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Asphyxia Heels The World

Whenever I get a Burning Angel movie on my desk, all kinds of parts of me perk up, but it’s a tribute to Joanna Angel, the movies she makes, and, I hope, my own sophistication that all of those parts experience equal perkage; there’s the usual collection of erectile tissues signing in, of course

Joanna Angel’s Cumtastic Cook Out

What can I say, I dig Burning Angel flicks. Not in small part because I have a huge porno crush on Joanna Angel. She is cute, fun, talented and sexy as hell. Her body is tight, covered in some interesting ink and seems to be able the handle more cock than the laws of special physics should allow.


This is a really funny flick from Burning Angel. It features Joanna Angel as herself, a hot porn babe tormented by her own sex doll. The scenes with the rubber doll are hysterical. It’s cute and clever and if you like laughing along with your sex flicks you are going to love this.

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