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2013 Football Pick Em: A New Leader

After two weeks on top for Mistress Dee (Sorry, couldn’t resist) from Severe Society, the standings have a new name at the top. Using a solid 18 point week, Bono has taken over the top spot with 85 total points for the week. (55.2% of games picked correctly) His ascent to the top had at least a little bit to do with the fact that Mistress Dee forgot to make her picks for the week. (Or perhaps she was just trying to give us all a fighting chance after building up such a huge lead.)

2013 Football Pick Em: Mistress Gives Still in the Lead

For a second week in a row, Mistress Dee from Severe Society has the top spot in the standings. To pay tribute to our leader and stunning mistress, please visit SevereSocietyFilms.com. They make great fetish flicks, are awesome people. Mistress Dee’s lead was so big that she was able to survive a relatively low total (15) and still lead by ten.

2013 Football Pick Em: Mistress Gives the League a Spanking

We are now three weeks into another year of RogReviews.com Football Pick Em . It is a whole lot of fun for those who want get in on the NFL action, but don’t play fantasy football. It’s simple. Players pick games based on actual betting lines and score points for each win. No money on the line, but there are prizes. It is not too late to join. Just follow the sign up instructions below.

Fantasy Football Week 2 Wrap Up

Since no one in the league jumped out to write one of these wrap ups, I’ll give it another shot. You know, after over six thousand porn reviews it gets tough to write a post that isn’t about dicks or assholes or cum stains. On that note, this week’s update is dedicated Mikey P, who if he were not so caught up his silly bullshit would have a well-placed link to his site here.

2013 Football Pick Em: Week Two A Severely Good Week

This week’s leader board has a decidedly “severe” feel to it. To honor that, check out SevereSocietyFilms.com. They make great fetish flicks, are awesome people and currently are ruling this pick em league.

Rogreviews.com Fantasy Football Week 1 Wrap Up

Week one of the NFL season is in the books and fantasy football owners everywhere are over-reacting to fortunes and misfortunes. I will be posting updates as I can during the season. I hope they are fun. If anyone in, or out of the league wants to have a little fun writing one, please let me know.

Adonis Vibrating Probe (Reviewed by Ron Riggins)

This special toy from California Exotic Novelty gives me exactly what I’m looking for with a little extra. It vibrates. (Something not even my favorite boy toys can pull off no matter how yummy their cocks are.) That makes this my new favorite for play alone or with a playmate.

My Boyfriend is Gay 5 (Reviewed by Ron Riggins)

Why didn’t someone tell me that this series existed sooner? What a totally hot fantasy. OK, maybe not hot for the girlfriends who discover their guys like a little (Or hopefully a big) dick on the side, but for guys like me.

Silicone Prostate Probe (Reviewed by Ron Riggins)

This is a really nicely designed toy for basic prostate stimulation. I am tempted to say that it is good for beginners because of the design and size. It doesn’t exactly give one the feeling of a good backdoor pounding, but if you are just looking to have your “spot” tickled.

His Dracula 3D

So this movie says it’s a parody, and you can usually trust Hustler/LFP to know what a parody is, but it doesn’t appear to be humorous or to have any satirical content. It seems like what it is, instead, is just a gay-sex-friendly retelling of Dracula.

Boulevard Distro Plays Hard Ball

Boulevard Distribution has begun pre-production on what could be its most controversial film to date—“Pischer, A Lefty’s Legacy” is a first fantasy reenactment video based on the life and times of a famous pitcher. The DVD is inspired by Sandy Koufax, all-star pitcher of the Los Angeles Dodgers and perhaps one of the greatest baseball players of all time.

California Exotic Novelties Presents New COLT Products

California Exotic Novelties introduces new products to the popular COLT Collection. The new additions include: the Hefty Probe Inflatable Butt Plug, the Turbo Bullet, and an array of Ready Wipes.

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