Rog Blog: August 5th


Rog Blog: September 5h
More on Guest Blogging & New Interviews
I hope you all enjoyed Labor Day. I spent it at home getting caught up on the email that came in while I was gone. I’ve also added some new stuff to the site so we’ll get to that here as well. First let’s get back to the guest blogging that went on while I was gone.
Eye Candy #1: How about a little Latex Diva action starring Mary Carey for your viewing pleasure.
Guest Blogging:
Kinzie Kenner: I had her penciled in for Monday, but she was busy and actually sent over her stuff closer to the weekend. It really doesn’t matter when Kinzie writes because she is so much fun. The multiple anal scene she described the last time she dropped by is finally coming out. Robby D’s Ass Addiction is currently being reviewed by yours truly. Look for that review later today or tomorrow.
Savana Switzer: Our newest toy reviewer (See her latest here.) sent us a nice story about her evening at a special toy party. Am I the only guy reading who thinks that it would be a whole lot of fun to have a camera in on one of those parties? Perhaps we can convince Savana to let us in on one of those all-girl parties. Look for a lot more from Savana in the future. She’s a great writer with a lot of drive. She also has a huge crush on Aurora Snow and you know I’m going to monitor that situation closely.
Aurora Snow: Aurora sent us two short interviews and a great photo of herself with a new director. She’s working really heard these days and has given us some great scenes. I’m hoping to get Aurora to send us over some more stuff and of course some new pictures that I can drool over before forwarding them to Savana.
Jeff: OK the weekend kind of fell apart with Wayne and Monstar standing us up, but Jeff saved the day. If you haven’t read his hilarious (and fictitious I think) account of how we met and how I got into porn reviewing you should do yourself a favor and read it twice. As usual, Jeff has outdone himself.
That’s all for the guest blogging. Send over your comments and we’ll talk about the stuff that was posted in my stead. Thanks to the guy who offered to send me his copy of “Skater Girl Fever.” I might just take you up on that. Feedback people…feedback.
Eye Candy #2: Check out a couple of hot teen cuties sharing a dick.
Farewell Mate: Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin passed away yesterday as the result of an accident while diving. I freely admit to being a big fan of the Crocodile Hunter and found him to be a very entertaining guy. Mrs. Rog was always rather amused by how much I liked Steve’s shows and once surprised me with a wonderful Crocodile Hunter bobblehead to add to my collection. (It talks folks.) His work as an entertainer, educator and conservationist were admirable and I can’t help thinking that the world is a little less in his absence. Crikey brother, you will be missed.
Eye Candy #3: How about this Chubby babe? Could that be Shonna Lynn?
While I was on vacation I did manage a bit of work. I finished transcribing four new interviews. Two of them are up now and two more will follow very soon. Check out the new interview with Pirates director Joone and director Robby D. I hope you enjoy those and be looking for Brother Love and Erik Everhard in the next week or so.
Eye Candy #4: Just a little Julie Silver for us to enjoy.
In case you missed it yesterday, check out this cool thing. Alexa (Great tool bar by the way) has a sort of stock exchange for web sites. You can follow this link to set up a free account with ten thousand pretend bucks. It’s pretty cool and you can buy “stock” in your favorite web sites.
Eye Candy #5: Just a little Liliane Tiger in a pink bikini top to send us on our way.

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