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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Lizzy Borden Interview

Lizzy Borden’s Bio & Movies

March 2001

Hello again, we are back in the little meeting room at the Extreme Associates booth. I am with Lizzy Borden and she has a few things to say before we start. Lizzy, the microphone is all yours.

Three years ago when I first got into the business, I was on a lot of drugs and I was thirty pounds overweight and Roger said that I was chunky. Then all you little internet geeks said that I was the ugliest girl in the business. Now you all can suck my pussy juice because I’ve lost thirty pounds and have been drug and alcohol free for two years. The only drug I do now is caffeine. I am a coffee addict, but that’s it. So fuck off, I’m beautiful and skinny now.

Is that it?

Yeah, for now.

In my defense, you WERE chunky then.

I was.

So I said you were, we’re in agreement, why all the anger towards me?

It’s just that I haven’t done a movie in two years so some people still think I’m like that and I want you to tell them I’m not.

So you and I are cool now?

We’re cool, for now. What did you give my last movie?

I don’t remember.

You fucking liar. I think I hate you again.

So for the record, you have lost thirty pounds and are clean now.

Yes I am, and I did it for me, not for people who talked shit about me. I did it for me and for Robert. We’re getting married you know.


August 6th.

Do you have the honeymoon planned?

Yes, we’re going to Hawaii. I can’t wait.

What kind of wedding are Rob Black and Lizzy Borden going to have?

It’s going to be a huge church wedding.

That should be interesting. Now that the air is clear, can we start the interview?

Go ahead.

Tell us a little bit about your background. Where are you from?

Orange County.

Really, where?

Anaheim and Huntington Beach, I went back and forth.

I live in Orange County.

Do you like it?

I love it.

I used to love it, but it’s strange. After living in the Valley, I feel safer up there than when I go down to Orange County, I don’t know why.

What were you likegrowing up?

I was very shy and very insecure. I came from a broken family. My stepfather was an alcoholic who was very abusive towards my mother. He didn’t accept me. I went through a lot of shit.

At what point did you look to the adult industry as a career?

I was working at Disneyland for a while, but it got to the point where I was so unhappy. I felt like I had to be a different person just to make friends. People would ask if I was a virgin and I would say yes just to fit in. I was afraid of what they would think. I just got sick of being someone other than I was. So, I started stripping, met Jill Kelly, fell in love with her and I got into porn from there. I loved it because I didn’t have to hide who I was.

Did you meet Jill in a club where you were dancing?

Yeah, she was feature dancing. She was the first girl I ever had a crush on and I still do have a crush on her if you want to know the truth.

How long were dancing before you made a movie?

About four months.

What was your first movie?

My first movie was for Tight Ends, with Tony Montana who now has HIV. The scene freaked me out and I can’t even remember the name of the movie. I was so scared. A lot of people are going to think this is weird, but I made my mom go with me.


Yeah. She didn’t watch the scene, but she was there. She cried the whole way there and tried to talk me out of it, but I knew that if I didn’t try it, I would regret it for the rest of my life.

Did you do that movie as Lizzy Borden?

No, I was Mia Mikels. You remember her Rog, big fat Mia Mikels that everyone loves to rip apart on the internet.

Where did Lizzy Borden come from?

Robert gave me that name because I love horror movies.

So you did your first scene was with Tony, how was he to work with?

I’m surprised I stayed in the industry after that.


He’s a good guy, but he’s really out there. He’s crazy. I can’t explain it, but if I can go through that, I can go through anything.

Were you nervous?

I almost peed my pants. I was SO nervous.

Was that an anal scene?

No anal that time.

When you were done with that first scene, did you know that you wanted to do more or did you need some time to think it over?

I took a few weeks, but decided that I couldn’t just judge things on one scene. I did some internet stuff, some girl/girl stuff that I didn’t like at all. I went back to doing scenes, some bad some good and eventually, I ended up here.

How did you end up at Extreme?

Luciano used to perform as Mike Long. We worked together a few times for Metro. He called me up one night to tell me he was signing a deal with Extreme Associates. I was worried, because when I first got into the business, everyone told me never to work for Extreme, never work for Rob Black. We went out celebrating that night and the following Monday he called me to ask me to do a BJ with him for an Extreme movie. I said fine as long as I don’t have to meet Rob Black. Of course I get there and the first person I meet is Rob. It turns out that he is just the sweetest guy and I can’t understand why everyone hates him.

How long before you signed a contract with Extreme?

I guess Rob saw something in me because he put me under contract. He told me I had to lose at least twenty pounds, get a nose job and a boobjob and all that. The day I went in to sign my contract, I had no make up on, shorts, boots a tank top, I looked like hell. I get to the office and they told me I had to do an anal scene. To do an anal scene you have to not eat for a couple of days, really prepare. The next thing I know, I’m out in the wilderness, shitting all over Tommy. I had to go into the woods with bottled water and towels to clean it all up. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. It was the only time I’ve ever worked with Tom Byron.

The only time?

There was this other time, great story. I was doing Terrors from the Clit and that Chris Cannon guy, fucking asshole, was fucking me in the ass. He came too soon, came in my ass. Tommy was downstairs and had to come up and jerk off on my face for the pop shot. What do you think about that?

I think it’s good to be Tom Byron and that you’re ass is just too tight and makes people cum too fast.

You know it.

Was the scene with Tom your first anal scene?

No, I had done anal before. The first time was awful, it hurt and I cried. I did anal with Luciano and his dick is good for that. There were a few others before that. I only did about six movies before I went to Extreme.

So they signed you under contract, changed your name and shortly after that you kind of retired.

You know, the drugs I was doing helped me become a different person and perform for the camera. After I got off drugs, I started freaking out doing scenes. I had ideas for movies and wanted to write and direct. Robert and I actually wrote Tiffany’s movie “Asswoman in Wonderland” She takes the credit, but we wrote that. I wrote “Acid Sex” and then Robert let me direct on my own.

About how many movies were you in total?

About fifteen, not counting non-sex roles.

If you had to pick the best, what would it be?

Even though I shit all over Tommy, I would say ‘Pornographer’ was the best. Then ‘Terrors from the Clit’ and ‘Slap’er in the Crap’er.’

What was the first movie you directed?

‘House of Whores’ with Ashlyn Gere and Jasmin St. Claire.

I saw that one.

Did you like it?

You haven’t read the review?

I can’t get to the site. After I read your review of ‘Cocktails’ I tried to go back, but I can’t.

Well, House of Whores was good, I really liked Extreme Monique.

That is the one review I read that you liked.

How many movies have you directed?

About twenty now.

And the best would be?

I’m proud of everything, but I am really proud of ‘Purity and Innocence.’ Getting Kristi Myst to push her limits was great.

Wasn’t Ashlyn in that?

She was, but she didn’t finish. We paid her for the whole thing, but she never finished it. That movie is not the way it was supposed to be. Ashlyn totally fucked us so we had to revamp the script. Considering all the work it took to revamp on the fly, I am really proud of how it turned out.

So those are you favorites? Any others?

Actually, I want to tell you my New Year’s Resolution.


It has to do with you. After ‘Cocktails’ and the reviews and stuff, I have decided that it’s time for a new Lizzy Borden. From here on out, you are going to see hot sex, which I know you like without the gross stuff. Then in other movies, I’m going to be as gross as ever so I can give something to everyone.

I’ll be watching for that. Let’s get a few stats, how tall are you?

Five eight.



You’re pretty skinny.

Compared to what I used to be yeah. What do you think?

You look hot.

Thank you.

But I think you looked hot chunky.

Don’t say that!

OK, I take it back.


You were talking about things that are said on the internet, so let’s go back to that a bit. One thing that you hear on the net all the time is that Lizzy Borden doesn’t direct her own movies, that Rob Black does them for her.

Really? People say that? That’s so funny. Like Rob has time to do that. He has to sit in the office and run thing because stupid people can’t do a thing for themselves. He works so hard in the office, he wouldn’t have time to direct his own movies, let alone mine. So anyone who thinks he directs my movies can fuck themselves. If you want to come by my set and see what I do, that’s fine. You come on my set Rog, you tell these fuckers. I hate that.

So, just to be clear, you direct your own movies?

Yeah I do. Why would I want someone else to direct my movies? I don’t even like to hear his input when he shoots camera for me. Sometimes, we end up one scene short and I could put in something that we have waiting to go into a movie, but then it wouldn’t be my movie and I would be lying to the people. I won’t do that.

I’ll come to a set sometime and document it for the non-believers.

You do that.

Let’s talk a little bit about this wrestling thing. You’re becoming quite a character in the wrestling world.

Yes. I’ve been in quite a few of the magazines and it’s keeping me pretty busy. We’re really growing.

What is your role in the XPW?

I play the boss’ wife who loves to wreak havoc. We are the most hated people, I’m a total cunt bitch but also a whiner. I love to start trouble, but then I run to Rob when things go wrong. I interfere in all the matches and I valet for The Messiah.

I saw one of your shows, you were a bitch.

Thank you, I try really hard.

Are you a bitch?

No, I’m really a nice person, but it’s fun to be a bitch in the ring. Don’t get me wrong, I can be a bitch. If someone hurts Robert, I can be a huge bitch. Mostly, I’m the person that everyone comes to with their problems so I get sucked into all the little drama.

Unless somebody crosses you, you’re nice?

You know, it takes a lot to piss me off. I take too much shit sometimes, but I reach a point where I just blow up.

What about the team you have at Extreme now? Any thoughts on them?

I don’t want to start any drama, but there are a lot of people at Extreme who don’t respect Robert and Tommy enough. They’re young and they think they can just do it their own way. There aren’t a lot of people who could do what they did and make a company work like this one has.

When you were performing, did you have any favorite performers to work with?

I liked working with girls. I always wanted to work with Jill. This may sound mean, but Tiffany had really bad breath. She smoked a lot of cigarettes so I didn’t like to kiss her. But I liked to lick her ass. She does have a nice ass and it tasted good.

Did you have any favorite guys to work with?

I didn’t really work with a lot of guys so I’m not going to be able to comment on that. I can tell you one thing, I love Robert’s cock.

Did you have any really bad experiences?

There were a couple of people I hated. That dickhead with the long hair, Alex Sanders! I did a blowjob with him for All Good Video, that fucking asshole. I could stab that mother fucker, I hate him. He thinks he’s God. Go fuck yourself. If it wasn’t for the girls in this industry the guys would be nothing. They need us to fuck.

A lot of women think Alex is good looking.

He’s ugly. He’s like a little troll, an ugly troll.

And a lot of girls think he has a really big dick.

(She laughs.) No one thinks that. I think he’s gross. He has no personality. He’s like a wall. I’d rather masturbate or do a midget before I would do him.

But would you do a porn critic?

Before Alex, fuck yeah, you over him any day.

Do you think the people you grew up with would be shocked to see you now?

A lot of them have seen me and I’ve lost a few friends over it. One of my very best friends doesn’t speak to me now. She thinks everyone in the industry is on drugs and is a scum. A lot people are on drugs, that’s true, but a lot of them have gone through a lot of trauma like me and are looking  for something. I was fortunate enough not to be molested, but I was emotionally abused. A lot of my friends look down on me. The guys mostly think it’s cool, but the girls think I’m a whore.

How do you deal with that?

I just don’t talk to anyone from my past. If they can’t accept me for who I am, I don’t have time for them.

Probably a lot of guys are wishing they knew you in high school.

I was a virgin until right before I graduated high school.

How did that happen?

It was my boyfriend on the day before my eighteenth birthday.

You were old.

I know. I was a late bloomer. I had really low self esteem, so it was hard.

Was it a good experience at least?


But it’s gotten better?

Oh yeah, sex has gotten way better. I’m more into it now than ever. It’s funny because I love to get choked and slapped, but Rob doesn’t like to do that anymore. He’s all wanting to make love and shit. I want to be fucked dammit.

What is the best way for people to get in touch with you?

Through our web site, I’ve been checking out our message board a lot lately and I like the feedback.

I saw some people upset about Cocktails.

I know, it was hard. I got girls who said they would do this and that, we put stuff on the box, then the girls flaked. We only have a few seconds to get them swallowing and it’s not like we can re-shot that moment. I’m going to have to be a lot tougher on the girls next time because I got fucked over and ended up lying to the fans on the box.

But the box was done before you didn’t lie on purpose.

No, but still, I don’t like when shit like that happens. I care about the fans, so I’m going to be a bigger cunt next time.

I’ve been on that board, you all talk shit about me.

No, really? Who?

Some fans and Alek, talking some smack about a review.

Of what, Slap Happy?

That’s the one.

I haven’t read those reviews, I need to check them out. You didn’t like it?

Nah, I like girls. I don’t want to see them beat up.

Awww, you’re a nice guy.

Yeah, let’s cum all over their faces, that’s nice and romantic.

You don’t like any violence at all?

Not with sex. I love sex and I love violence, but not together as stroke material.

I’m doing this movie, ‘Forced Entry, that you will just rip apart. It’s six scenes of pure rape. No pleasure at all. It’s based on Richard Ramirez. The guys rape and kill the girls. We’re actually trying to get in touch with him actually. There is a scene with Luciano fucking a girl, as he kills her, he looks at the camera and says ‘that’s for you Richard, you’re my idol.’

Sounds like something different.

I’m not saying I promote that kind of behavior and I am going to give some of the money to the victims of violent crime. Violent sex turns me on, but you want to know something that turns me on even more, late night soft core movies on like HBO. Those things make me horny and don’t know why. I love girls tits and mouths, so a lot of my girls are big titted because that just turns me on.

Since you’re a director, who do you like to hire for scenes?

I love Kristi, she is always willing to give one hundred percent. I didn’t originally like Taylor St. Claire because we had some drama but I’m beginning to really like her and she has great tits. Jewel De’Nyle is a great performer. Jessica is great. I loved to shoot Monique and I’m going to bring her back. Her body is so tight and she’s such an animal. She is the only girl I know who just really loves to fuck. She will fuck even if she’s not getting paid, that’s how much she loves to fuck.

Can I come to the set next time you shoot her?

Sure. I’m going to be shooting her again for probably three or four movies. I just love her.

What about some girls who maybe weren’t fun to work with?

Jasmin St. Claire. She was the worst. I had to baby her. She wants this, she wants that. Angelica Sin was bad too. She had to have a certain kind of water. We have Evian on our sets, but no she had to have distilled water. I sent someone around to a dozen stores, but they couldn’t find any so she’s like :Fine, I’ll just drink what you have.” What a fucking bitch. She wanted to do a scene with her husband and they show up fighting. They were fighting through the whole scene. I never want to shoot a couple again. Couples are the worst. I always thought it would be better to work with couples. If me and Rob did scenes, we would be winning award every year. You can’t fake that kind of heat.

You’ve to the directing thing, the wrestling thing and you’re getting married. This is going to be a busy year for you.

Really busy. Rob wants to start having kids soon, but I’m not ready.

Having kids? You’re going to have children with the devil.

He’s not the devil.

Anything else?

I don’t want people talking bad about Robert any more, I’ll kill them.

Kill them?

Well not kill them, you know what I mean.

Because killing is wrong.

So very wrong, but I will knee them. Knee them really hard.

How are the wedding plans going?

You know Rob, he keeps putting things off, but I’m forcing him to plan.

Are you going to have a real wedding dress.

Yes, it’s even going to be white. We’re getting married in a Catholic church.

Is he physically able to set foot in a church without being invited?

That’s vampires you ass.

Tell me you aren’t going to invite Zupko. He’ll end up peeing on a crucifix or something.

If Zupko comes, he’s going to have to be restrained. There will be no peeing at my wedding.

Then you’re going to have kids?

Rob wants one soon, a boy.

Why a boy?

Boys are better. They can play football and baseball. Rob wants to coach football and all that. Also if we have a girl, I’m afraid she’ll turn out like me.

We can’t forget to mention that Rob is running for mayor of Los Angeles.

I’m going to be a political wife.

You’re going to have a lot of microphones shoved in your face.

I know, and I’m going to have to learn to be careful what I say.


I say fuck a lot, and cunt and bitch. I’m not sure how most people feel about that. I have to watch my language. His mom is really helping me. She even taught me how to set a proper table this weekend.

Do you think he has a chance of winning?

Yes and no. Yes if he really puts his best effort into it and no if he just says fuck it and coasts. I think he has a chance because he’s young and energetic. A lot more young people are getting involved after the Gore and Bush election.

So you’re taking this seriously?

Very. I’m going to get some nicely tailored suits and hide my cleavage.

But you have cleavage that needs to be shown.

Well take some pictures and you can look at it any time you want. Will you be coming to the debates?

I will try. Politics is not my arena any more, but it should be interesting.

Rob wants to legalize gambling.

I’d vote for that.

So you’ll vote for Rob?

I can’t vote.


He’s running in Los Angles, I’m in Orange County.

Oh that’s right. I thought we were going to find out your deep dark secret past or something.

It will be fun to watch.

He’s going to get a big billboard with his face that says Rob for Mayor.

That’s going to scare a lot of children.

(She laughs) You be nice.

Anything more you want to cover?

Did you know that Rob has a booger fascination?

I’m afraid to ask what you mean.

He likes to pick boogers and flick them at me, and fart on me. So you know what I did?

Again, fear comes to the forefront.

I had gas so bad. I farted under the covers and it smelled so bad, he almost got sick.

And this concludes our interview..

No, wait let me tell you something else. I shit so big the last time I took a dump. It was as big as my arm and we had to take it out of the toilet because it wouldn’t flush.

You don’t say.

I have a picture of it, I’ll send it to you. It was so bad, I had to put my leg on the counter to get it out. I thought Rob was going to have to dig it out with a spoon.

Can we go eat now?

Yeah, let’s go have lunch, maybe some chocolate?

Chocolate yeah. You’re done performing in movies right?

I’ll do non sex roles, but I don’t want to fuck on camera any more. I don’t like licking pussy and I don’t like girls licking my pussy. Pussies are dirty.

They are not.

Some girls don’t clean Rog, it’s so gross.

Again with the lunch, maybe a seafood buffet?

You know the only girl I like to fuck is Jessica Darlin. She has the cleanest pussy and the cleanest ass. I am going to do a scene with two girls that starts in Heaven and ends up in Hell. It’s going to be hot.

That reminds me, you played God in a movie recently.

I did and Rob played the Devil in Soul Survivor. Oh shit, did I just spit on you?

Either that or Zupko is up above reminding me what he thinks of my Anal Ball review.

Did you like me as God?

That was very good dialog by both of you. Are you nominated for any AVN Awards?

Cocktails got nominated for most disturbing scene or something.

Do you think you’ll win?

I don’t care. We’re boycotting it all anyway. We are going to do our own awards this year. Where you can’t buy awards or suck people off for them. It will really represent the fans and the real reviewers like you.

And you’ll have awards for best reviewer?


So I have to bribe you now?

No, no more bribing, but no more fat jokes from you.

We have come full circle. I never called you fat.


You even said you were chunky, so what’s the beef?

But I look good now?

Yes, I told you, you look very slim now.

Just make sure you put that in there because I want people to know and feel stupid. Some of them even called me trailer trash.

That’s not always a bad thing.

Bull shit.

No, trailer girls can be sexy.

You’re high.

You show up in pants like that and say I’m high?

You don’t like my pants do you?

They look like goat legs.

Fuck you, (she laughs) you and Messiah. He calls them Abominable Snowman pants. But I like them, I want people to notice them.

In that case, may I make a suggestion?


You’re wearing a top that shows that much cleavage, so no sane, straight man will ever get as far as the pants.

I’ll keep that in mind.

Put a sign on your boobs that says “please look at my pants. ” Do you have anything more to say to anyone?

That’s about it.

OK then

No wait, I want to say this, with all sincerity. I love Rog. Now that he says I’m skinny.

You didn’t like me yesterday though.

That’s because you come to the booth and don’t talk to me.

Pardon me? You’ve stood me up how many times for interviews?

You just have to grab me by the arm and tell me we’re doing it.

I’ll keep that in mind.

Did I tell you my Rodney Moore story?

We’re not done?

Not yet. Jim South is a piece of shit.

That’s the Rodney Moore story?

That’s the start of it. Jim was supposed to be my agent and he sent me to Rodney. I go to this house and I was scared. I wanted to leave, but Jim said I couldn’t leave. I was supposed to do one scene, but ended up doing two. I hated it, but since my agent said I had to stay, I felt I had to. I hate Jim and I hate Rodney. He’s a dirty fucking scumbag. That scene haunts me to this day.

Is there anyone else you don’t like?

That other guy who pretends he’s an agent.

Regan Senter?

Yeah, that’s him. I saw him a while ago and he said he could get me work. I told him who I was and that I don’t do movies any more. He said “You should do what you do best, suck cock.” Fuck him, the lame ass little troll.

Did you do one of his compliance videos?

Fuck no, I wouldn’t touch that piece of shit. And Roy Karch. I was at Jim’s office, you know how you just go there and sit. Roy comes in and we go to the back to take pictures. So I take the pictures and he starts taking his pants down. I asked him what he was doing and he said “You have to suck my cock if you want to work.” I told him I don’t do that. He said “You’ll never get anywhere in this business.” So ha-ha Roy, fuck you. Look where I am you piece of shit.

Let’s sum up the Lizzy Borden hit list.

Roy Karch, Jim South, Rodney Moore, Alex Sanders, and Alex’s girlfriend is fucking horse faced cunt, what’s her name Sid Vicious?

Sid Deuce.

Whatever. She paid me to do a movie and it took me over two weeks to get paid, fucking cunt.

Anyone who used to work for you?

Jasmin St. Claire is an unmerciful cunt. She said everyone in the industry is a piece of shit. Ashlyn Gere kind of screwed us over and Jon Dough is a fucking limp dicked drug addict. It took us three days to shoot that scene with him and Iroc. That’s about it. Everyone has been OK.

(Thomas Zupko walks into the room.)

What about this guy?

Zupko? I actually like Thomas Zupko. Believe it or not, I really like him. Even though he won’t give me a part in his movie and is always yelling at me.

So can we say good bye now?

If you take some pictures of me to show people I’m not fat any more.

Deal. Thanks Lizzy.

Thank you Rog, I love you.

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