Furious Fuckers 2 Final Race

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Furious Fuckers 2: Final Race


145 Mins

Evil Angel


DIRECTOR: Rocco Siffredi

THEMES: Euro Babes, Anal Sex, Big Tits




STARS: Gianna, Annette Schwarz, Kelly Stafford and many others


When Rocco released Furious Fuckers earlier this year I was really impressed. It was a very cool movie with great race scenes and sex that was full-throttle hot. There is a story here, but it’s pretty loose. It has something to do with Rocco‘s race team, fast bikes, rivals and hot women. Part two picks up where part one left off so we should expect more of the same. Hot girls, hot sex and best of all, Gianna. That’s right; porn’s hottest girl is one of the stars of this movie and may be the best reason to be excited about this sequel. Kelly Stafford isn’t a bad reason to tune in either. She has done just enough movies in her career to build up a rapid fan base that just can’t get enough of this busty blonde cock hound. If you like Rocco‘s blend of hard edged sex and adrenaline action then strap in for very wild ride.

Liz Honey, Jessica Moore, Jennifer Dark & About a Dozen Others

The action is fast and furious from the start. Rocco tells the racers that the first six to cross the finish line will get to fuck the hotties while the rest just get to jerk off. That is reason enough for these guys to make a mad dash around the track. This is a massive scene that has some great eye candy moments, but is mostly just a tease to set us up for later.

Kelly Stafford, Annette Schwarz, Poppy Morgan & Cristian

Cristian gets called off of the track to go meet his boss, Kelly. She welcomes him to the team by sitting on his face, smothering him with her as cheeks. Apparently eating female ass is a requirement for the job because Kelly lets Annette and Poppy follow suit. Don’t worry though, they don’t kill him. In fact they reward him with a triple blowjob. That’s right guys, Cristian gets to look down and see his dick passed from Annette to Poppy and back again while Kelly runs the show. There is some hot deep throat action here from Annette, but also a lot of rather dreary looking and sounding choking. It just feels forced much of the time. He sprays them down and the girls pass his load around. This isn’t bad, but it isn’t as hot as most of the action in part one. I hope it picks up a bit.

Hannah Hunter, Kate Jones, Cindy & Others

Rocco is supposed to shoot a potato chip commercial, but ends up getting kidnapped. In his place, the new guy goes a little nuts. You may never look at snack food the same way again. It quickly becomes a massive group blowjob that has the photographer screaming about his shot being ruined. The girls grab him and make him part of the fun. There are so many hot girls in this scene that you can just sit back and watch them swarm the lucky cocks in the room. This isn’t as forced as the last scene and much hotter overall. It isn’t gentle sex, but there is just a better feel to it. Even as Jean and the guys are bending hotties over and railing them from here to next Tuesday, the eye candy factor is very high. I’m not even a big fan of group scenes like this and I was really impressed by this one. If there is a downside it might be that there is too much great action so it’s hard to follow it all sometimes. Small price to pay for such a hot fuck.

Katya and Ira & Mike Angelo and Cristian

Two of the bikers run into a pair of hot girls in the park. They shot one of them before and want to show her the pictures. This naturally leads to some hot two on two sex. Both Katya and Ira and very, very hot so moving the action from one couple to another isn’t bad at all. While one girl is bent over being fucked, her huge titted friend is being fingered and finally drops to her knees. As the action intensifies and anal becomes the focus of the sex, the couples join one another in the same room. That big titted girl gets fucked so hard in the ass that I keep expecting her to cough up a freaking lung. I really love this scene and both girls get high marks for stroking big loads of cum onto their waiting tongues.

Kelly Stafford and Annette Schwarz & Kid Jamaica

More fun in the garage as Annette has Kid’s face buried between her cheeks. Kelly joins in and actually rams his head in there farther. The ass licking here is pretty intense as the girls get into the act as well. Kelly turns Annette around and holds her mouth wide open for some face fucking. I don’t get it. You have arguably the best deep throat artist in the business and so far all anyone wants to do is tear at her lips. Kid bends Annette over, showing off her legs beautifully as he fucks her hard from behind. Kelly gets right in there to suck and help guide his dick right into Annette’s tight hole. The anal is great and then they break out some oil that has everyone all slicked up. I like the intensity at times, but it also crosses over into some basic brutality that I just don’t like to watch. They finish off with a big cum swapping sequence that is nasty and super hot.

Marsha Lord & Gianna and Cristian

It is almost time for the final race and as Rocco races to find a replacement part, his crew continues to fuck and suck right there at the track. There are some great race shots here as well as some footage of Gianna riding in a helicopter and sucking on her own nipples.

Gianna, Sarah James, Annette Schwarz, Poppy Morgan & Others

The post race celebration kicks off with Gianna diving into the cake and then rubbing her sugar covered tits into the winner’s face. They spray her down with champagne and everything is going just fine until Kelly shows up. She wants all of the girls involved so get a line of hot chicks waiting for champagne enemas. I’m sure that a lot of people are going to love watching as the bottles go up assholes and then the way the liquid shoots right back out. It just does nothing for me. I’m busy wondering what Gianna is doing over at the cake table, but that’s just me. When Gianna finally does rejoin the action she immediately steals the spotlight. She gets bent over with her hands tied behind her back for some hot face fucking. There are so many people fucking at this point that it becomes impossible to follow just one. Just lean back and enjoy a whole bunch of hot babes getting fucked hard in the ass. Since I really love Gianna, her presence in such a huge scene is a bit frustrating. I want the shot to stay on her, but it always moves away too quickly. There is plenty of cum to go around though and everyone is happy in the end.

The bonus disc has a music video, filmographies, trailers, a cumshot recap and cast lists.

Furious Fuckers Final Race is a relentless sexual assault that starts in high gear and never lets up. It features beautiful women having blistering sex. Saving Gianna for the end of the movie is a little maddening at times, but Rocco certainly gives us enough to keep us interested from the start. Kelly is really good and should win over tons of new fans with this effort. There are some big group scenes that can sometimes be distracting, but work in this movie. Rocco keeps the pace solid and the girls beautiful. I don’t know if I would put this movie completely into the “feature” category because is just sort of flows from one scene to the next with a motorcycle backdrop. If we do classify it as a feature then it is the most sexually charged and balls-out strokeable feature of the year. It’s a great wall to wall sexual adventure that should be a hit with anyone who loves Euro babes, hard sex, anal action or just wants to see Gianna‘s stunning body covered in cake.


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