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Rog Blog: Reader Mail
Readers Write, Bob is Back & Some Other Stuff
Rather than start off with Bob’s latest rant, I’m going to give top billing to a nice email with a burning question that just begs to be answered.
C & C Write:


Love your reviews, don’t always agree, but more often than not your are right! Where is Alexis Amore on your list? Hot performer when she’s into it. Your views on the choking, slapping “quagging” are right on. I don’t want to see some hot chick gagging and drooling all over the place, that’s just not attractive at all.

My wife has a question, she wants to know where to get the lipstick that the pornstars wear. It never seems to come off or smear even during the longest, hottest blowjob scene. Please help my wife become the pornstar that she is!

Rog Replies:
Thanks for writing, for reading the site and for the kind words. You raise an excellent point with Alexis. Come to think of it, she pretty much always does a good scene. I’m trying to remember if I’ve seen much of her in the last year though.
It’s good to see that I’m not the only one who finds the choking, fake gagging and stupid throat tricks to be annoying and unattractive.
OK now to your question. Or rather to your wife’s question. I did some quick checking with porn girls and some others close enough to the business to know what brands are best for no-smear action. The two they named were MAC and Shisado. Now I expect you two to try these out and let me know what the results are. Consider it homework in Pornstar 101. If these work, I would like to add this great question to the FAQ section of the site.
Good luck and have fun,
PS: How would your wife like a Rog Rules T-Shirt. Should could be the very first Readers’ Wife to pose in one (With her face out of view if need be) or should just pose for you in it. Let me know.
So our friend Bob is back for a little more. I’ve cut this in a few places because I agree with Bob that we shouldn’t repeat old crap. I also cut out a part where he takes a shot at Brandon Iron. Brandon and I have had our share of ugly email fights, but one thing I’m not going to allow is for someone to take a shot at someone who isn’t even part of the discussion.
BobinJax Writes:

There is no need to reply to these few comments as I have no intention of going around the same block with you as in the past. The view was not good then, and it certainly has not improved.

I agree. If the discussions are going to take the same tone then why bother? I listen to your points Bob and get a good laugh out of a lot of what you say. I assume that much of it is intended to entertain and trust that you don’t take most of my playful pokes back as anything too serious.

(Unrelated Brandon crack snipped) To paraphrase Bill S. “The question dear Roger is not my hate of EE, but your love of him”.

Then Bob, there is no question. I love many things and many people. I love my wife, love my family, love baseball, the Ramones, the smell of suntan lotion, BBQ Ribs, Oreo cookies. I even love my Ipod. To a lesser degree, or perhaps simply to an anatomically lower degree I love Aurora Snow, Asian Women, the way Mika Tan looks while giving head, girls in bikinis, natural breasts, tan lines, the way women look in tight jeans and many other things that I talk about freely on my site. When it comes to Erik however, there is no love, at least not sexually. One could say that I love all humanity Bob, even you. But we both know that isn’t what you meant so we’ll move on.

…as my ancestor Louis XIV said Apres moi le delufge. (sic)

My French is not so good so I had to look this one up. It means “After me, the floods come” and is most often attributed to Luis XV who would also be one of Bob’s relatives, no? I assume he just got the great-great uncle mixed up with the great-great-great uncle. That’s an easy mistake. If you google it (without the “f”) you can find out that it has also been attributed it Prince Metternich, but that most agree it was actually uttered by Mme. Pompadour who actually said “Après nous le déluge” (Ruin, if you like, when we are dead and gone).
At any rate Bob and can agree to disagree. He’s not a reader of the site any more so I’m going to move on to those of you who are.
In regards to Teagan’s Birthday (Today) Dave (or Not) Writes:

I just want to be a candle on Teagan’s birthday cake!

Rog Replies:
I simply couldn’t agree more Dave.
Kon Writes:

can u recommend me a good porn movie with story? I’m looking for a porn movie to watch with a girl and this movie should appeal to her.

Rog Replies:
The obvious pick here is Pirates From Digital Playground. The movie has won every award possible for the last year and it’s really good. Check that one out and let me know what you think. I can give you some more recommendations from there. Good Luck.

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