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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading alt.sex.movies and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Pulse POV


150 Mins.

Digital Playground



THEMES: POV Sex, Maids, Big Tits, Tease




STARS: Nautica Thorn, Holly Morgan, Codi Milo, Alexis Silver, Honey, Jasmine Byrne


We are all familiar with Robby D’s work. He’s responsible for some of the best looking and most popular gonzo porn on the market these days. Lately he has been branching out from the Jack’s Playground and Teen America stuff. (If you haven’t seen his “Control” movies, especially volume two, then check them out.) This is his first venture into the world of POV porn. Of course we have to wonder about the sanity of a director who enters the POV genre using someone else’s dick. While we take a moment to ponder Robby’s sanity, let’s also remember that Jasmine, Nautica, Holly, Alexis and Honey are all worth watching no matter whose dick is doing the fucking. In fact, if picking the right cast is the key to a great POV movie, then my job is already done. It would be tough to beat these women…but easy to beat off to them, which is the point. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Robby just shoots Holly Morgan eating peanut butter for a while. She seems really natural in front of the camera though she plays shy. It ends up playing like a home movie of a guy trying to get his wife to be sexy for the camera. Not that most guys are lucky enough to be pointing their cameras at a woman as hot as Holly, but it’s still a cute and familiar set up. Eventually the action turns sexual and though Robby turns the meat slinging duties over to someone else, Holly stays in character. (So those of you with monogamous relationship fantasies can be very happy.) The POV footage of Holly sucking cock is perfect. She has a really pretty face and gives a blowjob that looks real rather than being all porned up and fake. She turns around show shows off her sexy little ass as her pussy slides over the hard cock. The only thing about this scene that is a little odd is the way Robby keeps talking from behind the camera. I know that he’s supposed to be the guy getting fucked, but how creepy must it be to stand that close to another guy and moan while someone else gets boned. I wonder if Robby spent any time on the couch working out this issue with his shrink. Holly turns around to face the camera and shows off a perfect body. This girl is so fucking hot that I’ve almost forgotten that two of my favorite women in the business are coming up. She dismounts and slowly jerks him off all over her fists. Cute little Holly makes for the perfect home movie star.

I just saw Honey in another POV movie and was impressed as hell. Robby is very impressed by how she stretches out her little tanktop with those massive natural tits. Her nipples are hard as rocks and nearly scream at us that they want to be sucked. The tit footage here is incredible as she changes tops and then continues playing with those things. If you don’t happen to like tits, the tease might drag a bit. On the other hand, I thought it was fucking fantastic. By the time she takes the cock in her mouth I am totally ready to see more of what she can do. Her eyes lock onto the camera and the heat is turned up another three notches. Honey is very talented with her mouth and uses her tits perfectly. As she climbs up on top of the big hard cock, Honey keeps showing off her tits and is still very good at maintaining eye contact. She rides hard, shaking her boobs for the camera and filling her tight little slit. The fucking seems a bit short after that long tease, but we get an absolutely great finish. Honey goes to her knees and takes a big blast right on her pretty face. She licks it from her fingers and rubs the rest into her cheeks. If my favorite girls bring half as much to the table as these first two women then this may be the POV title of the year.

Jasmine Byrne is busy cleaning (She’s a maid of course) on the stairs when she catches the eyes of our horny camera guy. He follows her around for a while, checking out that ass as she bends over the table. If the last scene was all about tit tease, this one focuses on her ass so much that you might just fall in love with those cheeks. When she finishes shaking her pretty ass, Jasmine gets her pretty lips working on that big cock. She talks dirty to the camera as she downs that meat. As much as I love the way she looks with a cock in her mouth, that quagging shit has just got to go. Thankfully those noises go away when she is on top of the dick waxing it with her sweet hole. In between positions she sucks him clean. Jasmine keeps talking dirty as she asks him to bend her over and fuck her ass. The dick slides in slow at first, but they pick up speed when he flips her over. There is some really great mish footage as she proves to be one of the best ass fucks in the business. This time around the load is even bigger and it covers her pretty face. Somehow the scenes just keep getting better.

Alexis Silver has a big set of tits that are hanging out as she shoots some pool. In no time at all they are swaying out in the open as he pinches the nipples. There is some very good boob play here as she bends over the table and makes them sway back and forth. If you like really big tits, check her out because she’s got quite the set of knockers. Alexis starts talking dirty and wants to get to work sucking cock. It would be tough for her to live up to the first few scenes, but she does some nice tit fucking that’s for sure. Most of the action in this scene comes from her hands, mouth and tits, but Alexis does mount the dick for a while. This gives us some great tit coverage and a bit of butt footage. Mostly it’s all about the rack as he finishes off between her big jugs.

Disc two starts off with Nautica Thorn. She wants a contract with Robby’s company and is willing to go all the way to get one. I love the little outfit she has on. Those perfect tits are barely hidden and the cute little glasses really close the deal. She slowly gets out of her clothes on the bed and shows off one of the best bodies in all of porn. With that body and those eyes, Nautica was born for POV porn. (Actually what would make it perfect would be if she were on the business end of my cock.) Her lips are perfect and the only thing holding this scene back is a tiny little bit of quagging. The action is better when she is sucking and teasing his meat instead of being pumped in the mouth. She mounts his cock and shows off that perfect body in cowgirl. There is not a bad angle for her body so we are treated to some of the hottest POV sex of the year. The only way we can cap off this great movie is for Nautica to put those glasses back on and let the load spray all over her face and the specs. Damn….and by the way….DAMN!

This is a really good POV movie. It has a different feel than some of my favorite lines, but I think that a whole new audience will find the heat that POV offers. Robby’s movie is a little less rough around the edges than Mike John’s pure-perv POV stuff. (Which I fucking love.) Pulse POV isn’t so glossy that it looks like a Virtual Sex disc though. It’s a nice combination of the two styles. The set ups add a great deal as well. Some of them are pure tease while others are cute role plays. What guy hasn’t tried to get his girl to be nasty on camera? Holly’s scene plays to that reality and gives us a better payoff than most guys get. Honey’s tease stuff is pure tit-lover ambrosia. She has amazing tits and Robby does a perfect job of taking his time so that we can all enjoy them. Personally I think it is tough to beat Jasmine and Nautica Thorn. Both women are tremendous performers who really understand POV sex. Nautica is especially hot in her sexy outfit. That body is just perfect and her scene is on my list of award-worthy POV fucks. Jasmine talks to the camera well and shows off her amazing ass with such style that viewers may want to be careful that they don’t fall madly in love with her. We all know that I have two of my favorite girls in this movie, but even without those scenes, this is a tremendous DVD. Take that and add Jasmine and Nautica and you have one of the best POV releases of 2006.


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