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Rocco Meats Suzie

This one is really a trip in the way-back machine. Back when gonzo movies actually had a certain feel to them, a specific flow. Not that this one fits that mold. In fact it is the lack of flow that makes this stand out. It is an even stranger ride given today’s tendency toward random, unrelated scenes thrown together in DVD form.

Lighted Shimmers: LED Turbo Bullet (Reviewed by Britney)

Any toy company that puts “with Extreme Power” on the package had better be ready to back that up. The LED Turbo Bullet is part of the Lighted Shimmers line which means it has a cool light on the bullet. I always think that these toys are better with a partner. I mean it’s not like I need a light to find my way down there, but I’ve been with plenty of guys (and a few girls) who can use all the help they can get. Useful alone or not, the LED light gives the Lighted Shimmers collection a cool factor that I like.

First Time Love Balls: Duo Lover (Reviewed by Britney)

I have never tried insertable balls before and as a little apprehensive. The First Time Love Balls are nicely designed for girls like me. They are smooth, with that velvety feel that really goes well with lube. The two balls are not overly big, but certainly have enough size to let you feel them. They are weighted which helps with stimulation and Kegel workout.

Britney Does Anna?

www.britneydoesanna.com Go there, enjoy it and you be the judge.

Exclusive BritneyDoes Anna Interview & Bonus Shots

Exclisve Interview and shots from http://www.britneydoesanna.com
that are not on their site. For Rog’s Readers to enjoy.

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