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Lone Ranger: An Extreme Comixxx Parody

The man in the mask is back in this XXX parody. Ryan Driller plays the Lone Ranger in a movie that is actually pretty good. I have always been a sucker for porn westerns so this one is kind of fun. There is a story here that could have been a little better developed, but keeps the action moving forward at a decent pace. The sex is all right.

XXX Adventures of Hawkman & Hawkgirl, The

I will be honest. I have never heard of Hawkman or Hawkgirl. I have no idea if they are from a real comic book or not. I would assume that they are, but who knows? The story is a pretty good one. It’s a nice little origin tale that could set things up for later volumes. The leads, Ryan Driller and Allie Haze are both very well cast.

Laverne & Shirley XXX A Dreamzone Parody

Remember back in a simpler time, when sitcoms were pure and jokes were only semi-sleazy? Probably not, I’m fucking dating myself already on this one. Way back in this bygone era, two chicks from Milwaukee made our Tuesday nights fun. Laverne and Shirley was a really silly Happy Days spin off that probably doesn’t hold up despite the fact that Penny Marshall has proven to be quite the Hollywood heavyweight.

Cape Fear XXX

Bonnie Rotten is pulling double duty in this XXX parody. By playing the lead and directing the flick, Bonnie’s footprint is all over this one. She is no stranger to taking an iconic mainstream role played by a male and flipping the gender.

“Septo wins XRCO award, temporarily cuts parody prices 50%”

Jordan Septo, the company CEO with his namesake, Septo Studios, reflects upon the evening. “It was really a great show,” proclaims Septo. “It was the right length and it moved along smoothly. Thanks Bill Margold and XRCO, a great night was had by all.”

OMG It’s the Flashdance XXX Parody

It’s time to go back to the 80’s for a porn parody that features a very genuine look. Flashdance was a mega-hit back when I was kid because of its girl power story, monster soundtrack and slightly sexy love story. The porn parody lacks some of the music power (though it’s pretty good in this regard) and ramps up the sex while playing heavily on make up and clothes that really set the tone. If the look is important to you, then you are going to love this.

Christie Stevens’ First Parody Releases This Week

This is the week Christie Stevens fans have been waiting for: Her parody movie debut in OMG…It’s the Dirty Dancing XXX Parody is finally available from Septo Studios/Juicy Entertainment.

Christie Stevens Tackles Big Role in ‘Dirty Dancing’ Parody

Christie Stevens may have been too young to enjoy Dirty Dancing when it hit theaters in 1987, but like so many American girls since the film was a big part of her life. Thanks to her career in the adult business she’s able to take her DD love to places few could ever imagine by playing the role of Penny in the XXX parody from Septo Studios.

“Dani Daniels gets dirty for Septo Studios and Juicy Entertainment.”

With the success of his 70s & 80s parodies, namely Ghost, Flashdance and Saturday Night Fever, world famous director Jordan Septo parodies the 60’s classic Dirty Dancing for Septo Studios and Juicy Entertainment.

Jordan Septo Directs Lone Ranger XXX

Jordan Septo rides again! This time he is tackling a parody the American classic The Lone Ranger. In early March he will begin to shoot The Lone Ranger XXX An Extreme Comixxx Parody. He and his production team had been planning this blockbuster project in secret for months, but he decided now is the time for the official announcement.

Xena XXX: An Exquisite Pictures Parody

I’m kind of shocked at how long it took them to make a XXX version of this TV show. I never really watched Xena when it was on, but it was hard to miss just how popular it was. The female-driven action/fantasy series was everywhere, including on the net with tons of fan fiction stories dedicated to the warrior princess and her faithful friends.

Hairy Twatter: A Dreamzone Parody

Yeah folks, this is another parody. And yeah, it’s Harry Potter themed with some furry pussy word play. Harry and his friends are apparently upset at the decided lack of bush around campus. At the request of his friend Ron, the young wizard goes looking for a spell that will magically make the girls sprout muffs overnight. This raises some concerns, but it ends up leading to a lot of sex. The Harry Potter franchise is one of the most successful in the history of Hollywood so it makes sense that people would dig it as a porn parody.

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