Best of Lex Vs. Mandingo 2, The

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Overall Rating [7/12]
Female Looks [7/12]
Male Looks [8/12]
Picture Quality [4/12]
Extras [4/12]
Sex [8/12]

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Best of Lex Vs. Mandingo 2, The

MOVIE TYPE: Compilation

130 Mins.

Devil’s Film

DIRECTOR: Compilation

THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Dicks

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Lexington Steele, Mandingo, Avy Scott, Angel, Candilicious, Jessie J, Candy Cotton, Bobbi Barrington, Suzi Suzuki, Monica Sweetheart, Wesley Pipes, Mr. Marcus


Talk abut a clash of the titans. Devil’s Film has brought together two of the biggest names, and biggest cocks in all of porn. They certainly have plenty of scenes to pull from. Both Lex and Mandingo have done a number of memorable scenes for DF. I don’t know if we should see this as a serious contest or not. It’s a collection of scenes featuring two monster dicks and a lot of stretches little pussies. The cast list is a mixed bag of super hot chicks like Monica Sweetheart and Avy Scott along with some lesser babes and a few we may not even remember. One thing is for certain though. The girls certainly won’t forget their time with either of these horse-hung studs.

Opening strong, we get Avy Scott bend over with Mandingo already working her slit with his tongue. Avy readies her mouth and takes an impressive amount of cock down her throat. It is amazing to see how quickly things have changed. A girl doing this scene today would sound like an entire family of wounded ducks, but Avy is too busy actually sucking that dick to worry about such nonsense. They move too quickly through the oral, but it is just as impressive watching Avy take that monster pole into her tight holes. Somehow he manages to slide that thing right into her asshole. It’s a very tight fit, but she continues to give us a great scene. He isn’t able to slam hard enough to shake those huge tits, but it’s still a very hot scene that ends with Mandingo jerking his load right into Avy’s open mouth.

The next scene stars Angel who is a pretty nice looking girl, working with Mandingo and Wesley Pipes. The lighting in this scene creates some real issues and Wes just can’t shut up for two seconds. Though she is a pretty girl, Angel doesn’t give off much energy. I’m sure that working with ‘Dingo is tough, but she just looks dead as she bends over and gets slammed from behind. There are some decent shots here, but overall this is a scene that is too technically flawed and sexually flat to bother with.

Candilicious doesn’t make things much better. She is all right looking, but just doesn’t seem all that into the action. We also have to suffer through yet another round of Wes’ wood killing babble. Marcus is on hand as well and the young girl gets pumped full of cock until she is air tight. If you like super sized DP then this scene will be of interest to you. Candi just kind of lies there and takes it though. That doesn’t really work for me and puts Mandingo in desperate need of a great scene if he’s going to have a chance on the scoreboard.

Jessie J is a huge step in the right direction. She’s a cute little blonde who came and went in the blink of an eye. Mandingo and Wes put her on her knees with her eyes closed so she doesn’t know that to expect. The expression on her face when she gets a look at the ‘Dingo dong is priceless. Jessie pretty much ignores Wes, leaving him stroking behind her head while she literally worships Mandingo with her mouth and hands. Even when the fucking begins, she focuses entirely on Mandingo and how big he is. We get some great reverse cowgirl that would only be better if someone stuffed a sock in Wes’s mouth. Little Jessie takes a shot right on the mouth, but Mandingo isn’t done with her. He puts it into her ass and can barely fit the head in there. The guys swap holes so that she can try some DP. For such a tiny girl, she does a really nice job and ends the scene with a big shot on her face.

Lex takes over in group scene with Candy Cotton at the center. He is banging her from behind while three other guys fill her mouth. How can we look at her bouncing tits and not just be sad. Ouch. I’ve never been much of a fan, but the leggy blonde manages to take a whole lot of dick while maintaining a good energy level. Lex handles most of the action, but Mr. Marcus warms up her ass for the main event. The guys find a way to fit two cocks into her at once and DP Candy hard enough to make her tits bang into her chin. This girl can take a pounding. They shoot all over her face to finish things off.

Lex watches as Wes gives Bobbi Barrington a tryout. She’s kind of cute with big natural tits and super pale skin. If you can get past the man chatter, her blowjob is very hot. Bobbi looks up into the camera and acts like she’s in love with that big dick. Lex manages to dish out the meat without the same ghetto drivel so the action heats up when he enters the fray. They lay her flat and fuck her hard enough to really get her tits shaking hard. The scene actually feels a little bit short as the guys unload their sacks on her tits and face after just a few minutes.

Suzi Suzuki is in the middle of a bang that has her lips stretched tightly around a huge cock. She is standing up with a dick in her pussy and her mouth hard at work. I’ve never been a huge fan, but she looks pretty good in this position and fucks with a lot more energy than I remember. There are some serious lighting issues that make this scene less than it should be. The DP action is pretty good as she opens up and takes a lot of dick. I think that the original material must have had lighting problems. It looks like bad VHS and it’s a few years old. They shoot scream all over her stretched ass. The action here is pretty good, but the picture quality is sketchy.

The final girl in the mix is Monica Sweetheart. We all know how damn hot she is so we can get right down to the good stuff. She is blindfolded at first, but doesn’t get that shocked look on her face when she sees Lex’s big dick. Instead she just pops it in her mouth and alternates between Lex and Marcus. There are lighting issues again. I don’t know if the transfer is bad or if the sun rally caused this much trouble in the original. Beyond that everything is great. The guys dish out the dick without the stupid bullshit. Monica’s body is perfect and opens up for both big cocks at once. After some really good RCA, they double up on her for the real fun. She is the prefect girl being fucked by two of the best in the business. No matter who wins the match up, this scene is by far the besting the collection.

As a contest, this movie isn’t exactly fair. Mandingo gets to work with better looking women from top to bottom. On the other hand, almost all of his scenes are dragged way down by Wes. Both of them dish out the dick pretty well, though Lex is a stronger performer. Mostly this is a comp disc for people who love watching these two guys haul out the big guns and go to town. Monica Sweetheart is the best looking girl in the collection and gives the best scene. Mandingo gets to go one on one with Avy Scott and then doubles up on Jessie J. Those three scenes are the best of the collection and really stand out. They could give us a better collection top to bottom, but this is still a pretty damn fine reminder that Devil’s has had some really hot girls turn through their lines over the years. Maybe for the next comp they will give us a collection of scenes featuring both mega-stars working together.

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