one is about as well made as they come with some really great looking women who can really act. Not really my cup of tea, but your results may vary.

Bridgette B & Tyler Nixon

Tyler Nixon hasn’t seen his family in a while, but his favorite aunt, Bridgette B is happy to have him staying with her. He takes a nap and sneaks in, peeking into his jeans and gently licking his cock. Leaving before he wakes up, Bridgette is in the bed with Tyler wakes up and follows her. He is curious and she takes off her robe to help him out. Pulling him close, she kisses him, gently guiding him as he explores her body. He catches on quickly and has her squirming and begging with his tongue. Moving up between her thighs, he slips his dick in, giving his curvy aunt exactly what she has been fantasizing about. While she is riding, he takes her ass in both hands and feasts on the huge tits thrust in his face. The action is frantic and all over the place like they are freelancing. This fits with the set up and the hot talk they share. It’s like they are really exploring and fucking for pleasure rather than just running through positions for the camera. Since Bridgette has such a great body the angles all provide great eye candy and the flowing energy of the scene really makes it fun to watch. He finally floods her mouth with a really big load of cum. Looks like this visit is off to quite a start.

India Summer & Donnie Rock

After years in a bad marriage, India Summer is exploring her sexuality now that she is free. Her ex-husband was a selfish lover and being away from him has opened her up to masturbation, pornography and other forms of fetish play. During her marriage, India had become estranged from her family, including her younger brother. She reaches out to him and wants to explore her new incest fetish. They haven’t seen each other in a long time and share wine and a bit of small talk. India starts hitting on him and though he tries to resist, there is no way he can deny his desires. She takes out his cock and pushes it to the back of her throat, gagging loudly as the shaft gets wet with her spit. He bends her over and fucks her hard. India is vocal and quite active, pushing back to take every inch. India looks fantastic riding his dick but Donnie starts to take over, dragging her over to the window to fuck her up against the glass. They move all over the room, fucking on the stairs and back on the couch. All the while, they keep up the incest talk and India’s body provides fantastic eye candy. He finally shoots his load all over her beautiful face.

Hannah Hays & Mark Zane

Mark Zane is an angry, beer swilling asshole who pimps out his step sister. Before he sells Hannah Hays for twenty bucks, he wants to get some action for himself. She sucks his cock halfheartedly, holing her feet up behind her. They are very dirty and I would have to imagine intentionally so. I’m sure this appeals to an audience somewhere and kind of adds to the idea that these two are living in filth. After he eats her pussy, Mark fucks his thing little step sibling on the bed. I like Hannah and her body looks good, especially her ass when she rides, but there is very little joy, passion or even lust on display here. I believe that is largely intentional and if so, that’s fine. I just don’t have a lot of dearly, junkie-incest fantasies to associate this with. He ends up shooting a load into mouth. I like Hannah, this scene just didn’t do it for me.

JoJo Kiss & Tyler Nixon

JoJo Kiss is leaving for college. Her mom and stepdad can’t be there, but stepbrother Tyler Nixon is there to offer his support. They are going to miss one another and the sexual tension is just too strong to resist. Since they both have feelings for each other the time is right to act on them. JoJo has very pretty eyes and drools over Tyler’s cock while sucking it to full mast. The outdoor blowjob is fun, but they move inside so he can get her naked and admire her tight natural body. JoJo loves his fingers and tongue so much that it seems she might never let him up. When she does return to sucking his cock, she does so with a lot of verbal tease and great eye contact. The talking continues when she gets on top and starts rocking her hips to take his cock. Tyler flips her over and fucks her hard enough to get a serious reaction from his horny stepsister. She ramps up the incest talk as he bangs her hard enough to make those firm tits bounce. I love the way she pulls her feet back behind her head and just unleashes a torrent of hot talk. She finishes him off with her hands, mouth and even her feet. This one is fun, naughty and JoJo is really sexy.

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