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Blog 9/27

Operation Desert Stormy, Good Bye Cindy & Brady’s R Coming

Operation Desert Stormy: Earlier this week I talked about the cool package that Hustler sent with the review copy of Barley Legal 75. Today I got a package that was even more impressive and fun. Wicked sent me over a box full of stuff promoting the latest Stormy Daniels project, Operation Desert Stormy. Inside of what is probably the most clever press kit since Wicked sent me an ammo box full of stuff relating to Brad Armstrong’s Coming Home were a number of goodies. I went ahead and took pictures this time because I just thought it was cool stuff. The file folder came with a copy of the movie (Review coming), a T-shirt packaged in the shape of a gun, a pink compact mirror, a battery powered fan with belt clip and a pair of retractable binoculars.
It’s pretty cool stuff if you like porn memorabilia and who doesn’t love that. It looks like a pretty good movie and we certainly have to give them a lot of credit for an eye catching
and fun press kit. Operation Desert Stormy is available at, and all of the other fine on line retail shops listed in the links listed on the site.

Eye Candy: Since you have to wait a few days for the Operation Desert Stormy review, here are here are some hard core shots of Stormy in action to hold you over.

Good Bye to Cindy Crawford: Say it ain’t so. Word on the street is that Cindy Crawford is calling it quits. The former Jill Kelly contract girl has been tearing it up on the gonzo circuit for the past two years, making quite a name for herself as a beautiful girl who will do anything and everything. (And don’t we just love her for that.) I had a chance to interview Cindy back in 2004 at Erotica LA. She actually defied the
JKP rule against letting their girls interview with me and I always appreciated that. I’m going to miss her and wish her well. Hey Cindy, I guess this means we don’t get to do that second interview. And more importantly, does that mean I don’t get the blowjob you keep promising me? Come on now, let’s be fair.

Eye Candy: This may be as close as any of us (including me apparently) will get to having Cindy Crawford sucking dick up close. Say it ain’t so Cindy. Say it ain’t so.

Brady Porn on the Way: My post earlier about the Brady porn caught plenty of attention. No, I wasn’t being skipped over. Nothing like that. In fact they sent me a copy and it just never got to me. A second copy is on the way and I should have the review up early next week. Even better, they are sending me a special item from the movie to give away to a lucky reader in October. Now I just have to come up with a good contest for this special prize. On a related note, we have to wonder about this Marcia Fucked Jan story. Apparently Maureen McCormick and Eve Plum had some sexual flirtation off set back in the real Brady days. While we were all focused on Greg and Marcia, apparently Marcia dug Jan. It sounds like a good way to sell books to me. Or possibly it’s all a planned leak by Jeff Mullen. After all, the story did hit just as Not the Bradys XXX was released. Coincidence? I wonder.

Eye Candy: I don’t know if Marcia and Jan ever got it on, but I do know that porn’s very own Marcia (Hillary Scott) Loves it in the Ass!!!!

I Want Your Photos: OK, it’s almost birthday time (Yes, 40, make your jokes, have a laugh. I’m old. I get it.) and I would like to do a special Rog Rules Gallery for the site. So if you have a T Shirt….pose. If you want a T shirt to pose in, email me. If you don’t have a shirt, make a sign. On paper, on flesh with lipstick, write it out in Legos for all I care. If you want to take pictures of friends, hot girls you know, whatever. I will add any URL you like to the gallery so we can promote you, your site, your favorite charity, anything at all. We can also make this part of the contest to give away the Brady item and some other things from the porn closet. So please take some shots and send them my way. It should be something for people who visit the site. I would really appreciate it.
Eye Candy: I know what I really want for my birthday…well one of the things anyway. Natucica Thorn, naked and sucking dick. Yeah that ought to do it.

That’s all for now. I’m off to see “The Kingdom.” Yes, I am actually taking two hours off from watching porn to go a movie for the first time in months. Damn thing better be good.

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