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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Ass Addiction


150 Mins

Digital Playground


THEMES: Asses, Anal Sex




STARS: Katja Kassin, Shyla, Naomi, Gia, Kinzie Kenner,


Robby D is always trying to add something new to his work. He’s been shooting scenes that are more genre-specific lately, branching out into big tit and now big ass movies. He also has just started shooting scenes with multiple guys. That’s a lot harder than it sounds and has been challenge. Kinzie Kenner actually wrote to me on the day she shot her scene from this movie and talked about how much fun it was. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this hot little babe take on the three guys ever since. From the looks of the cast we can also count on plenty of great ass footage. (Or at least footage of great asses even if Robby fucks it up.) Naomi, Katja and Gia are quite bootilicious and the rest of the girls are just fucking gorgeous. This should be a treat for ass lovers and….well those who aren’t.


How much can one girl have without violating some kind of law? That is the question that has to come to mind when you watch Naomi strut around in her panties. Erik Everhard gets to play with this sweet assed babe and just to make it more fun, they play with some icing. Erik spread some on his dick, but even before he finishes, Naomi is busy stuffing that meat into her mouth. He doesn’t let her suck for long though, choosing to get behind her and slide into her from behind. Since this is an ass movie and since Naomi is the current ass queen you would expect to see a lot of butt footage. With a small toy keeping her tight ass filled, Erik focuses on her wet slit. He works her hard, power fucking that pussy to let her see what is in store for her ass. Replacing the toy, he starts pumping those fine cheeks with great intensity. There is a lot of close up footage at first, but as they progress we get to see some more butt-oriented anal action. Naomi rides that dick with her ass and works a load from his balls. Erik coats her cheeks with a thick wad. This is a pretty good start to a movie for guys who dig great asses.

Kinzie Kenner & Friends

One of the new things Robby is trying is shooting scenes with more than one guy at once. Kinzie Kenner is the star of this little bang. She looks stunning in her bikini and opens the action by going from room to room. Behind each door she finds a guy in bed. Greeting them wonderfully, Kinzie shows just a flash of her oral skills. After sucking on three cocks individually, she gets down on her knees to take them all at once. Surrounded by cock, she manages to service them all perfectly. She keeps one hand working between her legs while her mouth gets poked from every side. This may be her first time with three guys, but Kinzie looks like she’s been doing it for years. One guy gets underneath her to fill the pussy while she keeps her mouth working overtime. They work her onto all fours so that one dick can slide right between her cheeks. This gives us the great butt shots we want to go along with the fantastic fucking anal sex. The guys feed her cum and Kinzie ends up with her face and tits splashed with plenty of hot goo. Anyone who watches this and doesn’t want to jerk off is clearly an alt-porn fan.

Katja Kassin & Scott Lyons

I used to joke that no one could make an ass movie without Katja in it. These days people try to pull it off, but in the end it’s hard to beat that great big German backside. Scott has her on a leash and gives her cheeks a series of solid whacks with a paddle. While he focuses on her whole body, the camera is locked in on that ass. This is the kind of butt worship footage that is bound to please the core audience. When the cock sucking starts, a second dick is added to the mix and Katja doesn’t miss a beat. Even during the double blowjob we have a lot of focus on that ass. After just a bit of gagging the guys start to work cocks into that deep ass crevice of Katja’s. Taking cock up the butt is not hard for her so Katja focuses on giving a great blowjob at one end while the camera keeps showing off her fantastic backside. In addition to the great butt shots we get some of the hottest anal sex I’ve seen since…well since the last scene. Katja lives up her reputation with the great fucking and by taking two loads right into her mouth.

Gia Paloma &

Let’s not forget about Gia in this movie OK. She has been flying under the radar a bit of late, but is always worth a look. Sporting those new big tits and an ass that is rounding out quite nicely, Gia turns in a tease performance that should set the water boiling. Ben English comes in and doesn’t bother to get undressed as he slaps her ass, rams his fingers into her holes and basically lets her know that she’s in for a bumpy ride. With a big dick and a rough guy we would expect a whole lot of gagging, but Gia seems to be trying to hold back on that. It makes for a much better blowjob and even with a lot of cock slapping and aggression from Ben, Gia manages to shine. Ben takes her from behind, fucking her pussy with that big cock and getting her all stretched out for more. The intensity of the fucking is as high if not higher than anything we have seen so far. He pounds her hard enough to make her tits shake and then drops the hammer on her from above. Gia spreads her legs wide, holds her hips up and lets him just pound away. There seems to be more tit footage that ass stuff here and we even get to watch her wrap those fun bags around his thrusting prick for a while. The anal action is handled by a toy here and his load ends up all over her face. Gia is still one of the hottest fucks in the business.

Shyla, Scott Nails & Jean Val Jean

Am I crazy or is there is something a little gay about Jean and Scott hanging around in just their ripped jeans on the couch? They have Shyla tied up in the back yard and she is begging them to fuck her. As good as she looks in her schoolgirl outfit that we have to wonder why these guys need to be asked. They take her inside and turn her hungry mouth loose on their cocks. This busty blonde is a great cock sucker and she handles these two big dicks with great skill. I know that this is a butt movie, but with a blowjob this freaking good I think we can not only forgive Robby from straying a bit, but thank him for giving us something this good. (Virtually quag-free) Shyla shoes great energy as she gets on top of a cock and makes her whole body quiver from the passion. There is a lot of tit footage here, especially when Jean starts smacking those big things around. (I’ve actually had the pleasure of holding Shyla’s knockers and they are quite nice indeed.) The ass shots come into play when the guys start slamming that hot butt. I’ve already said it a few times, but the anal here is fucking fantastic. Shyla seems to always want more and she looks great from every angle. I suppose we could get picky and say that the butt worship shots are lacking slighting, but that is probably because we are focused on the white hot ass fucking. The busty blonde takes a nice double shot of cum at the end. I don’t know if anything can top Kinzie, but this is one of the best Shyla fucks I have seen in a long while.

This is a really great stroke flick from start to finish. It starts off as exactly what we would hope for from a butt worship flick. Naomi’s scene perfectly mixes hot sex with great butt coverage. It helps to have one of the best asses in the business, but it’s Robby’s camerawork and the feel of the scene that makes it really work. Kinzie and Katja follow with two of the best anal scenes I have seen this year. Watching Kinzie take on three guys is every bit as hot as she said it was and I think we need to see more. (Actually I’ll settle for a little one on one time with this cutie, but that’s another story.) From there we move on to a final pair of scenes that are also fantastic. Gia is quite the hot cock slut and though her scene is a little light on the butt footage, it is long on energy and features some good tit fucking. Shyla closes out the movie with a scene that could have more ass shots I guess. I’m reaching though. You have to really be looking for ass footage to see anything wrong with the finale. Shyla looks great, she fucks like she means it and brings things to a close in fine style. I know it’s still early, but I’m pretty sure that this one is going to be on my list of the best five all-sex movies of 2006. It’s right up there with the best of the best.

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