Melissa Goes to Boston (Melissa Midwest)

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Reviews >> Movie Reviews >> Melissa Goes to Boston (Melissa Midwest)

Melissa Goes to Boston

Stars: Melissa Harrington (Of

Type of Action: Public Flashing, Solo

60 Mins plus

Price: $19.99 at

Performer Appearance: Fucking Gorgeous (BEYOND EXCELLENT)

Video Quality: Excellent

Content Quality: Excellent


Melissa Midwest is a hottie with her own web site ( I’m not sure why I haven’t reviewed the site already, but I plan to correct that very soon. She has made a movie where she goes to Boston. (Hence the clever title.) This girl is a perfect combination of girl next door cuteness and absolute porn queen body. She reminds me a lot of Shane when she first hit the porn world. All that energy, all the appeal. We almost can’t believe she’s doing porn.

The movie starts out with some public nudity as Melissa makes her way down the streets of BeanTown. It’s freezing cold with snow on the ground, but she flashes for the camera anyway. It’s a bit frantic at time with Melissa popping into businesses to say hi to the locals.

After her trip out on the streets, Melissa settles in for a nice bath. We get to watch her strip and soap up her perfect body. There is even a bit of shaving and a tad bit of slit rubbing as she makes us all want her even more than we did before. (If that is possible.)

The masturbation continues when she dries off and gets into bed. Breaking out some strawberries and whipped cream she teases us and enjoy some sweet dessert at the same time. If anyone has any doubts about her perfection, they should just check this out. Melissa has a stunning body and a face that every guy can fall in love with. Just watching this makes me want to eat whipped cream for days.

Melissa takes a daytime stroll through the streets of Boston and shows off her tits for the camera and anyone lucky enough to be within eyeshot of the action. She shows us some more masturbation back at her hotel room. (This chapter includes Melissa in jeans and a bra. If this isn’t your ultimate wet dream then there is something wrong.)

She shakes things up on the dance floor in a club and then goes into a secret room where she can get naked. Every step of the way, this beautiful blonde just seems to pull us in closer with her friendly personality and sexy smile.

After a hard day and night of flashing Melissa showers off and then lotions up her skin. Touching that perfect flesh seems to arouse her almost as much as it would arouse all of us watching.

For the grand finale, she takes a trip to Fenway. After buying a cute pink hat in the same store where I purchased my Pedro Martinez jersey on my trip to Boston a few years ago, she takes the full tour. At ever opportunity, Melissa lifts her shirt and flashes the camera. It is hard to enjoy the tour of the park when you have those perfect tits to stare at instead.

For bonus material we get a beautiful slideshow of Melissa having a lot of fun. There is also a funny blooper reel and a cute cartoon as well.

On disc 2 we get video clips that you can play on your PC. These were in the DVD, but I guess some of you might want to play these over and over on your hard drive. There is also a demo of Melissa’s virtual sex game. It looks pretty cool and you can find out more about it on

Wow this girl is beautiful. The movie is heavy on the tease because she’s not a hard core girl. She flashes, strokes and teases her way right into our hearts though. Melissa couldn’t possibly look any hotter and anyone who is already a fan must have this great DVD. Anyone who isn’t a fan certainly will be when they see this. Now one has to wonder just how much a top porn company would pay this cutie to be a contract star. Without question she would be the next big thing from the moment she set foot in Porn Valley. Now we just have to wait and see if she comes out. (And of course see if we can get her to pose and maybe do a show in a Rog Rules T Shirt.)

Reputation: Excellent

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