Rog Blog: May 26


Rog Blog: May 26

So someone won American Idol last night right? Who cares? I was watching the season finale of “Lost.” I am certain that someone, somewhere cares that Taylor beat Kat (Hey, even I can Google) but honestly, do any of you? I happened to catch a few episodes during the season though and I have to wonder why anyone would buy a Taylor Hicks CD. If you want that, go out and buy a Michael McDonald CD. If you don’t know who Michael McDonald is, well let’s just say he was Taylor before Taylor went gray.

As for “Lost” what can I say? It is going to be a long, frustrating summer while we wait to see what happens next. Is it me, or does the whole thing play like a really great Stephen King novel? (And when is the last time we got one of those?) You just have a love a show with a high “holy shit” factor and “Lost” has more of that than any other show on TV.

I didn’t talk about this on Monday, but that brawl in the Cubs/White Sox game was pretty interesting. I honestly don’t think that AJ Pierzynski did anything truly dirty on the play. (Though he did lead with his elbow to Barrett’s head) and I can’t say that I think that punching someone is a good response to a rough play. On the other hand, it honestly couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Look AJ, you’re a catcher so you know damn well that while you can run the other guy down, you didn’t have to. You chose to take him out, lead with your forearm and then you slapped the plate some an assclown. All of that is perfectly fine, but then you can’t be surprised when the guy you just suckered gives you a shot to the chops. There is a reason your peers voted you “worst teammate” and “player we would most like to see beaned” in recent polls.

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