XCalibur 3: The Lords of Sex

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading alt.sex.movies and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Overall Rating [9/12]
Female Looks [10/12]
Male Looks [8/12]
Picture Quality [8/12]
Extras [9/12]
Plot Acting [7/12]
Sex [9/12]

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XCalibur 3: The Lords of Sex



178 Mins.

Ninn Worx/Woodman


DIRECTOR: Pierre Woodman

THEMES: Costumes, Medieval Themes




STARS: Roxy Panther, Veronica Da Souza, Claudia Adams, Kathy Anderson, Katka Redil, Kristi Illenot, Marsha Lord, Morgan Moon, Petra Stinrey, Sunny Jay, Valery Hilton, Wildy,


This is the final chapter in Pierre Woodman’s latest epic. If you missed the first two chapters of XCalibur do yourself a favor and pick them up. It is the sort of long, sexually volcanic adventure that we have come to expect from him over the years. Taking on King Arthur isn’t the sort of task that your ordinary porn director would try, but Woodman handles it beautifully. This final chapter is packed with great looking girls, hot anal sex and plenty of outdoor action. The women come and go so this isn’t the movie to watch if you want to focus on one babe an enjoy her. Instead they come at as, turn in a great scene and are gone. I love the outdoor action, the costumes and the constant Euro-babe action. The story jumps around a lot, but it works well enough to keep the scenes flowing. Even without the dialog the sex and the women are well worth it. This final chapter wraps everything up perfectly. Pierre Woodman is back doing what he does best and the porn landscape is better for it.

It takes just seven minutes to run us through the first six hours of this porn epic. We join the story for the final chapter with Xcalibur buried in the rock. Uther dead and Arthur just a baby. We also jump right into the first sex scene. Katka slips into a tent with her man and grabs his dick like it’s made of gold. They use a table to put her pussy in perfect position for eating and then fucking. Moving to anal quickly, he pulls her legs up and fills that asshole with his big cock. This is a hot little scene to start and it features a facial for our pigtailed peasant girl.

Even as Arthur pulls Xcalibur from the stone and takes the throne, the forces of evil are aligning against him. Of course evil in this world takes the form of a hot brunette who celebrates her wickedness by fucking two dudes. The guys are treated to a nice double blowjob and then work her over from both ends. We expect great looking girls and hot sex from Woodman movies and this scene fits that perfectly. The guys fuck her silly and then jerk hot loads of ball batter onto her pretty face.

With Arthur and Gwenevere set to marry, everyone in the kingdom is ready to celebrate. How? By having a feast and an orgy of course. (Were you expecting ball room dancing?) This is your basic big group scene with the camera wandering from one hot girl to another. I never really like the rhythm of these scenes, but this one has so many hot chicks that it never gets boring. There is some hot DP action going on here and plenty of pretty Euro-babes sucking loads onto lovely faces.

Merlin stays busy trying to ruin the kingdom and in his spare times he fucks hot chicks. This time around he nails two at once in his cave. He has a brunette and a blonde at his disposal and has the girls play with each other while they please him. This seems to keep everyone happy and makes for great eye candy. The blonde takes a great ride on his cock, sliding her ass down on his dick. RCA is a great position for this pretty girl and the shared facial makes this one of many sexual highlights offered by this epic fuck flick.

On their wedding night, Arthur and Gwenevere are separated thanks to a witch’s curse. Gwen runs off into the woods to chase Lancelot while the witch appears to Arthur as his bride for a little bedroom bam-bam. He is happy to have her suck his cock and she turns in a performance that has to make her the queen of something. They give the marital bed quite a work out. The spoon shots are great here as she throws one leg up in the air and lets him fuck her raw. He is pretty pleased with his bride and watching her with her ass up in the air it is easy to see why. He pulls her on top and starts working her asshole with just as much vigor as we saw during the vag. Like a good bride she sucks that cum out of his cock and keeps him happy.

Meanwhile the real Gwen finds Lancelot and gives his sword a serious tongue polishing. This time we get to watch her fuck outside and with a big dress on for most of the scene. It adds a great deal of costume appeal and the action is pretty hot. As before she opens up all three holes and gives us a rather stunning round of RCA to show off her anal skills. With her dress now gone she takes him all the way in her ass and sucks him off. That’s true love baby.

Things are tough for the Knights on their quest because Morgana has sent her Angels of Death out to kill them. One pretty redhead decides to fuck one of them first. I guess that is a slight upside to the situation. She sucks him hard and then rides his dick like she just wants to use him up before ending his life. The anal this time around is intense as she pounds her butt into his lap and slaps her cheeks against his hips. This hungry assassin sucks every drop of cum from his balls and licks her lips as she finishes him off.

The last remaining Knights run into an A of D and you can easily do the math here. No need for fighting this time. They just fuck the hot little bitch right there next to the pond. She moves her mouth back and forth between cocks at record speed, deep throating each of them to the best of her abilities. As she rides one cock and sucks the other you can already see the DP taking shape in her mind. They lean her back and with her legs wide open, she is easily penetrated in both lower orifices. The guys may be doomed, but they drop a couple of loads on her pretty face first.

We move forward a whole generation for the next sex scene. There isn’t much set up, but it features a stunning blonde getting fucked so what more do we really need. In no time at all she has his cock in her ass and is showing us some stunning RCA. Where do they find these women? It’s like Woodman has a factory that churns out hot young Euro-babes who take it in the ass and eat cum like it’s liquid candy. This one takes the load on her tongue and makes us all wish she had been in the movie more.

Bonus: Comprehensive Making of Featurette, Photo Gallery & Trailers


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