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JAV Models: Perfectly Sexy

This is a really good collection of hot Japanese girls. I like a lot the girls and really enjoy the energy. As usual, the girls are pretty, natural and have a bit more hair down there than their American counterparts. They also respond to moderately sized cocks like they are being stabbed by foot long dongs.

5 Amateur Japanese Young& Hairy #3

This movie delivers exactly what the title implies. It features Japanese girls will hairy pussies. They aren’t full bushes perhaps, but defiantly working on natural thickets. The rest of the action is pretty standard stuff. The girls are cute and not totally enthusiastic. The guys are goofy, smaller than average and also sporting full pube bushes.

Mitsuko Doll: New Website, Updates to Affiliate Program Tune in to Her Cam Shows Throughout the Week

Mitsuko Doll has given her website an amazing overhaul and now she’s updated her affiliate program, too. The young starlet is bent on continually improving perfection and consistently pushes ahead with improvements even where they didn’t appear to be necessary. There’s a new affiliate resources page with new banners and photo galleries as well.

Mitsuko Doll Relaunches Official

After much work and not a little stress for the lovely Mitsuko Doll, she has relaunched her very own MitsukoDoll.com.

Mitsuko Doll Live on LA Talk Radio Wednesday Night

Fans have had many opportunities to get to know Mitsuko Doll through her endless camming, but now she’s going to be taken out of her element and introduced to us through master interviewer James Bartholet.

Mitsuko Doll Has Her Second Orgasm (Column)

In her second volume of the very popular Orgasm feature about camming, “Camming Today & Its Future” Mitsuko explains what it’s all about from it’s very essence. Who are webcam models, how do you spot them, what is their general purpose and why are they doing the things they do.

Mitsuko Doll Launches Affiliate Program

Mitsuko Doll is continuing her dive into the adult industry with her own affiliate program. The brainy beauty is offering a 50/50 partnership – 50% of all initial sales and 50% of all recurring billing for the lifetime of that member. With the way Mitsuko is branching out, you could be raking in dollars for year!

Mitsuko Doll Enjoys First-Ever Lady Love Experience

Mitsuko Doll has ventured into new territory, the special intimacy that can only be shared by two women, and has decided that she likes it—a lot. Fellow cam star Crystal Hunnie was the lucky lovely to be the first to spread her legs for the curious Mitsuko, who immediately knew it was something she could get used to.

Naughty Little Asians 30

This latest volume of Third World’s hot Asian series takes a bit of a different turn. It still features a couple of very hot Japanese girls, but also two who seem at least somewhat more American. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, they have sex with Asian guys in scenes that fit the feel of this series so well that we almost wonder.

J-Girls Dress Up Fantasy 2: Schoolgirl Edition

It’s off to Japan for some hot dress up fun. Four girls, four cocks and four cream pies. The schoolgirl uniforms are nice, but the pace of the movie doesn’t always show them off very well. There aren’t many full body shots with the uniforms on. Instead we get some good footage of girls fucking in schoolgirl uniforms. That certainly works for me. I like the energy in three of the four scenes and that’s a good thing.

First World Amateurs in Japan: MILF Edition

If this movie is any indication, the Japanese like their toys. There tends to be a lot of stimulation with masturbatory aids prior to the start of the real action. The girls usually struck me as being into the sex. This is especially the case in the first three scenes. The fourth scene wasn’t bad, but didn’t flow well.

Hello Titty 8

This is one that I generally like quite a bit. What’s not to like. Hot Japanese girls with big tits are always fun. The four girls in this volume are pretty nice looking and not half bad in the boob department. Only one really huge set here though. Airi Ai has the massive set and she puts them to perfect use.

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