Hustler: Sex Tape Scandal 2

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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Overall Rating [11/12]
Female Looks [11/12]
Male Looks [9/12]
Picture Quality [11/12]
Extras [5/12]
Plot Acting [8/12]
Sex [9/12]

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Hustler: Sex Tape Scandal 2


113 Mins


DIRECTOR: Patrick Handsome

THEMES: Euro Babes, Stockings




STARS: Jane Darling, Ramona, Luisa De Marco, Lucy, Martina, Violetta, Bob Terminator, David Perry, Tony, Marcus, Karl, JPX & Ricardo.


I just reviewed the first part of this movie and I’m looking forward to seeing how it ends. Director Patrick Handsome has put together a Woodman-esque feature with hot Euro-babes, great sex and a story just strong enough to make the scenes flow well. For those of you who missed part one, it’s pretty simple. The Secretary of Defense has a wild daughter who got herself caught up in a scandal when she fucked on tape. Wanting to make sure that the damage is minimal, the agency sends in their best man to get the tape back. Using his contacts in the porn world, Agent Fox was able to find someone who could get the tape. Just when it looked like all was well until he was shot trying to retrieve the tape. What happens next? Yes I know you are all dying to know and so am I.

Agent Fox didn’t actually die in the hit and suspects his porn contact of setting up the attempt on his life. He stays behind while Bob Terminator goes looking for the bad guys. To help make him feel better, Violetta stays behind and puts her pretty mouth around his rod. She is a very pretty girl who really knows how to suck a dick. It helps that she has such a pretty face, but Violetta had great hand action and sweet lips to boot. He returns the favor, showing no ill effects from the gunshot wound in his chest. Violetta leaves her heels and garters on as she spreads her legs and lets him have a go at her snug little slit. If anything the injury has him fucking harder than ever. Before he can get all tired out, she switches places and takes a ride on his rod. Her ass looks perfect and Violetta graces us with some really good anal. I love the RCA, but the best energy comes when she is bent over with a cock shoved between her cheeks. The scene ends with a great facial, kicking off the movie in perfect fashion.

Bob Terminator enlists the help of beautiful blonde Jane Darling. She is to infiltrate the porn industry and retrieve the tape. This girl is very adventurous, racing cars for fun. Before going in for her mission, she gets naked in her garage with a pair of studs. They work her big, perfect tits out of her bra and start feasting on them. Oh we are going to have fun watching this girl get fucked in her hot holes. Jane takes one slab of meat into her mouth and bends over to expose her pussy to the second stud. Her body looks great in this position and after a few minutes they go for some anal. Holding her cheeks open and letting her tits sway with every stroke as the men take turns. I don’t know if Jane is going to be a good agent or not, but she is the perfect girl to go undercover in the porn world. They double up on her and keep her stuffed with a lot of meat. Jane takes their loads one at a time, stroking cum out onto that pretty face.

Bob goes after the porn guy and comes up empty. He gives him a lead and then asks him to stay and enjoy the hot babe on his couch. Perry joins Bob for a four-way fuck. Lucy and Martina are the girls and they pair off with the guys. Lucy is a really good cock sucker who looks spectacular. Martina is a nice looking blonde who can’t quite keep up with the other girl. Ever the gracious host, Perry gives the hotter girl to his guest while he settles in for some RC with his babe. Both women are up for anal and Martina does a really good RCA while Lucy bends over and offers her pretty butt to the agent. Proving that she is a top notch girl, Lucy gets both holes stuffed at once. The DP footage is fantastic and her energy is as good as anyone in the movie. With Martina watching, the guys flip her over and continue to double stuff her cookies until they are ready to explode. Those Lucy worked them into a frenzy; she shares the popshots with her blonde partner. Even though I don’t usually like switching action like this, Lucy is impossible not to love.

Already undercover, Jane films a scene with Ramona and Luisa De Marco taking on two guys. After the scene we just watched, another four-way fuck may not be the best way to keep things flowing. Neither of these girls is nearly as hot as Lucy so it’s hard to get too excited about a repeat. Luisa is the more energetic cock sucker, but Ramona just seems to be excited about riding dick. As they move forward to the fucking, the girls share the couch and a kiss as they get boned. There is some really good side by side anal action as the shot is filled with hot female flesh. While Ramona watches, Luisa takes both guys at once. Eventually Ramona plays with Jane for a while and takes over with the camera for the facial shots that close the scene.

Jane does her job by getting the tape and then celebrates with Bob. He dives right in between those tits and starts working his way down her body. By the time he gets down to her pussy, she has just her heels and hose left on. She pushes him to the floor and grabs his cock in her fist. They pick a really bad time to short change us on the blowjob footage because Jane is just so fucking hot. Luckily her pussy action is just as sexy as her oral skills. She grinds on his rod and then shoves her pussy against his face. Bob puts her into a chair and slams her as hard as he can. Jane is pretty and super energetic as she takes everything he’s got. Bent over at the waist she gets her ass blasted as well. They end this perfect ass fuck with Jane jerking a big load onto her face.

I think I like this second part of the movie better than the first. The story sort of takes a dive and we don’t have much intrigue, but the sex is blistering and the women are even hotter than in part one. Jane Darling turns in two very hot scenes and is a woman not to be missed. All of the girls are good looking and even one of the four-way scenes is impossible not to love. If you enjoyed the first part, then this one is a must-see. The cast is even better and the sex is hotter as well. For anyone who dug the old Private stuff, this really will fit your needs perfectly.

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