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Ease of Use-9

Reviewed by Jay


Tons of teen movies that are both original and taken from other adult companies.


Excellent. They show pictures of the girls featured on here, sample movies and pics, movie database and reviews of the website. Very informative to what you will be paying for.


Very easy to use and find stars that you are looking for by using the search engine. Most of the girls are unknown teens looking to make a buck by doing one movie but there are some well known babes found here. The movie section is broken up into two main links. One link is where you find original content and the other features movies from some selected porn companies (ex: red light district). You will find an amazing amount of clips found in each section (more than you could possibly download in a month) and every category of debauchery imaginable is included. Each movie is broken up into three to five separate clips and can be downloaded SUPER fast. The picture quality is satisfactory.

Picture stills are included with each movie. High quality pics are in their own section.


Cdgirls offers up a bunch of extra “reality” hardcore bonus sites such as “She likes em big”, “Desperate Teens”, “Milf Galleries” and “Backseat fuck and suck”. These are just a few of the sites you will receive with your membership.


-Tons of teen movies with no special themes going on. Just good ol’ fashioned fucking.

– Picture stills from the movies and high quality pics.

– Reality sites

-Search Engine


An excellent site that is very accessible. It has a TON of movies and pictures for you to put on your hard drive. However, I feel the best part of this site is the bonus material. Cdgirls really went all out with the perks and really make it hard for someone who’s looking at the site to not become a member. I recommend it if your looking for some good sex with sexy babes but without the freak show bullshit.

Price: $39.95 for Two Months.

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