Bisexual Britni Back For One Monster Scene


Jewel DeNyle has requested that I come out of retirement for one scene performed with her and some of the industries greatest and most famous actresses. This scene is a rather special scene as it will appear in Jewel DeNyle’s best and final movie. Yes, you heard it right, one of the greatest adult starlets in history is hanging up her strap-on for good. She will continue to direct and produce but will no longer actually appear in adult scenes.

Jewel DeNyle called me yesterday and asked if I wanted to be in a lesbian sex scene consisting of Ginger Lynn, Terri Weigel, Katja Kassin, Julie Night and of course, Jewel DeNyle herself. After Jewel finished laying out the scene and who was in it, I immediately asked her how much she was going to charge me (jokingly). I was having a hard time comprehending I was actually going to be paid to have sex with the hottest and most famous girls in porno history. Not to mention I have a huge crush on Jewel and take any and every opportunity to be near her especially if it involves sex with her. Jewel is a girl I would seek to date, romantically, if the stars in our lives were lined up differently.

Some of you may already know that Terri Weigel was the reason I went to LA to make movies in the first place. She was a “feature dancer” at a club I was a “house girl” in, called PTs Gold Club, here in Denver, Colorado. Right after her show, as she was walking off the stage, she grabbed me and kissed me, deeply, with tongue and all. I about fell off the platform when she removed her tongue from my throat. I was awe struck and knew I had to get into porn just on the off chance I could have sex with this girl that just massaged my tonsils then walked away without so much as a word. Of course, I managed to make hundreds of movies, win the “2002 Adult Actress of the Year” award and never once even saw her much less make a movie with her. Will I come out of retirement to taste her pussy now? Do you really have to ask. I would crawl through 3 miles of broken glass just to hear her fart through a walkie talkie. You can bet I am willing to hop a flight to LA and have sex wi!
th her all the while being paid to do it. I think they call that a “no brainer”.

So, I am off to pack. What do I need to have sex with Jewel DeNyle, Ginger Lynn, Terri Weigel, Katja Kassin and Julie Night at the same time?

Strap on? CHECK
Dildos? CHECK
Anal beads? CHECK
Strong tongue? CHECK

Color me out of here. I am off to lesbian heaven. Do not feel bad for me after I have gone. I am in a better place and I am happy. I will be walking on clouds, having sex with fantasy images and experiencing endless orgasms. Lord, if my plane must go down, let it be on the return trip home, AFTER I have sex with the “sirens”.

Sexually yours.

BisexualBritni (Just for one scene though)

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